Rags To Riches Challenge

Rags To Riches Challenge | Sims 4 Rags To riches – 2024 (Updated)

The article below focuses on the Sims 4 rags to riches challenge, which uplifts the poor sims to the riches. The article mentions the mandatory rules and the main goals one need to complete the challenge.

The challenge is all about building a home, making their career, and starting a family. The article below again mentions the level of skills one sim requires to complete the challenge. Read along to know more.

The Sims 4 Rags To Riches Challenge:

The Sims 4 ‘rags to riches’ is a challenge which uplifts the sims living in the rags to the riches. To complete the challenge, you need to fulfil all the main goals.

But before you start attaining the main goals, you need to complete the extreme mandatory rules of the challenge. This rags to riches Sims 4 makes your selected sim productive and make sure you don’t skip any main goal as they aren’t optional.  

Sims 4 Rags To Riches Extreme Rules:

Rags to riches challenge have some extraordinarily mandatory rules to follow, which you need to attain before you complete the main goals.

Once you complete an extreme rule, you can accomplish the main goal, which got paired with the rule. The Sims 4 rags to riches strict rules got mentioned below, which you need to qualify. They are as follows:

Extreme Rules For Building A Home:

  • You should have three levels of logic and five levels of handiness.
  • You have to pay $500 before you start building the house for noise disturbance.

Extreme Rules For Building A Garden:

  • You must complete the mandatory rules for building a home.
  • You should have five levels of gardening and seven levels of handiness before you start building and placing things.
  • Things you must have, which are one bed in the bedroom, toilet and shower in the bathroom, a living room/kitchen, fridge, counter, sink, stove, table, chair, fire alarm, and a couch. (You can have one room, but you must have these things).
  • The blueprint costs $500.

Extreme Rules For Getting A Job:

  • You must complete the mandatory rules for building a home because you must have a home address before applying for the job.
  • It would help if you had a bed, a toilet, a shower, a sink, a chair, a counter, a stove, and a fridge.
  • You have to pay $1000 for a college degree so you could start your career.

Extreme Steps For Having A Family:

  • Before you marry a sim, you must have a home for you both to live in after marriage.
  • You must max out all the skills for you born kids before they could age up.
  • To age your kid up to teen, each child must have five levels in any one skill and perfect grades, or it might have ten levels in any one skill.
  • To level up the kid too young adult, then each child must have five levels in any two skills and a part-time job, or he might have ten levels in any two skills.
  • Every time a couple gets married, you must pay and host the wedding.

The Sims 4 Rags To Riches Rules And Main Goals:

Now, the Sims 4 rags and riches challenge has some main goals to achieve after the extreme mandatory rules. The main objectives are as follows:

A Fully-furnished Home, Which Includes:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • A living room
  • A kitchen
  • A dining room
  • A study table with one computer
  • A garden (in the city living, you must have a penthouse to attain this)
  • A pool

Have A Family:

  • It would help if you got married to any other sim in the game or you can create one. Make sure you get rid of all the money and possessions of the one you getting married.
  • Be a grandparent.

Opt For A Career:

  • Pick any career of your choice. You can use the Get To Work or any other job. You might run a restaurant or a store as well.
  • Earn the lifetime entrepreneurial award.
  • Reach 10th level of your career or if you run your own business then earn $100,000 and get your employees trained.


  • Complete any one goal for yourself and your husband/wife.
  • Complete any one aspiration for your child sim, when they’re either kids or adults. It becomes hard for you to achieve the goals for them when they become adults.

Money Goals:

  • Have a home worth $100,000.
  • Maintain $200,000 in your bank. You could always increase this amount.

Guidelines For The Sims 4 Rags And Riches Challenge:

  • You must complete the extreme mandatory goals before you start attaining the main goals, which are building a home, find a job, and start a family.
  • Don’t use the cheats unless you want to move the objects, take away your money, and reset your sim. Move to the most expensive empty lot of the game and get rid of the money and possessions you have.
  • Your spouse is not allowed to make or earn money without fulfilling the mandatory and primary goals. If you have more than one working sim, they must attain the main goals and necessary rules.
  • You cannot place things at your sim’s lot till the sim finish completing the mandatory rules for building a house.
  • You must sleep in public places before you own a bed or you might sleep at your friend’s home once a week. You could eat and make dishes at their place and eat it, but you couldn’t take them with you. You could make yourself some food before you leave their house. You might stay in a tent as well but couldn’t take it to your lot.
  • You could cook some food in the outdoors until you build your own home. You could survive by selling some collectables and making food on the outdoor barbeques.
  • If you want to add other sims except for the family members, then they won’t be working but would survive by making paintings, basically hobbies.
  • If you earn money through your hobbies like paintings, then you cannot keep any money out of it.
  • If you’re playing from the city living, then you might level your way up to owning a penthouse.
  • You could choose your age and can stop the ageing as well to complete the challenge.

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