Sims 4 Custom Content Furniture Showroom

Sims 4 Custom Content Furniture Showroom – (Download) – 2024

We know that there is already a lot of custom content regarding furniture, but this one’s entirely different and unique.

Since it didn’t fit in any other collection; therefore, this new CC category was created. Thanks to Sixam CC, you now have a whole host of furniture that is distinctive and is a compilation of love themes and previous installations of the game as well.

So let’s know about this Sims 4 custom content furniture showroom in detail so that you can download it by the end of the article. 

Features of Furniture Showroom CC Pack

Features of Furniture Showroom CC Pack 

This pack was released in February, which is the month of love; therefore, it includes items such as a heart shaped bed, a hot tub from The Sims, a kinky bedroom, a motel inspired patio, and so on. 

Here’s what it contains –

  • 38 base game compatible items.
  • Comfort: 3 Chairs, a Sofa chair, and a Heart-shaped Bed.
  • Build: 1 Wallpaper and 3 Carpet Floors.
  • Decorative: 2 Plants, Painting, Ceiling fan in 3 Sizes, Circle Wall Sculpture, and Mirror.
  • Lighting: Desk Lamp, Ceiling Lamp in 3 Sizes, 3 Neon Lights, and Heart Night Table Lamp.
  • Plumbing: Sink, Heart-shaped Hot Tub (base game compatible and functional), and Bath Tub.
  • Storage: Empty Functional Bookcase.
  • Surface: 2 Dining Tables, Mini Stand Table, and 3 Coffee Tables. 

You can gain early access to these items till 28th March 2023, so grab it right now. 


Can you feel love in the air? I bet you can. These objects in the Sims 4 custom content furniture showroom pack bring forth some nostalgic objects that the players were missing in the 4th installment as well as exceptional items that are entirely new to them.

So it’s the perfect pack for you to buy and use in the game because you cannot get a better deal than this.

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