Sims 4 Butler Mod

Sims 4 Butler Mod(Updated) 2024 – Latest 2.0.1V

Did you know that the sims 4 butler mod lets you hire a butler in the game?

Read on to find out more.

Sims 4 Butler Mod issues

The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff comes with butlers who are programmed to do gardening, cleaning, and repair broken stuff.

But some players complain that the sims 4 butler does nothing. Sometimes, all the butler does is sleep, eat, and cook the same meal day after day.

If you fire him/ her and get a new butler, the 2nd one does nothing, either!

At other times, the sims 4 butler keeps changing into someone else_ a male butler becomes female, or a young one turns into an elderly butler.

To address these issues with the sims 4 butler mod, LittleMsSam came up with a new mod.

Sims 4 Butler Mod(Updated) 2022 - Latest 2.0.1V

The Sims 4 Better Butler mod

With this mod, you can adjust the overall behaviour of your butler and hire more butlers, if need be.

But for this sims 4 better butler mod to work, you’ll need The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff DLC as well.

‘Hire More Butlers’ Add-on

When you’re bored of having just one butler in your Sims’ house and you want more, just hire extra butlers. From the Household Category, select ‘Phones’. From the appearing Pie Menu, hire up to 4 more butlers. However, keep in mind that you must have the household mod to do so.

Keep in mind that hiring additional butlers means that you need to provide a Bed for them, too.

To cancel the extra butlers, follow these instructions:-

  • Go to the Sim> Butler> Management Menu.
  • Select the ‘Cancel xx Butler’ option.
  • Alternatively, choose the ‘Cancel xx Butler’ interaction over the Phone.

Click Here For Rhames Hired Help

Optional Add-ons

  • Cannot Die:- This add-on won’t allow the butlers to die. They’ll keep serving you for eternity, until you fire them, or they quit.
  • Forbidden Moods:- Get this add-on if you want your butlers to always be as they should be_ organized, polished, and on their best behaviour. It will keep the butlers from getting dazed, uncomfortable, flirty, bored, and stressed out.
  • No Auto Put Away:- The butlers won’t put away food autonomously anymore.
  • No Uniform:- If you have hired a butler just recently, this optional add-on will work by making the butler wear his/ her normal, everyday clothes.
  • Go to Bed and Wake Up Early:- The butler will go to sleep around 10 PM and will wake up at 6 AM, rather than being in bed till 8 AM.
  • Cost Fix:- With the sims 4 butler mod, you have to make the ‘one-time Payment’ twice when you go to another Lot and return. But you should be making that payment only once, while hiring the butlers. This optional add-on puts all that right.

Different Types of Sims 4 Nanny Mod

Outburstt’s sims 4 perfect nanny mod

When you hire a nanny, she will do all her duties with perfect discipline. In fact, she’ll forget everything that’s not directly related to her duties.

Nanny duties

The perfect nanny’s duties include:-

  • Cooking meals once
  • Talking to and playing with kids and babies
  • Changing the baby’s diapers
  • Cleaning up
  • Feeding babies and kids
  • Mentoring kids in their homework and other activities like swimming

You won’t find the sims 4 perfect nanny watching TV, socializing with other Sims, or doing anything she’s not supposed to be doing!


After downloading the .package file for sims 4 perfect nanny mod, extract it into the ‘Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods’ folder.

Sims 4 Better Nanny Mod by LittleMsSam

LittleMsSam’s Better Nanny Mod for The Sims 4 improves the behaviour of the in-game nanny, so that she can work better.

This mod also comes with optional add-ons that you can use to adjust the nanny’s performance according to your needs.

Optional Add-ons

  • Regular Service:- The nanny Sim provides regular service, from Monday to Friday. The work-time variations for the nanny are as follow:-
  • 8 AM – 2 PM (6 hours)
  • 2 PM – 8 PM (6 hours)
  • 8 AM – 6 PM (10 hours)
  • 12 PM – 10 PM (10 hours)
  • 8 AM – 10 PM (14 hours)
  • 8 AM – 10 PM, even on weekends (14 hours)
  • Hire another nanny:- With the littlemssam better nanny mod for The Sims 4, you can hire a second nanny too! Just click on the first nanny, and from the Sim Menu, select the ‘Hire Service’ option. It lets you hire either a one-time nanny or a regular nanny who’s got the same work-time variations as the first one has. But if you want to fire your 2nd nanny, use the Sim Menu instead.
  • No Cooking:- This add-on won’t let the nannies cook for the kids, but they’ll still feed your Sims’ babies.
  • No Uniform:- Turn on this option if you want your nannies to stop wearing their uniforms and start wearing their everyday clothes instead.
  • Age Variations:- You can install only one of the following versions of the nanny:-
  • Elder only
  • Adult only
  • Young Adult only
  • Young Adult- Elder
  • Adult- Elder
  • Young Adult- Adult

The Best kinds of Sims 4 Servant Mod


Rhames’ hired help mod comes with extra features for the butler mod sims 4. There are 2 packages:-

  • ButlerTraitAdjust:- This package prevents the butler from experiencing mood traits like Geek, Hates Children, Lazy, Jealous, Slob, Kleptomaniac, Glutton, and Insane. Plus, it helps your butler with multiple duties by providing a Mentor, a SuperGreenThumb, and a SpeedCleaner.
  • ButlerNoUniform:- For the NPC, you can design and use the usual 7×5 outfits.

Other servants

You can also hire a gardener, a maid, or a nanny full-time. Rhames developed packages for each of these 3 servants to adjust their behaviour and make them work more efficiently.

LittleMsSam’s ‘Live In Services’ Mod

How to hire live-in servants

If you want to have your servants live at your Sims’ residence, do the following:-

  • Go to the Household Menu.
  • Select the ‘Phones’ option.
  • You’ll see options like ‘Hire Live In Nanny’, ‘Hire Live In Gardener’, and ‘Hire Live In Maid’. Choose any of those.

The Live In Services mod lets you hire up to 2 nannies, 2 gardeners, and 2 maids.

After hiring your first live-in servant, options like ‘Hire second Live In Maid’, ‘Hire second Live In Nanny’, and ‘Hire second Live In Gardener’ will appear.

You also need to get a separate Bed for these live-in servants. Make them change their normal outfits, give them a 100$ tip, or just order them to go to bed. If you want to cancel any of these services, simply click on the very same Phone menu via which you had hired them.


Click Here For Rhames Hired Help

Important note

Keep in mind that you can’t hire another service at the same time, along with a Live In-Service. For example, you can’t have a Live-In Nanny and the in-game nanny at once. If you do, then in case the in-game nanny goes home, so will your Live In Nanny.

To improve the sims 4 butler mod, LittleMsSam came to the rescue with the sims 4 better butler mod. All the rest, like the nanny and the servant mods, are just sub-mods under this new mod. You should download the sims 4 butler mod before getting the sims 4 better butler version.

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