How Do You Make Sims Stand Still In CAS

How Do You Make Sims Stand Still In CAS? (Download) 2024

Editing your Sim can be quite time-consuming. On top of that, selecting each feature to your taste takes more time. However, this is not always easy. Simmers will agree that editing a Sim is very annoying at times. Why is it annoying, though? The Sims won’t stand still.

That’s why. Getting a close look at your Sim’s features is a challenging task as Sims make random movements. However, just like always, there is now a mod to help with this problem. The Sims 4 stand still in CAS mod is the solution.


How does this tool work?

The simplest way to explain it is – there is no moving in CAS. Your Sim will stop performing any random movement while you are in the editing mode. With this, you can now carefully look at each feature of your beloved Sim and edit them to your liking.

Now increase their height and muscle mass, edit makeup, increase or decrease their weight or change their clothes very accurately. No movement henceforth to disturb your artistic self.

The stand still in CAS Mod was published in 2019. The creator, MizoreYukii, has since gained a lot of fame. The creator initially published it on ModTheSims, consisting of two versions. Shimrod101 and Shooksims.

Both versions are unique, and players choose according to their requirements. The follower base gained by MizoreYukii is massive. The Sims 4 stand still in CAS Mod has seen approximately 160,000 plus downloads. This high number of downloads is quite a unique feat.

How does this tool work?

How does this mod work exactly?

The creator created two mods. The Shimrod stand and the Shooksims stand. Both of them are pretty similar. However, both these versions work in a different fashion. The final result will always be your Sim standing still in CAS.

However, you cannot download both. You will have to make a choice and choose one. So, let’s look at what Shimrod101 and Shooksims do differently.

How does this mod work exactly?

Shimrod Stand

This mod stops your Sims from doing idle animations while you are editing your Sim in CAS. Players can also expect no reactions in this mod. No more reactions when making them slim or fat or changing your Sim’s eyebrows or nose.

While editing, to provide you with peace, the Shimrod stand also removes all other actions. For example, your Sims looking side to side, weight shift, heel rolls, swaying of arms, etc. You could consider this and an override mod.

However, this mod still leaves a few animations untouched. When you choose the walking styles, the Sim will still show animations. Similarly, other features are also untouched; your Sims will still animate. Following are the features where you can expect animation to take place by default:

  • Walk Styles
  • Editing Traits and Aspirations.
  • Animations will be active while switching ages.
  • Sims will show movement while adjusting the voice slider.
  • Eyes will shift and blink by default.

A few actions of the Sims have not been fixed by the Shimrod stand still in CAS mod. One of them is Sims leaning backward. The other is male Sims shifting their feet whenever players wish to switch styled looks. 

There is also an option to disable all occult sims from performing actions while in CAS. An alternative version is available for the same. This is the Occults Only Version. All vampires will not be able to growl, mermaids will not be able to giggle, and all spellcasters will not be able to cast spells or do any other actions.

Shimrod Stand


Shooksims version of the mod is the second type created by MizoreYukii. The Shooksims mod is very similar to the Shimrod stand. Yet very unique as well. This version of the stand still in CAS mod allows you to select a bunch of custom poses. 

You can use a custom pose when you are styling your Sim or changing their physical appearance. You will observe that your Sims will not blink. However, animations can still be expected when changing the walking style, voice slider, traits, or ages. Similar to Shimrod’s version.

Several players state that the Shooksims version is better. This might be due to the fact that players get to choose a custom pose while editing in CAS. This makes their gameplay much more exciting and complete. Besides, who can ever stand still for a long time?

Be it Sims or humans. Movements are what give a natural vibe to the Sim. However, too much activity can be annoying. Hence, the above Sims 4 stand still in CAS mod versions will help you.

Players who have toddler Sims highly require this mod. Toddlers can never stand still in one place. They are always curious and moving all over the place.

However, it is unclear if a Stand Still in CAS toddlers is available or not. The creator does not specify anything. However, you can always try if the above versions work on toddlers or not.


How to Install the Stand still in CAS mod?

Here is a quick guide to learning how to install this mod: 

  • Install the zip file on your PC.
  • Unzip the content of the file using the appropriate software.
  • Later, place the .package file in the mods folder of your Sims 4 game.
  • Now, open your game and go to settings.
  • Enable the Sims 4 stand still in CAS mod.
  • Close the game and restart it. You can now enjoy the features of this mod.

Tip: It is always good to clear the local thumb cache of the Sims 4 game. This ensures that your latest mods work correctly. Hence, do the procedure each time you install a mod.

There are three files you can download. However, you must install only one of the Sims 4 stand still in CAS mod. Below are the three files with a brief description of each. It is upto the players to decide which one to choose:

This link gives you the Shimrod Version. This will stop all your Sims from moving.

This version works with any combination of packs. There are no limitations.

This link will also give you access to the Shimrod Version. However, it includes only the Occults Version of the mod. Only your vampires, mermaids, and spellcasters will stop showing movement. Other Sims will be unchanged.

This link downloads the popular Shooksims version of The Sims 4 mod. Use this to stop all Sims from moving and getting custom poses while in CAS. This version also works with any combination of packs.No limitations.

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