Sims 4 Go to School Mod

Sims 4 Go to School Mod: Everything you need to know about it

Now follow your Sims to school too and help them learn new stuff and complete their education. Does it sound absurd to you? Well, it shouldn’t! Sims 4 Go to school mod pack is a special feature added to the most-loved game.

Now the players can send their favourite avatars to school and help them study and perform many other various activities. Let your avatars attend different subjects every day from different teachers.

Also, there will be activities that your avatars need to perform certain activities to demonstrate your knowledge of the particular subject that your avatars might have learned in the class.

If performing all the activities gets you bored or too worked up, you can also visit a counsellor who will help you in boosting up your spirit and motivating you.

This isn’t it; Sims 4 Go to school mod pack allows for the kids in elementary school to retrieve emblems and redeem different awards from the school Principal and learn new traits that will help the kids later in their lives.

With each passing stage or clearing all the academic challenges, the Sims will be able to teach to the younger Sims too. Isn’t the concept simply intriguing to begin with?

The original Sims 4 Go to school mod pack was first introduced into the market in the year 2015, which was as simple as Child and Teen Sims going to school performing activities and completing their goals to unlock their grades.

However, this latest version was designed to take the Sims players to a whole new different level and allows them to experience many more activities and fun stuff.

Sims 4 Go to School Mod
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An Overview of the Game:

When you start playing the game for the first time, you will see that the classrooms function just like the real ones, which has a teacher, who teaches various subjects to the students seated in the class.

Not only this, the game will impart you with the feeling of attending an actual school with a Principal, Janitor, Caterer, and a school Counselor too, who will help the students to boost up and motivate them whenever they feel bored or uninterested.

There are separate schools for the children and the teens –divided into elementary and high school versions. There are a total of five subjects offered to be studied in the school which covers –Problem Solving, Health and Fitness, Personality development, Creative Arts, and Science and Technology. There will be different subject each day for your Sims avatars to learn.

Your Sims characters can discuss their liked and disliked subjects through social interaction using the “Declare Subject” tool. Also, special medals shall be redeemed by your Sims characters on the day of their chosen subjects.

The chosen subject of your Sims characters will determine the opportunities unlocked by them. However, if you are unsatisfied with the choice of subjects, you can take your Sims avatar to meet the Counselor, and after an interaction, you will be able to unlock the chance to “Undeclare Subjects”.

After completing of targeted activities, the Sims student can go on a lunch break and interact with other students of the school.

There will be days when the teachers will be replaced with motivational speakers with expertise in fields like –medicine, science, and technology. Sims avatars who have unlocked level 6 of any particular skill will be able to impart their knowledge to other children, roommates, partners, friends, or even random people on the streets and unlock social interaction medals. After completing level 8, Sims will teach an entire classroom of students with the help of a podium.

Also, there are features which will help you unlock different traits at different levels. You can do community service to unlock two aspirations. With one aspiration, you can redeem the Human Library reward trait to unlock social interaction at level 4.

Also, you can become a renowned teacher and redeem the Teacher’s Handbook trait in level 2 and unlock social interaction. You can also become a knowledge pixie by earning the tutor trait and then will be able to share your knowledge through social interactions.

How to Install the Go To School Mod?

 If you are struggling with How to Install the Go To School Mod, you need to keep in mind the game has two versions –one is the Elementary school and the other is High school one. Make sure to set the two lots in separate positions.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to follow your Sims avatars to school. You can select venues in the gallery, or you can build up your own spaces.

With Sims 4 Go to School, the installation procedure is fairly easy. Make sure you check your mods folder after following the on-screen installation instructions which ensure that the new mod has been installed properly and works fine with the Sims 4 Game.

What are the common issues that you might face?

If you try to place a school lot that was already present in the library, there are chances that the go to school mod Sims 4 won’t recognize the platform at once.

Therefore, you might face difficulties in locating the option to follow your Sims to school. To fix the problem, try changing the lot to random type and exit Build mode, and again change it back to build mode. This should solve the problem in no time.

Common errors faced by the users and their solutions:

If any of the staff members are standing outside check whether the custom objects, including the podium and NPC stickers, are placed correctly. If you are downloading venue from the gallery, make sure that it supports this mod version.

You can apply a filter to search for Elementary school set up and High school set up separately. Almost all the lots available in the gallery function properly; however, there are slim chances of some of the lots to misbehave. Therefore, choose carefully!

Some of the warning signs you need to take care of:

Though the game has been beta tested, there are no promises that there won’t be any bugs in the game. If you notice any of the errors in the school days, you must report it immediately.

However, the problems with the game engine will not disappear as soon as the Sims attends their school. Also, make sure to place all the objects close enough so that the Sims will be able to complete their goals in time. 

The next step in this process is teen careers to get them ready for this new phase in their life.       

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