Sims 4 Infants Gameplay

Sims 4 Infants Gameplay (Latest Guide) – 2024

In the Growing Together live stream, there was also a talk about the new additions to the infants in the CAS and live mode. So in this article, we’ll focus on what you can expect from infants in the gameplay. 

Infants Attachment

As infants, we trust the people that surround us, who we meet daily, and get attached to them. It’s a stage in life where they are trying to understand the world around them and perceive people as either safe or unsafe based on their behavior towards them.

So if the infant’s caregiver tends to their needs instantly, then they’d perceive the world and the characters in it as safe. However, if they are constantly crying and don’t get the care that they require, then they’d think of the world and its people as unsafe. 

This perception of theirs based on this life stage would also affect their future as they grow up. For instance, if they trust their caregiver, then even if they are slightly late in attending to their needs, they won’t be affected. Their strong attachment to them would come into play. On the other hand, if a child with less attachment is neglected, then they’d become sad.

Sims 4 Infants Gameplay

Attachment Reward Traits

So there are three traits that your character could inculcate based on their experience as an infant, and they are as follows. 

1. Top-Notch Infant

As the name suggests, these infants have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life because of their strong attachments. They have a trusting nature because of their early childhood experiences. 

2. Happy Infant

There’s not much difference between this and the previous trait, as these children are also pleased and trusting of others. 

3. Unhappy Infant

When it comes to these infants, they were neglected at a young age and therefore perceive the world as cruel. They are pretty skeptical of other sims. 

Infant Activities

There are a few activities that your infant would do at this age, and they are as follows. 

1. Food Exploration

As a child, all you do is eat, sleep, and poop. So food is an excellent way for a caregiver to bond with their characters and make them try out new food items. It’s up to the infant if they like or dislike the new food or wish to eat it a few more times.

However, as the trailer showed, an infant with the cautious trait was trying mashed peas for the first time, and they were skeptical of trying it.

Sims 4 Infants Gameplay

2. Bath and Play Time

Bath time is also a fun time for infants, where they feel loved and cared for by their caregivers, as seen in the trailer, where the mother prepares a bubble bath for her child. They’d sit in a unique baby bath seat in the bathtub during bath time. 

They’ll also have several toys to play with and can also play with their siblings. In the trailer, the infant is seen playing peek-a-boo with her older brother. In fact, [ets can also interact with infants, which makes up for some cute moments.

3. Bedtime

Sometimes, infants can have a lot of trouble falling asleep, and a caregiver can try out various things, such as lulling them, upgrading the crib to an infant mobile, which plays songs to soothe them till they fall asleep, and so on.


There’s still so much for this new update to offer you, which would bring a whole lot of opportunities to enhance the Sims 4 infant gameplay.

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