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Best Sims 4 famous mods & CC – Download (All Free)

Being famous in the game is a top-notch perk, and if you have the Get Famous pack, then your character can live a life of luxury by becoming a star and gaining popularity. You can increase their fame and help them climb up the celebrity status, let them network with others, and so on.

Now, there are a few Sims 4 famous mods that would help your character achieve these benefits quicker. So let’s get acquainted with them. 

Sims 4 Get Famous Mods

So here are some of the most excellent ts4 mods that are a must for someone who wants their avatar to reach the pinnacle of stardom.

You can choose the way you want your character to become famous or you can use some of the options that affect their fanbase, and so on. There are a lot of ways to control your character’s popularity through these modules.  

1. Faster/Slower/No Fame Decay

No Fame Decay

First on our list is this module by Claudiasharon, which allows you to decide the pace of your character’s stardom decay or if you want them to always stay popular.

The first one increases their speed to fame by 2x or 4x, the other decreases the decaying speed by 50%, and the third one disables this feature altogether, so your character will always remain famous. This way, they’d only level up and not down. 

You can only choose one of these options at a time, but you can change it whenever you want.

2. Fame Perks for Free

Fame Perks for Free

This would be an excellent addition to our gameplay, which allows you to add as many perks to your character’s journey to fame as you want. It includes using fans to increase their popularity, and so on.

The highlight is that all these perks are for free, and there’s another feature in it that makes acquiring perks difficult by making them cost 2 or 4 simoleons. Nevertheless, it’s a fun twist.

3. Acting Pays

Acting Pays

ThatMarchingBunny has created this great module for you to add to the game asap because it allows your character to earn money based solely on their performance, career level, and fame level as well. You no longer have to get annoyed at the minimum wage that you’d get without this feature. 

For instance, if your character has reached the silver screen acting level, then they’d earn $9,800 for every gig. However, if they have achieved level 10 in acting and are a 5 star celebrity, then they’d make $12,500 per gig.

4. More Club Members

More Club Members

When it comes to club members, it’s annoying that you can only have 8 members in it. However, that won’t be the case anymore if you download this module. It allows you to have members ranging from 20 to 1000 and increase your reach.

So you can now create a celebrity fan club and grow your fanbase. You can choose the number of members you want to add, from 20, 50, 100, and 1000 members, the gender, and non-occult preferences. But you can only select one gender and one occult, such as vampires.

5. Walk Normal

Walk Normal

Have you seen a celebrity avatar walking? It’s such an obnoxious way, but you can change it now and have them walk normally. Not just celebrity walks, it can fix all kinds of walks, such as pregnancy walks, emotional walks, etc.

You can choose the walking style you want to change and the ones you wish to keep, as it doesn’t disable all the walks. It might seem like a minor change but it makes a huge difference.

6. Get Famous Small Mods

Get Famous Small Mods

LittleMsSam has created this modification, which includes 9 different mods in one, and they tweak some of the features of the fame aspect. 

  • New Hug Animation if Confident – If your character feels confident, then they can hug others like actors do.
  • No Job Offer Calls & No Blind Date Calls – With this mod, your character won’t receive annoying calls anymore. 
  • Bouncer Only Homeless Sims – Those who don’t want their characters to become a bouncer can use this feature, which would only reserve this role for homeless NPCs. 
  • Fan Stans Only Homeless Sims – Your active character would no longer be a fan of any celebrity, and it’d only be for homeless NPCs. 
  • Small Get Famous Reactions Overhaul – It’ll tweak the fans’ reactions to the game.
  • Chicken Mask For Background Actors Only – The main characters would no longer have to wear a chicken mask.
  • Famous Sims Gain Followers Automatically – As a celebrity, you shouldn’t have to gain followers yourself, right? This module ensures that your avatar gets fans because they are in the limelight.
  • No Celeb Outfit Copying – You wouldn’t want your famous sim to copy outfits from other celebs, right? Well, this is the ideal option for it then.
  • Improved Vip Rope – All the lot owners can now have access to the VIP space.

7. Remove “React in Disgust”

Remove "React in Disgust"

One of the issues that players have faced with the Get Famous pack is that their character reacts in disgust frequently, which seems unrealistic.

After all, celebrities aren’t meant to display their disgust regarding something publically. Therefore, this option would remove that reaction entirely from the pack once you download it.

8. Livestream Regardless of the Career

Livestream Regardless of the Career

Doing a live stream shouldn’t have to rely on you being a celebrity, and that’s precisely what this module fixes.

Even non-celebrity avatars can live stream and record their actions and every second of their day casually, and it even opens up creative possibilities for you in terms of gameplay. You can live stream by going to the computer or gaming console in the game.

9. Faster Record, Edit And Combine Video

Faster Record, Edit And Combine Video

This option is effective in getting your character to become famous quicker because they can now record, edit and combine videos at a much faster speed. The speed ranges from 2x to 10x and would enable your avatar to achieve fame in no time.

10. Celebrity System Package

Celebrity System Package

A celebrity’s reputation is what can make or break their career, and this option focuses on that aspect of stardom itself.

Your character would always be under the public’s scrutiny, and they would either be publicly respected or publicly disgraced. It all depends on their behavior.

In fact, if there’s a false rumor or accusation against them, they can confess or falsify it, depending on whether they actually did it or not.

Your celebrity sim would face the brunt of disgrace, such as others wouldn’t want to be seen with them and so on. So let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 

Your avatar can even sue for slander if paparazzi are following them, and their reputation would be affected depending on whether they win or lose the case.

They can also come into the Public Spotlight in a positive or a negative way. Even their personal life’s public and their reputation would be affected by it.

So if your avatar’s getting divorced, if their child’s being taken away, bribing, cheating on someone, etc., then it’d all be under the public’s eye. The same works for their good deeds, like donating to a charity, graduating from uni, etc. 

There’s also a Starlight’s Sims Weekly to get all the gossip on your favorite celebrities from Del Sol Valley.

11. Ultimate Stan Aspiration

Ultimate Stan Aspiration

Fans are the ones that make a celebrity who they are. Their fame, stardom, and popularity are all because of their fans, and this module is all about that.

You can now turn your characters into a fangirl, a fanboy, or even stans of celebrities. Sometimes, these fans can become creepy weirdos at times and spam their favorite stars by email, while some would worship them. 

This mod comes with 4 milestones that the characters must achieve to become a fangirl or boy, and they are –

  1. Starlight Boulevard Visitor
  2. Autographs Collection
  3. Devoted Fan
  4. Between Fandom and Obsession

You’ll also get an aspiration reward trait along with it, such as the Celebrities Friend reward, which would help them become friends with them when introducing yourself, or you could get the Weirdo trait, which works the opposite way. You’ll achieve the reward randomly.

12. Road to Fame Mod

Road to Fame Mod

With this option, your character would have several new ways to become famous, and they are all base game compatible. They can learn professional singing, acting, modeling, street dancing, and Simstagram skill.

Your character would start with the basics first and then pave their way to the top by practicing every day. You can enjoy having obsessive fans and thousands of social media followers and have their own assistants, makeup artists, and bodyguards. 

There’s also a fame level system, which increases their popularity gradually. Their actions would determine their reputation.

Your characters can have concerts with real audiences, paparazzi, and fans, and they can even host a meet and greet with them. They’d be followed by NPC paparazzi and fans as well.

13. Reality Show Event

Reality Show Event

Your characters can have their own reality show that is live and lasts for three days, which would help you achieve popularity, money, and fans.

All you require are basic furniture, and a camera stand, and you can start it as an event or use the calendar. After the show ends, you’d also receive new interactions and buffs.


These were all the Sims 4 famous mods that would ensure that your character reaches stardom as quickly as possible and adds a lot of interactive features, which every player would undoubtedly love. It’s an incredible addition to the game, and you should at least download one of them, if not all.

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