Sims 4 Broken Mods

Sims 4 Broken Mods( Download) 2024

The Sims 4 game in itself is surplus with regards to features. However, there might be an instance that you would need a mod to make your game all the more interesting and thrilling. In such cases, it is better that you go for CC or mods that make it way better than the original game.

However, the mods or cc are created by Sims players or users known as mod makers. This means they won’t be updated in the same rate as that or the original EA update. When using the Sims 4 game with the Sims 4 broken mods, your mod file might show incompatibility if there has been the latest update to the main game.

This instance is described as Sims 4 broken mods. In general, the mod makers tend to provide mod updates on a regular basis. However, the frequency might not be similar to that of EA. So, in case you ever have any issues with broken or incompatible mods, you can request a new patch from the mod maker to get the game going.

sims 4 broken mods

listed out Sims 4 StrangeVille GP for the broken list. However, there is a patch update available for the game which is 1.50.67 patch. Make sure you update the mod with the patch. However, keep in mind that you should save the previous patch before updating the next one.

When updating the Sims 4 broken mods, make sure you do this before submitting the report:

  • Ensure that the mods have been enabled in the game settings
  • Test out the mod all by itself without include anything else, this ensures that there isn’t any mod conflict

For the ones looking for the Sims 4 broken mods, the mod maker has stopped providing updates to the Seasons EP. The last patch for the Seasons EP was 1.44.77. Before you update the patch to the latest one, make sure you save the last update.

So, why do you need to do this?

This is due to the fact that the latest patch might not be compatible with your game. So, having the older patch saved as a backup might help restore the original function of the game.

Sims 4 broken mods

After the EA released the latest patch update for the Sims 4 game in the month of July for Mac and PC, the mods and cc have started acting up and truly so. This is due to the broken mods in the game that might not be compatible with the latest update.

In order to ensure that your game doesn’t conflict with the mods, make sure you turn off the cc or mods before updating the latest Sims 4 game patch. Even after doing this, you tend to have issues, it might be due to the presence of Sims 4 broken mods. Look for the complete list of the broken mods to know whether or not your mod is broken or the issue is something else.

Here are some of the broken mods for that need updates:

  • Sims 4 Create a Sims Stories
  • Sims 4 New Look
  • Sims 4 Customization Options
  • Sims 4 New Cheat Options

If you are wondering what some of the Sims 4 broken mods are, here is a quick list:

For the Sims 4 players, here is a quick list

  • Realm of Magic Mod
  • Attractive Trait Mod
  • Brittpinkie’s Baby Shower Mod
  • Deadly Siren’s Call
  • Custom Bar Drinks
  • Eat Raw Fish
  • CC Trait Raw Food Lover
  • Automatic Beards
  • No Autonomous Drinking
  • No Autonomous Phone
  • No-Fade Streetlamps and Phone
  • Private Practice by SimRealist
  • NPC Control
  • Reduced Generation of Random Townies by AKLSimmer
  • Self-Critical Trait
  • Child Vampire Manifestation Mod by SimsMods96

Useful Links

msonic’s Mod Tracker
Answers HQ – for game bugs

Is the Pre-University Mod Broken?

Yes, this mod is broken with the latest patch brought along by the Sims 4 game. However, the maker of the mod has brought in a mod patch to help update the existing errors. As of now, this mod has been reported to be fine by the creator.

There might be an instance that the mod has been reported to be fine by the maker of the mod. However, it might be reported broken mods Sims 4 by the mod users. This is due to the fact that mods work in different way under different settings. With one setting by the user, it might work perfectly while it won’t with other.

The mods & cc get into the code of the game in way that most might not understand. If the section of the game code they relate with has been mingled with by the bug in the game, they might not longer be able to use the same.

Maxis generally provide a chunk of support to the CC creators and modders. However, the only possible way for breaking the cc or mods would be if they fail to patch or update the game. With use of the mods & cc patch for broken mods Sims 4, you get to accept the risks which include unofficial add-ons that might be incompatible at times.

Here are some of the old mods that are no longer needed or get updated

  • Bloodline fix by Zero
  • Backyard Tray Fix by LittleMsSam
  • Cauldron Potions Cost Money by Icemunmun
  • Let Other Sims Visit Sulani by LittleMsSam
  • Fix for Eat Lunch Pack by LittleMsSam
  • Longer Queue for Interaction by Rainbow_Brite
  • Put Down Fix by LittleMsSam
  • Vet Station Fix by LittleMsSam
  • Put Grilled Food Over the Surfaces Again by LittleMsSam
  • Quick Fix Meal by LittleMsSam
  • No roommates bring litter or food back home by Szemoka
  • Roommatefix by Bienchen
  • Don’t turn the sims into spellcastsers by Zero
  • EP08 Desklamp Fix by Ailias

How to report any broken mod?

Before reporting any mod file as broken, you have to ensure that the script mods have been enabled. Further, you need to include a list of information to ensure that everything is as perfect as possible.

  • Name of Author and Mod (If Known)
  • What makes you think the mod file is broken? (Keep the reason specific)
  • Check the mod single handedly in the folder to ensure it isn’t a conflict issue

Useful Links

msonic’s Mod Tracker
Answers HQ – for game bugs

General CC/Mods that Might Need Update:

  • Custom Plants/Harvestables
  • Custom Careers
  • Terrain Replacement CC/Mod

Broken CC

  • Custom Counters
  • Custom Windows
  • Custom Skintones
  • Custom Furniture

Sims 4 Broken Mods 2024

Here is a complete list of the Sims 4 Broken Mods 2024 to help you understand if yours is in the list:

  • Custom Wrench Icon by Xhallie
  • Clean UI by TwistedMexi
  • Fitness Controls by roBurky
  • Expanded Mermaids by SpinningPlumbobs
  • Meaninful Stories by roBurky
  • Glamorous Glimmerstones by Leroidetout
  • More Clubs per Sim by Neia
  • Show/Search Sim Info by Itasan2
  • No Sickly Grocery by Bienchen
  • NPCC v. 1.2.3g by Paulson
  • SimCity Loans by Scarlet
  • Simology by Zerbu
  • Socially Anxious Trait by Scarlet
  • SNB Bank by SimsRealist
  • Wicked Whims
  • Mods by Neil
  • Sacrificial Mod

Sims VIP Broken Mods

The SimsVIP Broken Mods was a quick list of all the mods that are broken, updated, or no longer needed in the game. This mod list was created by a Sims mod maker. However, as per the latest information, it isn’t available any more for use as the creator stopped doing the list.

This was due to the fact that sims users were very impatient and rude in the forum. If the creator delayed the listing by even a day, the users weren’t supportive or welcoming. This is why the list for sims vip broken mods has now been stopped altogether.

Another issue that you might face while playing the game is that your character might stop moving. So to know the solution to it, learn about reset sim stuck.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(Q/A): About Broken Mods

What Sims 4 Mods are broken?

If you are wondering what Sims 4 mods are broken, you can find an extensive list on the Tumblr site with the latest updates on broken mods and available patches. However, keep in mind that every time there is a new update to an existing mod, there comes a compatibility issue if your files aren’t updated. In this case, the sims 4 mods are considered broken.

How do you get mods for broken Sims 4?

If you want to get mods for broken sims 4, you need to check with the official maker of the mod for the latest updates on the same. In case there haven’t been any updates, you need to delete and reinstall the mod in your system. However, in case there have been any updates, you can install the new ones while keeping in mind that you have removed the old mod files.

How do I know if my mods are broken Sims 4?

In order to know if your mods are broken Sims 4, you need to check whether they are working perfectly with the game or there is a glitch. In case there is a glitch, it could be a result of broken mods that haven’t been updated properly.

How do you remove broken mods?

If you want to remove broken mods from your game, you need to determine the mod that is actually broken. Next, visit the mod folder and locate this broken file within your system. Now, delete this file and replace the same with a fresh mod update.

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