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31+ Best Clutter CC & Mods in the Sims 4 (All Free) – 2024

When you’re turning your house into a home, there are always some nitty gritty items that you add to it to make it more homely and cozy, right? Things that make the place more you and show your personality through the clutter around you.

So here are a few Sims 4 clutter cc that you can add to your character’s household and make it more personal and beautiful. 

Sims 4 Custom Content Clutter

Now, this section will focus on the best clutter mod and CCs that you can download and spruce up the place where your avatar lives. 

1. Antique Stacks

Antique Stacks

Piles of vintage books or hardcovers, or leather bound one are always a must have in a home because it makes your character look intellectual and well-read. Include them with an ink pot and some gorgeous bookmarks, and you have a beautiful corner in your house ready; place it on a shelf or a corner table; it’s up to you.

2. Sabrina Decor

Sabrina Decor

If your avatar’s into witchy stuff or has a mysterious aura, then this is the perfect cc for them because of the mystical and curious vibe to it, which attracts any person who is in your house to that corner. It features a cauldron, a few candles, a crystal ball, and so much more. So make a magical space in your house with this clutter.

3. Boxroom Decorative Set

Boxroom Decorative Set

This is one of the cc clutter sets, which is pretty beneficial and functional as it consists of 9 items.

  1. Standing Rack (With Lot Of Slots)
  2. Small End Table
  3. Wall Decorative Shelf
  4. Wire Box With Slots
  5. Decorative Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Standing Broom With Scoop
  7. Gloves With Sponges
  8. Household Detergents
  9. Cleaning Spray

This could become the house’s cleaning space, which is decorative as well.

4. Limoges Bathroom Accessories

Limoges Bathroom Accessories

Have you seen those soap commercials where the bathroom has these beautiful items lined up at the edge of the bathtub or in general? Well, you can now have a similar bathroom for your avatar as well, which includes 

  1. Towel Holder
  2. Toilet Paper Holder Stand
  3. Toilet Brush
  4. Towels
  5. Soap Toothbrush And Tray
  6. Soap Dispenser
  7. Perfume
  8. Cream
  9. Plant
  10. Reed Diffuser

5. Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Clutter

An organized kitchen is always a basic necessity, and this custom content is perfect for making sure it stays that way. This cc offers you storage units to store food items in it and keep things neat and clean as well. This corner is quite an essential one in any home, so it’s a must download.

6. Daguerre Photography Set

Daguerre Photography Set

Creative characters need their distinct space in the home as well, where their creativity can flow, and no one would interrupt them. So if your character has a passion for photography, then this clutter set is a perfect one.

This cc is also named after a French photographer and artist, Louis Daguerre. There’d be photos strewn over the table and walls, a vintage camera, and modern furniture decorating the entire room. There’d also be a set of photography books in one corner as well.

7. Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup

A dressing table is a must have because your avatar needs a designated space for keeping their vanity items, right? This cc features a professional makeup setting, which is glamorous and also exudes a vintage vibe. This vanity table with a mirror also includes a chair for your avatar to sit and glam themselves.

8. Alberta Decor

Alberta Decor

An organized desk is essential in any house, regardless of whether your character’s a student or a working individual. So download this table decor, which comes in 3 colors and consists of – 

  1. two desk organizers
  2. magazine rack
  3. flip calendar
  4. two cellphone holders
  5. tablet holder
  6. file
  7. clock
  8. painting

The whole space is so modern and sleek that you can’t resist downloading it.

9. Breakfast Clutter

Breakfast Clutter

We all love when the breakfast items are spread all over the dining table with all your character’s favorite food items. Waking up to this clutter would be everyone’s favorite kind. So here, you’d see breakfast items, such as tea, coffee, fruits, cereal boxes, jams, and so much more. There’d also be a toaster, a kettle, and other such appliances to prepare these items as well.

10. Mist Living Room Decor

Mist Living Room Decor

The living room is the first thing that visitors notice in your house, so it needs to be prim and proper with a warm and welcoming vibe as well. It’s the place through which a person judges your taste and personality.

So it’s essential to put in the effort to make your avatar’s living room top-notch with this S4 cc clutter. This set comprises 10 decor items, including coffee table books, geometric items, incense, and so much more. It emanates a luxurious yet cozy vibe with its neat setting and relaxed color scheme.

11. Study Aesthetic

Study Aesthetic

This is one of my favorite clutter mods because of how realistic and simple it is with a study lamp, a few books, where one of them is open, a laptop, potted plants, and so on. It gives the perfect study vibes for when your character’s preparing for exams or learning something new.

There are four themes to choose from to suit your house’s and your sim’s personality. It’s also base game compatible

12. University Dorm Decor

University Dorm Decor

When your avatar prepares to go to university, they’d need things that make the dorm look more like home and comfortable. However, if you’re one of the players who can’t afford lavish decor, then this option is for you as it features items that are budget friendly.

There are 9 items that come along with this cc, such as milk crates, a traffic cone, university wall banners, cinder blocks, and records. You’ll find swatches for most of these items to choose from, and make do with what you have.

13. Christmas Clutter

Christmas Clutter

Themed decorations are everyone’s favorite, and this Christmas themed one is even more beautiful with 12 decor items in 3 color palettes, and each item offers several swatches to you.

You can decorate the house with a snowman inside a globe, a gingerbread house, Christmas trees, cupcakes, and so much other clutter that it’d bring in the Christmas cheer without any doubt.

14. Retro Days

Retro Days

Now, this one would certainly take you on a walk down memory lane because all the retro items that you could think of can now be a part of your character’s home. It’d fit perfectly in modern houses as well because it’ll give a touch of nostalgia and of a forgotten time.

This custom content includes 40 items, including the famous old telephone, video games, a bicycle, an alarm clock, a couch, etc. None of these items would be functional except the couch. They are only decorative pieces.

15. Gardening Clutter

Gardening Clutter

If your avatar has the gardening skill in the game or they love nature, then this cc is an ideal one because a house without a garden seems incomplete. There are 7 items in this clutter cc folder, such as vintage seedboxes, stacked pots, garden sign boards, a bird feeder, and so on.

If you have the Backyard Stuff Pack, then you can even use the bird feeder. In addition, you’d also gain 4 raised gardens where you can put the garden signs, but only once you plant something in there; otherwise, it’d cause issues. All these things are available in various swatches.

16. Shoe Decor

Shoe Decor

A house with a separate shoe closet, why not? This option offers your character a large closet filled with shoes that you can either add to their home or to their in-game store if they have one. You can take a pick from the 20 swatches available that are all base game compatible. It might make you look like a spendthrift, but who cares when you can have such a beautiful shoe space?

17. Crystals and Astrology Clutter

Crystals and Astrology Clutter

If you or your avatar believes in zodiac signs, the power of fortune, and so on, then they should undoubtedly have a space where they can indulge in these leisures of theirs. The mystical and fantasy-like vibe of this corner would make it your favorite one in the entire house.

This set includes four crystals, scary wall eyes, an ivy plant, a shelf, zodiac pennants, etc. The color scheme of these items would be in dark shades to create a sense of intrigue.

18. Art Clutter

Art Clutter

Art clutter is the best kind because of how colorful and artistic it appears. So if your avatar’s a painter in the game or is in the artistic field, then they can have this corner in their house full of art supplies. The clutter includes – 

  1. Acrylic Palette
  2. Art Supplies
  3. Gouache Paints
  4. Three Kinds Of Paint Brushes In Cups
  5. Paint Brush Organizer
  6. Paint Tube
  7. Pencil Sharpener And Erasers
  8. Watercolor Paint Tubes

You can find these items in light, and dark color options and they are located under the “decorative” category.

19. Crystal Glass Decor Set

Crystal Glass Decor Set

We all have some glasses in our home that are only used when guests come over because they are too pretty for everyday use, and this realistic clutter cc is the same. This option features gorgeous glasses and decanters in 9 colors to keep on the shelves and use on special occasions.

The highlight of this set is that these objects would never stink and give your character a negative moodlet like most of these items do when left out for a long time. So this is one of the clutter downloads that you can’t resist.

20. Clutter Candles

Clutter Candles

Imagine your house smelling all aromatic and beautiful because of all the candles you have decorated using this cc. This candle pack is available in 7 variations and 11 swatches, each one prettier than the previous one.

So you basically have 77 different candles to mix and match, including a cactus, a torus, a teddy bear, a flower, a star, and so many other options. However, light them one at a time to avoid any fire mishap.

21. Moving In Stuff

Moving In Stuff

If you want things in the game to be as close to reality as possible, then you should certainly try this custom content. It offers you items that would make your character’s moving into a new home all the more real with items, such as paint buckets, a ladder, and cardboard boxes strewn all over the place.

Some of the packages might even have the Amazon logo on them for a much better experience. Are you convinced yet?

22. Garage Pack

Garage Pack

Garages are meant to look messy, and this cc pack understood the assignment because they nail the garage look to a T. Oil cans, tires, traffic cones, and other equipment would all be a part of this mod, and it’d make things more fun and exciting.

This cc would be even more relevant if your avatar’s a mechanic or in a similar field. There’d be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s a garage.

23. Farmhouse Clutter

Farmhouse Clutter

Farmhouse clutter is meant to be all picturesque and with a cozy vibe, right? Well, this option serves precisely that with wooden furniture, potted plants, vintage paintings, etc., that all make your avatar’s farmhouse their go-to place on every vacation. The rustic charm of these items would attract you to download this cc.

24. Crafting Room

Crafting Room

Now that we have covered art and photography clutter, it’s time to decorate your character’s craft room if you plan on having one in their house. Be ready for a lot of paper scraps, scissors, glitter, pens, markers, stickers, and so much more. It consists of a lot of things that are useful in general as well. It even includes shelves to keep these items in.

25. Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

Storage space in real life and in the virtual world is a must have; otherwise, there’d be so many things in random places. After all, there’s no such thing as too much storage space.

So download this cc, which includes cubby boxes with a lot of drawers to keep your things stacked in. It’d prevent your character’s home from appearing untidy or messy. It comes with 2 outer shells with 10 inserts to maximize space without looking like it. It’s truly the most functional item.

26. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

When you enjoy playing video games so much, how can your characters not, right? Therefore, this CC offers you a chance to add this Nintendo handheld video game to your sim’s house, which can be placed in their gaming room or on the coffee table, like in real life. It’s a small addition compared to the other ones, but it’s still valuable.

27. Wilma Decor

Wilma Decor

This dinner set screams luxury like no other. It’d leave people in awe of its beauty whenever you serve something in them and would also be talked about in conversations. The stoneware set includes spoons, bowls, vases, functional candles, and other such things, which makes the whole dinner table look chic and elegant. They are available in 11 colors as well.

28. Coffee Set

Coffee Set

If your sim is like me and can’t function without a cup of coffee first, then they are in serious need of this cc set, which includes bottled coffee as well as coffee grounds. The bottled coffee would remind you of the one sold by Starbucks. Now, your avatar can brew a strong cup of coffee for themselves every morning, and they are available in 19 colors. Here are all the coffee varieties that you can find in this set – 

  1. Frappuccino $2
  2. Iced Coffee $2
  3. Instant Coffee $5
  4. Coffee Roasts $5

This custom content would be located in the Misc. Decor category.

29. Lush Products

Lush Products

Your sim can’t use any cheap brand’s products on their hair or body; therefore, this mod would help you acquire high quality products for your avatar. It includes body lotions, shower gels, toothpaste, etc., in various scents and varieties so that you can choose the one you love the most. It’ll make your character’s bath time much more special.

30. Mares Pantry

Mares Pantry

Have you ever thought about where all the food items would go if not in the kitchen? After all, you can’t store everything in the kitchen; it’ll appear all cluttered. That’s why this kitchen clutter cc is an essential one because it’ll store the majority of the items you use in the kitchen.

You’ll find various shelves in this cc with milk bottles, various spices, and canned goods, and there’s also a wine rack to keep your wine bottles safe. It’s the perfect solution to keep everything organized. You’ll find it in the Decor category.

31. Wine & Champagne Pt. 1

Wine & Champagne Pt. 1

A lot of people like storing liquor bottles in their homes, not for drinking purposes but because they love collecting beautiful and expensive alcohol. This mod is for those people who either enjoy drinking a lot or enjoy showing off their expensive collection of liquor. You can gain some fancy and decorative bottles for your bar or dining area by downloading this mod. Here’s a list of the bottles it features –

  1. Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Rose
  2. Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blancs Platinum
  3. Vina Pedrosa Gran Reserva 2011
  4. NV Cattier Les Roses Blanc de Blancs Brut
  5. Chateau D’Yquem 1988
  6. Beau Joie Rose
  7. Chateau Cheval Blanc 2000
  8. Armand de Brignac Brut Gold
  9. Armand de Brignac Brut Limited Edition Green
  10. Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2011


This is where our list ends, and your work to download the Sims 4 clutter CC you loved the most starts. There are a lot of recommendations to choose from, and I’m confident that you’ll certainly like some of them.

There is a lot more custom content out there for you to discover, but the ones mentioned here are perfect for those who are starting out. Enjoy decorating your character’s home as per your whims and fancies.

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