Sims 4 Strawberries

Sims 4 Strawberries | How To Get Strawberries (Updated) 2024

Berries might not seem too important in real life, but they surely are essential in this game since they have the power to influence the baby’s gender.

A pregnant sim can change the baby’s gender towards a girl by listening to pop music or by eating these berries. As handy as they are, Sims 4 strawberries cannot be found easily. Therefore you must know the tricks to get them.

Sims 4 where to get strawberries

One of the places to find berries are either in Willow Creek’s Commercial District, Pendula View, Courtyard Lane and Foundry Cove or Winderburg. Look for plants in the neighbourhood, although you might not find them in Oasis Springs.

There is a better chance of discovering them in Magnolia Blossom park, the hidden location of Sylvan Glade, Parched Prospect or Bedrock Strait.

Those who have installed Sims 4: Seasons can buy some seasonal spring seed packs, and if you’re lucky, you might find berries inside it. But it is an expensive method, so make sure you have that kind of money.

For the unlimited stock of these, your sim can plan them inside the lot and use it whenever the need arises.

Your last hope is only possible if you have installed Sims 4: City Living. A feature is available here wherein you have the option to purchase various fruits and vegetables from the vendors. The art district of San Myshuno has a seller from whom you can buy berries for $8 and even bargain the price.

If you don’t mind spending money, you can acquire a Produce Stand and appoint a vendor for $100 to sell you the berries as well as 14 other fruits and vegetables including carrot for those rooting for a male baby. 

Sims 4 Strawberries | How To Get Strawberries (Updated)

Sims 4 how to get strawberries

Those of you who don’t want to leave it to chance can go for the buy debug cheat and procure them from the build mode. Search for strawberry in build mode, and they’d appear right in front of you.


Sims 4 strawberries is one of the guaranteed ways to give birth to a girl. If someone is determined to have a girl, they should eat as many berries as possible instead of leaving it to luck.  If you like this mod, then I’m confident that you’d also enjoy the not so berry challenge.

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