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Dating apps are a hot topic for this generation, and the search for true love is nothing cliché. You can also enjoy blind dates or have a one-night stand. You can do as you desire with the SimDa dating app by littlemssam.

The Sims 4 Tinder, aka Simda Dating app mod:

The Sims 4 dating app mod is inspired by Tinder in the real world. The perks of having a Sims 4 online dating mod are plenty. It works as follows:

Where is the Simda dating app located?

A dating app menu under the phone social option is present, which would include:

  • Specific date: If you believe in true love and are looking for something special, this is your choice.
  • Blind date: For those who prefer an adventurous lifestyle and love surprises, this blind date mod sims 4 choice is for you. There are extra options for males and females.
  • One-night stand: If all you are looking for is a hookup with no strings attached, go for this choice. You’ll be able to find hot sims nearby to spend the night.
Simda Dating App

Features of the best Sims 4 Dating app Mod 2023:

Specific date/Blind date – 

After choosing any of the two options and a romantic partner, you need to find a location to meet to go on an awesome date. Based on how your date went, you would have a good, bad, or an excellent first date.

For adding your relationship, the sim needs to be around her date for a moment, even after the date ends. If they had an excellent date, you would always remember it due to your special relationship. A relationship cheat is what you need at this point of time.  

One night stand – 

Once you choose a partner, they would be there right away, but they can spend the night with you only in the home lot. You have access to all the woohoo options currently in the game from the bed, hot tub, closet, tent, bush, rocket ship to a telescope, lighthouse, coffin (vampire), steam room. 

You can also use the WickedWhims woohoo, which adds a sexually attractive trait to your sim if they don’t have one already. It can be quite helpful. You can use this woohoo by installing the WickedWhims add on. 

There would be no bonding or any special relationship with your one night stand, and they would leave after a short while. The romance/friendship preventer buff would be active during the whole time you are with your one night stand. It would remove either when your one-night stand isn’t visible anymore or by itself after 4 hours. 

Hook up calls from NPCs – 

You have the option to turn off the hookup call setting from your dating app menu. If this is enabled, you will receive hook up calls from NPC, and it’s up to you whether to respond to them. If you accept the invitation, you would be sent down a ‘rabbit hole’ for 2-2.5 hours. 

Via computer/tablet – 

You can use the chatroom to flirt with sims. 

Various additions of the Sims 4 online dating mod:

For the blind dates, non-singles, as well as all the ages are allowed. But if you prefer singles only and the NPCs are also singles along with the same age for the dates, then it is possible through the add ons option.

Sims can get pregnant or impregnate others through one night stands or hook up calls, although the base chances are at 5% by default. You can increase or nullify these chances with the add ons option. 

Pregnancy Additions

  • 0% chance – this option would indispose the chances of getting pregnant for all ages. Even if they are on their periods (wicked whims) or are already pregnant, this alternative would work.
  • 15% chances – in this, the chances of getting pregnant increase from 5 to 15%.
  • 25% chances – the chances of them getting pregnant rises from 5 to 25%
  • 50% chances – you can expect growth from 5 to 50% in pregnancy rate in this choice.
  • 100% chances—this would ensure that your sim gets pregnant but think before choosing this option.
  • No teen pregnancy—the teens would be safe from being pregnant with this add-on. It doesn’t work on young adults.

The 15%–100% chances are void if you have more than one. If you use 0% with another alternative, then 0% chances would be at the top, and no pregnancies would happen. Sims using protection (wicked whims or MCC) reduce the chances of pregnancy to 0.5%.

SimDa dating App updates:

These optional extensions are part of the updates of littlemssam cc, and they are as follows:

Optional additions – 

  • Only singles: this mod would use only those NPCs that are single.
  • Blind date the same age only: those of the same age as the actor would be allowed to go on a date.
  • Aspiration goals: this adds ‘serial romantic’ to the dates by completing the 2 dates goal, and you can earn gold after finishing the 3 dates goal ‘soulmates’ after 2 dates.
  • Holiday tradition goals: choosing any of the three options (specific, blind, or one-night stand) would complete the holiday tradition goal (seasons).
  • No F* word—this disallows the use of the F* word during hookup calls.

Compatible add ons

Wicked whims – due to this addition in the simda dating mod, the sims won’t get rejected for one night stands after saying “hi” once and the addition of a wicked whims trait also but temporarily. They can have wicked whims with anyone they want. It can only work if you install wicked impulses. 

Simda dating app Download:

For Simda dating app sims 4 download, here is what you need to do.

  • Simple one version mod – copy the *.package file into your Sims 4 mods folder (Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods).
  • More than one version – copy the *.package file you want into your S4 mods folder. Don’t use more than one version simultaneously.
  • Script mod – it has a (*.ts4script inside the ZIP file). Copy the *.package file and *.ts4script file into your S4 mods folder but do not have more than one subfolder.

What to do if Sims 4 SimDa dating app is not working?

If you find yourself in the “Simda dating app not working” situation, then here’s what you can do:

  • Check if you followed the installation guide correctly without missing any steps. One reason could be that a script mod is installed too deep into the mods folder or that script modifications are disabled. The patch can disable these options.
  • Maybe your mod needs an update. Discard the older version and install the updated one.
  • Mod conflict could be another reason. If so, move all other mods and CC out of the mods folder into a backup one. Delete the localthumbcache.package in your Sims 4 folder. Check if it works now. But do not click on save, or else all the CC will be gone. Close it without saving. 

If a module is causing an error (lastException.txt in your Sims folder),

  • Check for mod conflicts and follow the steps mentioned above correctly. 
  • It might be an old version of the mod. Install its update. 

The Sims 4 dating app mod is an escape from reality for everyone who doesn’t love a little romance.

What is a blind date in Sims 4?

Blind dates were introduced in Sims 4 as a part of the Get Famous EP, where your sim can get a chance to go on a date with a stranger or someone they haven’t met in person before. This is also a feature of the Sims 4 dating app mod.

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