Sims 4 Woohoo Mod

Sims 4 Woohoo Mod – Download | Risky, Child, Wicked MOD (2024)

The Sims 4 Woohoo mod is a special mod that allows you a chance to spend some pleasant time when using your game characters as a representative. Your female sim character can easily get pregnant that comes with varying level of chances for the same.

Not just that, the mod includes various other options that help speed up or even slow down your sims pregnancy process depending on whether there is a need for two or three babies. There are several different ways in which you can use the Sims 4 Woohoo mods.

Sims 4 Risky Woohoo Mod

The Sims 4 Risky Woohoo mod replaces your regular Woohoo interactions as opposed to the baby interactions happening with the game. This mod provides you a good chance for getting pregnant regardless of whether you want it or not.

The mod has been incorporated into the game making it the perfect addition for the game. In this game, you can actually get an unexpected pregnancy and even control it in the best possible way you want. You can also terminate the pregnancy if the need be.

It is a form of random dynamic which can be thrown into the game as per your requirement. This particular mod can be easier in terms of installation as opposed to any other as there is no need for pre/post requirements.

Once the Sims 4 woohoo mod has been installed into the game, all you need to do is engage in a romantic conversation and riskier woohoo. It is surely way better than the Sims 3 Woohoo mod.

Sims 4 Woohoo Mod - Download | Risky, Child
Sims 4 Woohoo Mod

Where can you Woohoo?

The Sims 4 Woohoo mods functions only at certain places which include:

Double Bed

This simply means that you will need a large enough bed as a single bed doesn’t work.

Rocket Ship

When it comes to Woohoo, once the Rocket Ship has been built, all you need to do is just click on the same and things get started.

The Observatory

This particular Woohoo isn’t as special but your Sims characters do seem to enjoy the same.

Woohoo Achievements

  • 50-Mile-High Club: This is where you can Woohoo inside a Rocket Ship
  • Woohoo! : This is when you Woohoo with close to 50 Non-Sims Players that are Unique
  • What Would It Be Like? : This is where you Woohoo with the Ghost

Woohoo with Others

When it comes to relationships established between same-sex individuals, it is true that it has become fairly common in society. However, it is true for the game as well?

Well, all the previous Sims series versions carried support for the relationships established between same-sex partners. However, the procedure to do so used to be fairly lengthy.

With the Woohoo mod for Sims 4, the same has become very easy. The mod can be used to fall directly in love with the fellow partner. As of now, the Same-Sex pregnancy feature is supported only for the bed and in-house interactions.

If you are looking for other spaces that are counted under the risky tab for woohoo spaces, it is not available currently. Whether the sims character is lesbian or gay, only one of the partners can get pregnant in the relationship. The mod also supports pregnancy test related features for the male sims.

Sims 4 Child Woohoo Mod

There are several woohoo mods that are available for the married, teen, as well as cousins. The Child –type first love Woohoo mod is similar to that of the basic mod. However, it would be devoid of any pleasure that comes from getting pregnant.

Also, there is an aged mod script present in the Sims 4 that allows the sims to stay completely within limits for any specified task.

Even though this mod can be used for your Sims’ first love connection, it can also be used to initiate kill, hold hands, or make them talk in a romantic manner. It also allows the characters to go to a normal dinner while doing so much more.

Sims 4 Child Woohoo Mod

Sims 4 Features for First Love Mod

Confess to any crush your sims character has (this is a one-time interaction)

Exchange numbers (this too is one-time interaction)

  • Hug
  • Call Crush
  • Ask to get into a relationship (Girlfriend/Boyfriend)
  • Text Crush
  • Stargazing
  • Monkey Around
  • Hold Hands
  • Aging up to Teens
  • Kiss Cheek
Sims 4 Features for First Love Mod

The Pillow Talk Woohoo Mod

This particular Woohoo mod makes the situation after sex a bit more intimate. The Pillow Talk Mod in Woohoo makes the sims characters that are intimate at that particular moment spend some more time snuggling with each other.

The SimDa Dating App

 We all know that Tinder is an important part of our daily life in terms of romance. To compensate the very same feeling in the sims world, the SimDa Dating app mod was created within the Sims game.

This particular mod allows your character to access a dedicated app on the smartphone which further lets them take part in an organized blind date, set date, or even indulge in a no-strings attached hook ups or flings.

The app works on mutual agreement. Like if one of the sims character doesn’t agree for the date, the same won’t happen. There should be a working agreement between the two parties.

The SimDa Dating App


Can the Sims get pregnant from the Woohoo mod?

There are very rare chances for this to happen. You can get the partner pregnant just by using the Woohoo mod.

Where does the Sims 4 Woohoo work?

The Woohoo mod is just available over the RocketShip, Bed, as well as the observatories. However, the custom Mods designed for Woohoo can be used with almost every other place.

Can the Teens in Sims 4 get pregnant?

This option isn’t available by default. In order to actually get pregnant, you need to be the right age or an adult.

The slice of life mod is another fascinating module that is worth your attention.

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