Sims 4 Royalty Mod

Sims 4 Royalty Mod | Monarchy Mod – CC (Download) 2024

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a king or a queen and rule a kingdom, live in a big castle, have people at your beck and call, and have generations of royalties? Then, the Sims 4 royalty mod is here to turn your wish into a reality (at least for your Sim!)

As the modification allows you to play generation after generation of a noble family. That means giving titles, listening to counsel, having princes and princesses, ordering minions and providing for your kingdom.

To start this royal journey and know the gameplay, make sure you read this till the end.

How do I install Sims 4 Royalty mod?

First, let’s know the installation process of this incredible module:

  • After downloading, make sure to place [LN] Royalty Mod 1.1. package and [LN] Royalty Mod 1.1. script in your MODS folder and not inside another folder as the game will not be able to read the. script file.
  • Getting started is easy; all you need to do is create you Monarch in CAS and render them the ‘Monarch’ trait, which is under Lifestyles’ category.
  • Your Monarch will be the centre of most of your interactions. With them picked you will be able to give other titles.
  • To be able to use other features of this mod, find a sim to be your Monarch’s Trusted Advisor by giving them the title and then, you’ll be able to do tasks such as; raising and reducing taxes, allowing markets, etc.
Sims 4 Royalty Mod | Monarchy Mod - CC (Download)
Sims 4 Royalty Mod

How do you use the royalty or the royal family mod in Sims 4?

These are the features and interactions of the royal mod,

Monarchs of the royal cc:

  • To start a royal family in the royalty challenge, start by creating a monarch.
  • “Monarch” is a trait in this module, and that can be found under the “Lifestyles” category. But to do that, you’ll first need to enable full edit mode, using cas. Full edit mode.
  • Monarchs are the most critical Sims in this mod. They are the head of the line, and they have the last word in every decision.
  • The Monarch can have a Royal Partner, give certain rights to any user, appoint an heir and so on. Therefore monarchy cc allows you to choose them yourself.

Be Adored or Despised Monarch:

  • Based on your Monarchs interactions with the world, they have the chance to become either a Beloved Royal or Despised Tyrant!
  • Simmers around them will either love being around them or despise it! Don’t raise those taxes too high, your highness!

Title System in the Sims 4 monarchy mod:

  • The royal family mod has a beautiful custom titles system that lets you select the title of your Sims.
  • For example, your Ruler can be a King, Emperor, Tsar or a Sultan and their spouse Queen, Tsarina, or Princess.
  • All of these can be changed during the play, and it only takes a few seconds for the new title to take place!
  • Aside from the title of Monarch which you get when creating that Sim, all the other titles are bequeathed in the game by the highness. He is the one who can switch the title of any Sim, for example uplifting a peasant to a Noble!

Illegitimate Children:

Is your Monarch a bit of a philanderer? Had a little too much fun with a servant? You can recognize their offspring as ‘Illegitimate Royals’, which gives them the possibility of claiming the throne one day! But perhaps your King wants a little more in life for their illegitimate child? They have the choice of legitimizing them by making them the Crown Royal!

The wonders of the Heir System:

  • Every Ruler needs an Heir; it’s how the family keeps controlling the Throne!
  • Your King can make any one of their Crown Royals or their Royal Partner as Heir, so upon the King’s death, the crown will be automatically passed down.

Vie for the Throne!

Did your King pass away unexpectedly without naming an heir?! Don’t worry. If this circumstance occurs then any Crown Royal, Royal Partner or Illegitimate Royal can take over the Throne. It’ll be a rush to see who can gather adequate support (reputation) and win the title! To help with this, those competing for the Throne have new interactions that would include-

  • Ask for citizens’ support.
  • Promise to be a great Monarch.
  • They can even influence other royals to step out of the race!

Tax System in the royal mod

  • The King can raise or lower the taxes.
  • Taxes are paid to the Royal Family twice a week (Monday and Thursday), the amount fluctuates depending on the raising or lowering of the taxes!
  • Lower taxes mean less money weekly, but scores you major good reputation points with the citizens! Whilst making the taxes higher will fill your treasury quicker but can put you on the fast track for becoming a Despised Tyrant!

Nobility everywhere

Your King can bestow a Noble title upon any sim they wish, and those nobles can use the reputation system to climb up the ranks of Nobility! Nobles can be a source of higher donations too.

make a Trusted Advisor of the King

  • This is a unique feature called The Trusted Advisor, which is a title you as a king, can bestow on a Sim to be your companion in almost everything.
  • So, the Trusted Advisor plays an essential role in the unfolding of your kingdom, so be careful who you choose for that position.
  • The Trusted Advisor unhitches a large number of interactions for this module, so choosing him should be one of the first duties you do when you start a royal family.
  • If you don’t make any Sim a Counsellor, you can undoubtedly continue playing, but you will miss out on a lot of quintessential things in The Royalty Mod.

Ladies in-waiting

Every royal family has ladies-in waiting who serve the royal family and take care of a handful of tasks including helping dressing up the females of the royal family, serve teas to the members, set up dinner tables, etc. Any noble sim in your game can assign this title to any lady.

get ready for some regal events!

What’s a royal kingdom without those princely gigantic events? So, to bring your sims a taste of it, this mod brings three royal events namely the royal audience (for other non-royal people to come with their concerns to the royal court), the royal banquet ( a large soirée organised for the common folk), and the coronation.

Sims 4 servant mod

This can be used in conjunction with the Royalty mod:


Servants are now hire-able NPCs! They will no longer take up a household slot but will stay with your family and autonomously cook, clean and look after your kids! You can assign them their beds too. Servants are currently restricted to only one hire-able NPC.

Inherited Traits

Babies born from the King will now automatically get the Crown Royal trait, that means cute little Princess toddlers would walk in the castle.

Earning Money

There is now an effortless job for Monarchs that allows them to provide for their family whilst innkeeping with your playstyle. It is a 10-3 rabbit hole job with high pay so your Monarch can get paid for doing their ‘Monarch-ly’ duties.

More Titles

Monarch title now defaults to ‘No Title’ due to inclusion of choosing to have no title, you’ll need to change this as normal through the action’s menu.

Other Interesting Features of Royalty mod Sims 4

Your Monarch can get a new job. He can leave for a few hours to do royal work and come back with a big sack of cash.

Apart from the “twice per week” tax systems, the stacks of cash are great for enjoying the high-status life! You can also open Sunday Markets. There will be a lot of vendors and trading, and if your Monarch visits them, he will gain some positive reputation.

There’s also a mission princess story line, an execution and punishment system including the dungeon cell, boiling sims in a cauldron, killing them with a stake, etc.


Are mods allowed in Sims 4?

Mods are allowed in Sims 4. Their significance to the gameplay is a well-known fact; therefore, the developers made it simple for you to install as many modules as you want. EA doesn’t endorse their use, but the modders who create them are the ones responsible for its upgrade.

Are Sims mods illegal?

No, Sims mods aren’t illegal. As a result, you’d face no consequences whatsoever while using them. The only issue is that you’re dependent on the modder to fix the issues in those modules, since EA doesn’t promote them. So in short, your doubt about “Are Sims 4 mods legal” is redundant.

Do Sims 4 mods ruin your game?

Sims 4 mods don’t ruin your game in any way if they are downloaded from a reputable site like Mod the Sims. All they do is makes changes in your game, which makes your game better.

Is there royalty in the Sims?

Yes, there is royalty in Sims because this module allows you to choose a title for your character. So they can be a King, Emperor, Tsar or a Sultan. Their partners could either be Queen, Tsarina or a Princess. You can change the title multiple times at any point of time.

Can you be royalty in Sims 4?

You can be royalty in Sims 4 because this package enables you to handle a monarchy wherein you can give titles, regulate the tax system, choose your successor and so on.

How do I get my monarch to give up the throne?

To pressurise your monarch to let go of the throne, establishing their social association with the Trusted Advisor is the way to go.

How does my royal family make money?

The royal family earns money through weekly tax income and the donations from nobles and citizens. Another way is for them to get a job and disappear for that time period.


That’s all you need to know about the Sims 4 royalty mod! So, if you want to experience the luxurious life of a king, do get this incredible mod and have fun dealing royally with the other sims. On the other hand, if you want to live a life as a princess, then disney princess challenge is the ideal choice.

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