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21 Best Skyrim Slave Mods (Download) 2024 (All Free)

Skyrim is set in a time when enslaving people was ordinary and even displayed the wealth of that person. Even though the game doesn’t support slavery anymore, there are still some Skyrim Slavery Mods available that players can try out because they can play the game in its full glory.

Slaves are beneficial in the game as well because they are ready to fight and die for their owners, and trading them can help you earn good money. 

So let’s read further and know all about the various mods you can try out and control your slave’s every action, even what they wear, where they go, and so on. 

Best Skyrim Slave Mods 

Here’s a list of some of the best modifications related to slaves and slavery that would make the game immersive and exciting for the players. 

1. Paradise Halls

Paradise Halls

The first mod on the list is an excellent one because it’s pretty realistic and engaging. If you download this module, whenever your avatar wins a combat against the enemies or the enemies surrender, then they can turn them into slaves. They can either keep them or trade them off to earn money. These enslaved people would have specific fixed attributes, such as Obedience, Respect, Combat Skills, and Resentment towards their master. 

It’s up to the player whether they want to treat their slaves with kindness, which would make them want to do their errands and other work, or with cruelty by beating them with a whip, etc. These slaves would always stick by their master and protect them; however, there might be a few rebellious slaves who want freedom and might attempt to escape, so look out for them.

2. Paradise Halls: Dres Trade

Paradise Halls: Dres Trade

When it comes to this modification, it’ll add two slave camps to the Skyrim world, where one follows the paid labor structure and the other features a slave discipline stand down. These camps would also include a Dres Trader or a slave trader from whom you could buy or sell labor.

Both the camps are relatively small, and you can locate them on the map on the Gorge’s east side. If you go to the west of the trade cave, near the crash site, you will find a chest full of Binds of Tear poison, which can help you purchase all the slaves. 

This makes for quite an intriguing storyline, and you must definitely check out this mod; otherwise, you’d be missing out on something unique. Also, this mod is a work in progress.

3. Underhanded Slavery: House Dres Operations

Underhanded Slavery: House Dres Operations

Now, this Skyrim slavery mod adds an exciting twist to the storyline as it features the Dres House, which was part of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This option follows a simple concept that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so be ready to face the consequences of whatever decision you make along the way. 

The player would have two options; to join the Dres House and whatever they are planning on doing or go against them. However, keep in mind that this decision might be a permanent one in the game for you. 

To enter this scenario, talk to J’kidar, a Khajiit residing in Raven Rock’s Retching Netch. He’d be looking to hire an enslaved person, and your avatar might be the ideal one to choose. As soon as it’s done, the Dres House will become part of the map, and your quest will begin.

4. Capture Enemies: Dwemer Slaver Spheres

Capture Enemies

This is one of my favorite modules because of the detailed features in it. The basic idea behind it is that you can make weak enemies your slave, who’ll then fight for you instead. This is possible because of Dwemer Slaver Spheres, which lets you capture your enemy’s mind and body instead of their soul. 

Here’s how this mod works. Players can only enslave enemies who have less than 15% health because enemies who have a strong survival instinct would not be in a weak state to be captured. You’d acquire three Conjuration spells and five Dwemer Slaver Spheres. When your avatar casts the first spell, “Enslave,” all the weak enemies within those spheres will become their slaves.

You can now use these spheres to bring out a slave by dropping it on the ground, and they’ll start fighting for you. However, they won’t fight against an enemy they are close to. They’ll remain neutral in such cases. For instance, you can’t expect a Whiterun slave to fight against a Whiterun enemy. 

To release the enslaved character, drop the sphere again with the enslaved person inside it, and cast the “Release Enslaved” spell. The slave would return to being his enemy without any memory of what happened. 

The last spell allows you to collect all your spheres, regardless of where they are. Casting this spell would add all the spheres to your inventory.

5. UNP Slave Leia Clothing

UNP Slave Leia Clothing

Even your slaves need something to wear, and this option is an excellent one because it adds several outfits and a collar for Leia, the slave. There are a lot of colors to choose from; however, don’t confuse this outfit with armor. You can’t upgrade or make changes to them in any way. They are high definition clothes that would make your slave look absolutely stunning.

6. Simple Slavery: Open Cities

Simple Slavery: Open Cities

You might be aware of the slavery auction that takes place in the Mistvale Keep; however, the secret door to enter this auction is only available in the Riften world and not the Tamriel world. Therefore, this modification would allow players to access the auction through the Tamriel world as well via the open cities.

In addition, the creator didn’t rebuild the navmesh, which is why you won’t come across NPCs traveling from Riften to the auction, but your character’s followers can follow them through the secret door.

7. Paradise Halls: Family Feud

Paradise Halls: Family Feud

This option brings forth an exciting new storyline for you to indulge in, along with new characters who are the head of the Family Trading Slavers. These new people come along with several merch options, such as new collars, armor, etc., and dark secrets. Players would also gain access to new weapons, a new location, and so on.

The storyline would be that your character comes across this family and then gets indulged in their human trafficking world unintentionally to the point of no return. It’s a pretty unique backdrop for players to enjoy.

8. Slave Pack Reikling Porter

Slave Pack Reikling Porter

Reiklings are outcasts who live by themselves on the rocky island of Wak Wak. He’ll become your character’s personal porter and will carry huge bags on their tiny backs and also keep a list of things you require. However, you’d have to do a favor for him that he asks for in return. This porter is an entirely voiced character, so it’d be amusing having him around following you.

9. Paradise Halls: Slaver’s Hideout Add On

Paradise Halls: Slaver’s Hideout Add On

So let me clarify beforehand that this mod would require players to first download the Paradise Halls: Slavery Mod discussed in the first point because this module is just an extension of it. With this feature, you can add a place where you can keep the slaves before trading them off.

It’s a two story place with a basement and a top floor. When it comes to the top floor, the slaves can reside there as there’s a bed and a table with a key and a note as well. However, the basement includes the jail, where you can command the slaves to stay, and they won’t run away or escape even if they find the door unlocked.

10. Death Alternative: Captured

Death Alternative: Captured

Now, this is where things get exciting because till now, you were the one enslaving other characters; however, this Skyrim se slavery mod turns you into a slave captured by other races, such as Bandits, Thalmors, Vampires, Necromancer, and Falmers.

There won’t be a guide to dictate to your avatar how to act or what to do. They’d be kept in different prison cells each time, and they have to figure their way out of it to achieve freedom. Sounds fascinating, right? Try it for yourself.

11. Slavetat Stocking Pack CBBE

Slavetat Stocking Pack CBBE

If you aren’t a fan of the collar that the slaves wear, then you can change it with this stocking option, which is available in seven new colors. It’ll bring a slight change to the slave’s appearance, making for a refreshing feature. You can edit the color of the stockings through the slavetat config file. It might seem like a small detail, but it’s still pretty famous in the game.

12. Paradise Halls Addon: More Slaves

Paradise Halls Addon: More Slaves

Those who aren’t satisfied with enslaving only 15 characters can now take that number up to 50 with this modification. Now, you don’t have to think twice before making someone your slave, and more slaves mean more followers who are ready to fight for you and protect you.

13. Paradise Halls: Essential Slave Shouts

Paradise Halls: Essential Slave Shouts

This is one of the Skyrim slave mods, which allows your character to command the slaves as they see fit. Players would have access to a command based menu from where they can choose the order they wish to give the slave. It also includes sound effects along with the command for a more immersive and cool experience.

This feature is inspired by the UFO Field Command Book, and you can find it in Farengar’s Office in Whiterun, underneath one of the desks. In addition, it comes along with a few training techniques that you can make your slaves learn and create your own slave empire. The command book is quite a vital aspect of this entire module, so read it carefully.


Can you enslave people in Skyrim?

As I mentioned earlier, slavery is no longer a part of the Skyrim world; however, Nexus does offer a slavery mod to the players, but they have to sign it to access it as it’s an adult file.


These were some of the most excellent Skyrim slavery mods that you’ll come across. We recommend you download some of these options because it would make a significant change in your gameplay and also spice things up. Even though enslaving people is a condemnable act, this game requires you to try it out because it’ll make the storyline more authentic for you.

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