Sims 4 Camera Controls

Sims 4 Camera Controls | Hotkeys | Keyboard Shortcuts & Controls (2024)

The article below gives you Sims 4 camera controls and hotkeys to make the game more comfortable and efficient. One can’t remember all these, if not a veteran.

So, this list is for the newcomers. I hope you guys find them useful. Read the content below to know more to know how to change controls and keyboard shortcuts too.

Sims 4 Camera controls

Today, we welcome you all to our new discussion topic, which is the Sims 4 keyboard controls. Now, the computer geeks might remember these key bindings, but what about the non-tech gamers? For them, we provide the list of keyboard build shortcuts for more efficiency. These controls are beneficial and are worth remembering.

It makes the game a lot easier and fun. With these keys’ help, you prominently don’t need your cursors to find the options as it might irritate and distract you from the game. These shortcuts help us right and make it better for you and the game. 

Let us not wait more and the new gamers, tune into the article as you might feel it’s a lot to memorize. Our content would surely facilitate you with the correct information.   

Sims 3 camera controls and options

Before moving ahead, you must know one thing that it assumes you are using the Sims 3 camera options, but you could change them anyway.

Those who played the whole series realize it could be done exactly how it was in Sims 3. For the gamers who don’t know how to do change the camera type, you must follow the guidelines given below: 

  • Follow the pathway offered: Control + Shift + Tab or pressing Esc > Game Options > Controls and Camera > Sims 3 CameraThis way you could move around the surroundings by enabling the edge scrolling. 
  • It is also more comfortable than before to change the camera angle.
  • Moreover, it helps to rotate the screen as well. 
  • You could also move around the neighborhood by keep holding the right-click button. 

Also, the “C” and “V” keys are used to take a screenshot or record a video. They can also be found in the pathway given: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Screenshots and The Sims 4/Recorded Videos. 

Moreover, to show off your gained skills, you can take a screenshot or record a video on a build mode. 

Sims 4 Camera Controls | Hotkeys | Keyboard Shortcuts & Controls
Sims 4 Camera Controls

Sims 4 hotkeys and buttons

The keyboard shortcuts below are one of the major ones. Also, many of you ask the question given below. 

How to change the view in Sims 4

You will find the answer in the list right below.

Now, let us move forward to more Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts.

HomeWalls up
EndWalls down
Page upGoing up to a floor
Page downGoing down to a floor
Holding right clickMoving around the surroundings
W or Up arrowMoving view Up
A or left arrowMoving view left
S or down arrowMoving view down
D or right arrowMoving view right
Shift + EnterCentre on the current lot
Left click Sim picSelect that sim
Left click Sim picMaking the camera go to
Right click Sim picMaking camera follow the selected sim
Holding the mouse wheelRotate the view or tilt the camera to change the angles, Up/Down.
Z,X, or scroll mouse wheelZoom In/Out
C Take a screenshot
V Start/end the video recording.

Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts and options

The live mode pc controls are as follows:

HotkeysWhat Do They Do
ESCBrings main menu and cancels can something
Left click object or SimInteract with the object or any sim.
Left click on selected simGo jogging, change outfits, and other responsibilities.
Left click on groundOrdering the Sims to move to the place you selected.
EnterMake the Sim active
Space bar or NSelect the next sim in the household.
Left click on sim portraitSelect any sim.
GDisplays the aspiration window.
IDisplaying the inventory tab.
JDisplaying the career tab.
LShows the skill list
RShowing the relationship panel.
YShowing the simology (traits and age)
ODisplaying the current need levels.
MGo to the map mode.
~ (Tilde) 1, 2, 3Pause, Speed 1 (normal), Speed 2, and Speed 3.

first person hotkeys:

The first person mode is recently updated into the game so, why not check their hotkeys and mac controls:

HotkeysWhat Do They Do
Shift + TabYou can enter and exit the first person view.
Left clickInteraction with the objects and the sims, allowing the gamers to move. They should be in the view.
Shift (hold)Letting you click things without the camera angle changing.
Right clickEnables the move here option to move outside the doors.
TabRemoves the interface.
CTRLRe-centre the camera angles and settings.
Mouse wheelAdjusts the FOV (Field of view). Also, you could zoom out on the mac to enable the FOV.

Buy and build mode controls

We all know that we could destroy the buy and create mode objects, but do you know that the gamers get their share of the refund back?

Yes, you read that, right! You destroy the objects, walls, and patterns; then, you will get your money back. You could eradicate them by either sledgehammer or the hand tool given in the options with delete.

Also, a design tool is available that could surely help you match up the color schemes in the room. Moreover, you could find the removed objects in the household inventory. 

Now, let us look at the build mode controls: 

HotkeysWhat Do They Do
F1, F2, F3Live mode (normal gameplay), buy mode, build mode
HHand tool, allowing you to grab the objects.
BBrings up the wall tool.
CTRL (hold)While using wall tools, you could delete the walls and rooms.
Shift (hold)You could toggle between the room and the wall tool.
ECopies any object quickly.
KSledgehammer. Destroys any object.
+ (Numpad)After you select an object, press + on the numpad, which allows you to go through the list of the items.
Control+ ZUndo the last action.
GToggling the grid.
Shift (hold)Holding the buy/build mode to add more objects without having to select them again.
BackspaceHolds an object to move it to household inventory.
,Rotates the object left.
.Rotates the object right.
Hold Alt w/objectAllows you to place the object anywhere.
F5 toggleThis is good for precision for placing the objects at ½ or ¼ of the grid.
Control+ FWhile laying the floor this key will help to place ¼ of the tile to get the artsy design.
Hold Alt while paintingFills a straight wall with the selected wall designs.
Hold Alt: Walls and floorsFills the entire room with selected floor and wall decoration.
[Make brush size smaller while painting.
]Makes the brush size larger while painting.
;Makes the brush softer while painting.
Makes the brush harder while painting.
CTRLHold while painting and then change it to default.
Control+ YYou could redo what you undid.
DeleteDeletes the object selected.
TSwitch the top to down view.
LChange the lighting from morning to afternoon and evening to night, accordingly.
UYou could push and relocate the whole residence on the lot.

Moreover you could press F4 to view other player’s creations.

These were some of the Sims 4 camera controls to look and make the game much more easy and fun. Another such exciting feature is the digital deluxe, which takes your game up a notch.

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