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Sims 4 Presets | Face, Eye & Body Presets (Latest) 2024

The following article shares different and exciting Sims 4 presets and sliders that might benefit you in many ways. Links to all of them are available in the content below. Make sure you read it and download them.

Sims 4 body presets and sliders

We have always come across different types of mods that make the game extended and vivid. Mods are alternatively an addition to the game that might change or add some things, which is not a part of the vanilla game version.

It is an extension made by either the creators or fans who love the game and want to add something new. But, presets and sliders allow gamers to define their characters as they want.

They could make amendments in their way to create a unique sim. The players are allowed to change absolutely anything like height, weight, hand sizes, butt sizes, and many more with the help of the body presets, Sims 4 that you will notice in the article below. 

Click Here For Body Presets

The sims 4 facial sliders and CAS presets

LuumiaSims- slider and presets arethe important ones as it adds Facial Asymmetrical Slider, Finger Thickness Slider, Hand Size Slider, Ear up/down slider, and many more.

LuumiaSims- Height Slider and preset: 

This one slides your player’s height, which could vary as Short, Tall, Medium Short, and Medium Tall. You could also adjust the neck by either shortening it or vice-versa.

These presets have clipping issues, which can’t get rectified. The interplays like hugging and kissing won’t line up. So, to attain it, follow the link given:

Sims 4 Body Presets | Sliders| Lip | Nose | Face (Download)

 Redhead Sims height slider

This is another slider of the height that is available for all the ages.

Height Slider

Redhead CAS high heels slider:

The high heels sliders would adjust your heel’s length from short to high. Follow the link given to avail of this for your game. 

Obscurus Lip sliders N1

This slider helps you while making CC lipsticks. Download the given link to make it yours. 

Click Here For Lip

Honeysuckle Sims 4 lip slider

If you want that nerdy and cute girl to look for your sim then this is the best mod from the sims 4 face sliders that you should get your hands on.

The lips included in this set are way too cute and not that big.

Honeysuckle Sims 4 lip slider

Obscurus’s nose slider N1

This slider helps in adjusting the nose according to the player’s wish. To make this slider yours, then follow the link-up

Obscurus’s nose slider N1

Redhead’s Nicki butt slider

As the name suggests, it adjusts your player’s butt according to your wish. To make your player have a butt like Nicki’s, then download it now.

Redhead’s Nicki butt slider:

Dumbaby’s leg length or hip slider

If you want longer legs and want your hips to adjust accordingly, then this is right for you. It is available for both males and females. To make your Sim’s leg length and hips bigger, then this might benefit you.

Dumbaby’s leg length or hip slider

Breast separation slider

This slider might separate the breasts from the front view. Also, it could be rectified by the side view as well.

Breast separation slider

Shoulder height slider

This slider increases the height of your shoulders. It is available for all the genders from teens and above. It also benefits you by making your neck look longer without changing the height of the Sim. 

Now, let’s move ahead with the Sims 4 beauty mods.

Shoulder height slider

The Sims 4 more presets

Let us dig deeper into the sets of presets and have a look onto the more presets, Sims 4. They are as follows: 

Holistic simmer’s 1 Body set plus 2 lips

This one’s an absolute stunner by custom content creator holistic simmer! You’ll be able to achieve that impeccable shape along with two beautiful and luscious lips. You would make all the heads turn in the del sol valley!

Holistic simmer’s 1 Body set plus 2 lips

The Sims 4 Lip Presets

The following suggests the Lip presets, Sims 4: 

The Sims 4 Lip Presets

Click Here For Lip Presets

Hellfrozeover’s Lip parting preset

This slider parts your lips and gives it a different look. It is one of the most common preset and then follows the link provided:

Click Here For Lip Parting

Hellfrozeover’s Lip cupie preset

This is another Sims 4 bigger lips mod that makes your lips look fuller.

Click Here For Lip Cupie

Shsims’s lips and chin preset N1

This is a combined one. To get it, you must go to the link given

Click Here For Chin Preset

Shsims’s lips preset N2 and N3

The next versions of the above one. This is the link for it: 

Click Here For N2 & N3

Seleng’s Lip preset N2

It is a CAS preset, which is only available for female sims that are aging from Teen to Elder. To avail this, you must go the the given link

PW creation’s Lip preset

It is a customized thumbnail and to avail this, you must follow up the connection

Obscurus’s male Lip presets

This gets only tailored for the male sims

Obscurus’s male Lip presets

PW creations’ sims 4 lips cc

This modification is should definitely be on your list of ccs because of its sheer beauty. The lips are medium fluffy and will look good on characters of all skin types. The preset is editable too.

PW creations’ sims 4 lips cc

PW creation’s Lip preset 6

This preset contains only one swatch and is a customized one. 

The Sims 4 Nose Presets

Here are the preset ccs for altering the nose,

Obscurus’s female nose ts4 presets

This one gets exclusively customized for female sims.

Click Here Nose Presets

Seleng’s nose preset N1: 

This nose preset is available for both male and female sims for the ages from Teen to Elder.


LadyHayny’s doll mouth presets: 

There are five different doll mouth presets available. It makes your Sim’s mouth doll-like

Click Here For Mouth

PlayersWonderland’s big mouth preset 02

The preset might make your Sim’s mouth bigger than before


Obscurus’s male presets

This preset has everything like lips, noses, mouth, and other body parts. It has four swatches and is available for Teens or above.

Click Here For Male Presets

Obscurus’s set of male presets

This one contains five noses, and two body presets. It includes forty swatches and two versions with twenty colors. Also, it is available for Teens and above.

Sims 4 face presets

Here is the finest face presets ccs,

Sky-high cheekbones

This module by Artichuckles is a fantastic module that will give your character a model-like look.

This set allows you to get high cheekbones that will uplift your sim’s face.

Sky-high cheekbones

Sims 4 nose preset

Do you wonder that the noses by EA are too superficial and flawless? Then, to add a realistic touch to your character, get this crooked nose cc by Artichuckles.

To know more about it, check out the link below.

Sims 4 nose preset

Maxis’s Big eyes

An extraordinary one among the Sims 4 eye presets is this mod by Maxis match called big eyes will transform your sim into a real character! The eyes are so human-like that you’ll be awestruck. In addition to this, they are bigger than usual.

Maxis’s Big eyes

Redhead height preset for kids and toddlers

This is an HQ compatible preset that adjusts the height of the kids and the toddlers. If you want to create any newborn babies, then make sure you use the toddler ones.


How do you use body presets in Sims 4?

To use body presets in Sims 4, you just need to find the preset or cc that you like and download it just like any other cc. After that, you’ll get the option of altering your body or the part which is included in the pack.

Can you change Sims body shape in Sims 4?

Yes, you can change sims’ body shape in Sims 4 by going in settings, using cheats, or downloading mods.

What are preset Sims 4?

Presets are modifications that can be installed to alter or change eyes, nose, face, lips, or the whole body. They are created by cc creators and can be easily found on the internet.

How do I install Sims 4 presets?

To install the presets, enter the command “cas. fulleditmode” before opening CAS and then, go to the “Body” section and use the presets.


 The sims 4 presets are a fantastic option to get a rare and desired look for your character. So, choose from the list above and create for yourself an outstanding sim! If you want to check out other alternatives, reshade mod works in a similar manner.

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