Sims 4 Boho Baby CC Pack Coming Soon

Sims 4 Boho Baby CC Pack (Download) – 2024

It’s excellent news for every Sims 4 player because Sixam CC has recently announced their new custom content, Sims 4 Boho Baby CC Pack, which would focus on the youngest sims in the game and would include several features related to them. There are 32 items in the set, and some of them are Maxis Match with various presets.

Here’s more about this new nursery cc and what all it offers the players to tempt them to download this new addition. 

About Boho Baby CC Pack

About Boho Baby CC Pack

Sixam CC was motivated by the requests of several players as well as the news about Infants Life Stage, which finally led to the creation of this pack, which includes functional as well as decorative items for children. 

A preview of what this set would contain is as follows – 

  • There are 32 items in this pack.
  • Comfort: Toddler Bed Mattress, Bed Frame, Chair, A functional Piti/Tent, and a Loveseat.
  • Build: It consists of 6 wallpapers.
  • Decorative Items: It includes a Bassinet, Mobile Hanger, 2 Paintings, Panda Bear, Chalk Board, 2 Stickers with unique designs, Cubes Toy, and a Crocodile Toy.
  • Lighting: Night Table Lamp.
  • Storage: Bookcase.
  • Surface: Desk, Dining Table, Mini Night Table.
  • Special items: There are specific items, which require players to download a particular mod for them to work, such as the toddler changing table mod, and the toddler stuff mod pack for the Rocking Horse Dino to be functional. You’d also need the Invisible Crib Mod to make the bassinet functional and not just decorative. 

Players can search for “Sixam CC” or “Boho Baby” in the catalog to find this content. 

This cc will be released publicly on 6th March 2023, but it’s available on Patreon for early access right now, so go grab it!


We understand your excitement because we can’t wait for the Sims 4 boho baby cc pack to release as well. It’s going to be so much fun to have child avatars in the game because of the various items you gain for them, such as soft toys, a mobile hanger, a rocking horse, and so much more.

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