Sims 4 Plastic Surgery Mod

Sims 4 Plastic Surgery Mod (Updated) 2024

When it comes to life-simulation games, TS4 is the best one out there. With characters, you can relate to and enjoy your time playing. However, one thing players find annoying is the way their characters appear.

For many players, their characters are extremely ugly, and their faces seem nothing like a human in real life. Hence, a creator has introduced a convenient mod to solve this problem—the Sims 4 plastic surgery mod 2024. This will help your Sim go through the transformation you and your character have always needed. 

The faces may not be that bad. Players just find them extremely funny. Or, as some people like to call it, “Fugly”. TS4 does have decent facial selections; however, not every player has time to customize their characters.

Hence, why not simply go through cosmetic surgery? Get a cosmetic surgery done, and you can then be the Sims 4 Mean Girls member of your high school. Hence, many players are also calling this the Mean Girls Sims 4 Mod.

Your Sim won’t have to face any comments or mockery after getting the surgery. Millions of people have been doing it around the world. All you need to do is be confident in your choices.


The Plastic Surgery Mod sims 4 Overview

It is easy when a lot of things are accessible to you. That’s precisely what ccs do. They make your life easier and more enjoyable to play the S4 game. The Sims 4 plastic surgery mod changes the physical appearance of your Sim. You will be able to do any procedure you wish to have and appear decent and impressive. Since you can’t change anything instantly in life, TS4 is here to grant you that wish. However, you only have limited surgery options.

Plastic Surgery sims 4 Options

There are fixed surgery options in sims 4 mod plastic surgery, and you can choose only from those few. So choose wisely to give your Sims the fit and healthy lifestyle they want. You can access these options and book an appointment by simply going to your phone.

You shall have to select the option “Hire a Service.”. From there, you will have the opportunity to choose cosmetic surgery or any external services outside of the downloaded cc. Currently, the mod offers only two options:


Lipoaspiration is similar to liposuction. Liposuctions suck the fat from your body, whereas lipoaspiration modifies your physical looks and aids in lowering your Sim’s fatness. This will decrease their size and make them seem fitter.

Body Implants

Too tired to go to the gym? Want an easy way out? Body implants are the way to go. They work similarly to steroids or protein boosters for your muscles. This surgery makes you seem very fit as it completely changes your muscle-to-fat ratio.

Installation and Important Notes for the cosmetic surgeries mod

To install The Sims 4 Plastic Surgery Mod, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the bbl mod sims 4 file.
  2. Extract the file using any software, such as 7zip or Winrar.
  3. Browse your document folder for the document address “Documents/Electronic Arts/The S4/Mods/”.
  4. Extract the file in the folder’s directory to have the cc.

Important note: If you have any similar mods, you will have to uninstall the other cc and remove it from the game’s cc directory. This will allow you to have smooth gameplay and prevent the game from crashing while also felicitating sims 4 plastic surgery mod download.

Plastic Surgeon Career

If going through plastic surgery is not your thing, you could always try the plastic surgeon career. Being a plastic surgeon in The Sims 4 cosmetic surgery mod is easy and does pay quite a bit.

You can download this content from the Patron website. This cc allows you to perform surgery on others. Keep in mind that downloading this cc requires a monetary transaction between the Patron website and the player.

Like any real-life surgeon, your Sim will have to go through proper training and career levels before they can become a full-fledged plastic surgeon. Below is the information about the career and the positions you need to pass:

  1. Plastic Surgeon Resident Level 1 [$304 per day] 
  2.  Plastic Surgeon Resident Level 2 [$512 per day]  
  3.  Plastic Surgeon Rotation [$880 per day]  
  4. Plastic Surgeon] [$1,200 per day] 

As you keep progressing, your pay increases simultaneously. After becoming a plastic surgeon, you can pick between two branches: aesthetic or reconstructive.

Plastic Surgeon Career

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

This is also known as ‘cosmetic surgery’. These include surgeries to enhance your physical appearance, and these surgeries are considered non-essential. As a surgeon in this branch, you will help people transform into something they want to be.

Help others gain confidence in themselves and help them achieve their ideal looks. Under this sims 4 botox mod, your Sim has to choose which surgeon they specifically wish to be. The options are:

  1. Hair Transplant Surgeon
  2. Skin and Facial Rejuvenation Surgeon
  3. Body-Contouring Surgeon
  4. Upper Body Enhancement Surgeon
  5. Facial Contouring Surgeon
  6. Chief Cosmetic Surgeon

The pay for these successful posts is in the range of $2000-$8000 per day.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgeries focus on repairing damaged tissues, congenital disabilities, traumatic injuries, and many others. You shall help restore function and help other Sims who need life-changing surgeries to go back to their once-everyday lives.

The cosmetic enhancements in this branch are: 

  1. Scar Revision Surgeon
  2. Congenital Abnormalities Surgeon
  3. Hand and Upper Limb Surgeon
  4. Physical Trauma Surgeon
  5. Burn Reconstruction Surgeon
  6. Chief Reconstructive Surgeon

The pay for these posts is in the range of $2000-$7,000 per day.

If earning money is your motive, choose the aesthetic branch.

We all wish to have an ideal body and face. Look at the best versions of ourselves. So why not do the same for the Sims? You won’t have to gaze at their funny, ugly faces anymore after getting surgery. Control the way you appear and satisfy your needs. The cosmetic procedures mod is here to help your Sim look its best every day, instantly.

Can you get plastic surgery on Sims 4?

Yes, you can get plastic surgery in Sims 4. There are a lot of options for you to change how you look through plastic surgery mods; all of these are mentioned above.

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