Sims 4 Save Files

Sims 4 Save Files, Custom Saves | Remade World, Ts4 (Updated) 2024

It is an annoying feeling when due to some technical issue your secured game is lost, and you don’t even have a backup. All that time and energy wasted. But to know about Sims 4 save files can help you out in this crisis. 

Sims 4 Custom Saves

The retained games are stored in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves. If you’re looking for Mods/CC, they are in the Sims 4/Mods directory whereas the sims, rooms and lots you’ve created are in the Tray folder.

You can also find recorded videos and screenshots of Sims 4 custom save files in the same folder. All these 5 files contain the things you might want to backup in the Sims 4 save file.

Also, to make a copy of the files, open Windows Explorer/Finder (Mac). Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 and press save to emphasize it. By highlighting it and clicking on Ctrl+C (for Windows Explorer) and Command+C (for Mac) would generate a copy.

You can paste it somewhere else. Another way is to right-click a folder which would open a menu and select text. By pressing control and left-clicking would select multiple folders at once. 

To paste the copy, move to a new place by clicking a drive on the left. For example, it is a C drive. Right-click in the space and click on the new folder and name it accordingly. Once inside the folder, press Ctrl+V (for Windows) or Command+V (for Mac) to paste the file.

You can use the same procedure for backing up other things such as houses/sims, mods etc. If you’d backup frequently, then tell the computer to copy and replace files, so that new data write over the old ones. 

Sims 4 Save Files, Custom Saves | Remade World, Ts4(Updated)
Sims 4 Save Files

How to transfer Sims 4 Saves To Another Computer

It is better to be prepared for any mishap. Therefore, instead of securing your game data on one hard drive, keep a backup of it on a USB thumb drive or another hard drive on your computer. So that even if one of them faces any issues, you won’t have to worry. If you know tech stuff, then you can also burn a copy to DVD. 

How to restore game

If, due to any reason you’ve lost your ts4 save file details or installed a new Sims 4, you can copy the retained folder from the backup folder. Paste it in The Sims 4 and overwrite all the data in that document.

But if other games of yours aren’t backed up, then you may want to consider overwriting them. If you don’t do so, then go to the save backup folder and select the files you want to restore by drawing a box around it. Click Ctrl+C to copy it. Move on to the Sims 4/Saves Folder and paste it. 

Sims 4 save Files Download

To avoid going through the hassle of downloading the files from the origin, they can be backed up. So you need to take out time to backup all the data and not worry about save game download again and again. It includes everything from the base game save file to expansion and stuff packs. 

Sims 4 world Saves

Depending on the world file, it would either fix the snag or add new builds and players. They might be created by one person or could be a collaborative effort, but they’d add a factor of amaze nevertheless. 

Sims 4 Remade World

Viewing the same old worlds every time might become dull. Therefore, other players can share their world save files with others which makes the game even more exciting. Some of those worlds are as follows – 

  • World of WIPS – Those of you looking for playing the game from the beginning, this one is the right fit by Teknikah. There are no builds or sims in this safe file. The whole task of bulldozing everything is tiring, but that isn’t the case here. They are regularly updated and can be downloaded.
  • Not so strangeville – This file by SuppJason is a complete replica of the default EA except, the mystery of Strangeville is already finished. All those things, from crazy-looking neighbours, weird plants to conspiracy theories are no longer present. As long as you don’t traverse to the secret lab and start the chaos again, everything is completely normal. 
  • Seasons save – In the original Seasons mod, the characters were provided random hot and cold weather clothes which didn’t suit them. But in this file, every sim has a well-tailored, decent outfit for summer and winter. Therefore, this world by Illogical Sims is a must-have.
  • Almost save – This world by Aveline is still under work, but it includes numerous large houses and rarely seen sims. There are mostly single sim households, and you can look for Aveline’s video for an overview along with the link to install it. 
  • Base game friendly save – This one is specifically for Willow Creek, Newcrest and Oasis Springs and is a base game save file. It is completely child and toddler friendly since it’s built from scratch by Plumbella. No custom items would be required as base game items are provided. 
  • Super save – The three worlds, Sulani, Brindleton Bay and Del Sol Valley have been cleared out, and new builds have taken their place. All the files are different since they are collaboration secured files.  
  • Newlyn hills – It encompasses Willow Creek, Newcrest and Magnolia Promenade but with a twist. Jenba has given them a unique touch with new families and venues. The fresh content such as Get to Work, City Living and Get Together is needed for this. 
  • Isleroux’s world – This is a creative and mysterious file by Isleroux, which comes with new lots and traits. Your sim will have a starter home, and it is a mixture of 5 worlds. Other perks are that the townies would have upgraded skills, histories and relationship. There are 93 clubs to join in this. But all the packs are necessary to use this. 
  • Populated and non-populated save files – As the name suggests, it has both the populations and contains all the original creations. It has a profound storyline between sims. Sweetie Wright_84 combines all the worlds, including Discover University’s Britechester. 
  • Simsie save – All the EA lots are refurbished by lilsimsie, and new builds are added as well. More than 65 families inhabit it. There are interconnecting stories and relationships between the townies, and it is updated from time to time. 


Precaution is better than cure. Sims 4 save files is a beneficial task to be done beforehand and to keep a backup as well so that you aren’t sorry later. Now that you know this important aspect, why not go for digital download.

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