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Sims 4 Traits Mod | Traits CC : 64+ Custom Content -(Download ) 2024

You’ve completed the search for “best gaming laptops under 800” and found your dream machine – now it’s time to put it to good use. Thanks to your new laptop’s capabilities, downloading and installing mods for EA’s latest installation in the ever-popular Sims series, Sims 4, has never been easier.

What is Sims 4 Traits CC Mods?

Just like in real life you would interact with your folks and they perceive you as someone with a certain personality, the Sims 4 Traits cc mods bring the very same effect to the game.

Whether your character is someone who loves to chill out in peace or someone who loves to create some chaos mod has been designed to give your sim a character.

The standard Sims 4 Traits include:

  • Learning Traits
  • Personality Traits
  • Emotional Traits
  • HobbyTraits
  • Lifestyle Traits
  • Social Traits
  • Toddler Traits
  • Bonus Traits
  • Death Traits
  • Reward Traits
  • Inherited Traits
  • Toddler Skill Reward Traits
  • Child Aspiration Reward Traits
  • Character Value Traits
  • Satisfaction Reward Traits
  • Career Reward Traits
  • Food Mastery Traits
  • Temporary Traits
  • Childhood Phases
  • Miscellaneous Traits

However, these aren’t just the Sims 4 traits mod you get with the game.

Listed below are some of the best mods and Sims 4 custom traits to take your Sims game to the next level.

Sims 4 custom Traits

Scandalous Pack

If the standard Sims 4 interactions are too mundane for you, consider installing this Sims 4 traits CC. With these flirty and mischievous whims, your Sim’s life will get just a little more scandalous. Included traits are:

  • Messy
  • Hunty
  • Extra
  • Scandalous

African Trait

This Sims 4 traits cc is for African Sims who are workaholics, loves good food and crazy parties!

  • These Sims are super-hardworking, and smart and strive for excellence. They will usually hang out at a library and research on a computer.
  • They are very fit; and loves a good work out! These sims are also good cooks and leveling up in cooking skills is easy for them.
  • African Sims love to party. They are always ready to bust out some crazy moves on the dancefloor


This Sims 4 traits mod should not be taken too hard!

  • There will be a 2x increase in work ethic skills, and these Sims are super likely to hold two jobs.
  • These Sims love to flirt, and their success rate is pretty high.
  • They do try to cook but is not that well-gifted.


Sims with a Ratchet trait is straight-up ratchet. Enough said.

  • They tend to be mean and ultimately get disliked by someone.
  • These Sims love to complain then blog about their rants and feelings.
  • The fluctuation between idealization and hatred are 3x more likely than ordinary Sims.

Spa Lover

These Sims value spirituality.

  • These Sims will buy a massage table, a meditation stool, and a yoga mat, all in the name of spirituality.
  • They have a 3x faster wellness skill increase when compared to a regular Sim.
  • They are most likely to recommend self-esteem exercises.

Ain’t Sh*t(Female) Trait

  • This Sim will most likely be responsible for a viral video.
  • She won’t also have problems Woohooing anywhere, like in a tent, inside a sauna, in the closet, or the bushes.
  • Charisma skill increase rate is 3x faster compared to a regular sim.

Ain’t Sh*t(Male) Trait

  • Your Sim loves sending out flirty texts.
  • They also enjoy telling dirty jokes with other Sims.
  • As with the Ain’t Sh*t Female trait, the male version also doesn’t have problems Woohooing anywhere.

Military Stereotype Trait

  • Your Sim will be either fresh from a breakup, going through a divorce or already divorced.
  • These Sims will likely complain about their lackluster love life while having a drink at the bar.
  • Though your Sim’s romance relationship increase rate is 3x faster, your romance relationship decrease rate is also 3x faster compared to a regular Sim.


  • Your Sim will not be able to stop talking about food and cooking.
  • These Sims have good manners and always considerate about other Sims.
  • Aside from enjoying good food and great company, they also have amazing music.

Jamaican Trait

  • Your Sim will like to be mean to a child or someone.
  • Your Sim’s Friendships will be 3x more dynamic compared to a normal Sim.
  • These Sims are excellent cooks and bakers.

Career Orientated

  • These Sims are excellent cooks and bakers.
  • These Sims always go to work feeling energized, focused, confident and, inspired.
  • Your Sim is a certified earner, they make money from selling paintings, publishing books or performing comedy.


  • Your Sim is always hungry as Hunger need is 50% higher compared to a regular sim
  • They enjoy an excellent meal or a plain grilled cheese sandwich, doesn’t matter.
  • They are akin to cows, but not really.


  • Your Sim is more likely to throw a tantrum or a full-blown emotional meltdown.
  • These Sims also tends to be physical, like smashing or stomping.
  • Their romantic and friendship relationships fluctuate more.


  • Your Sim knows how to throw a party.
  • Though they get jealous pretty easily they are super loyal.
  • These Sims also love to complain about their love life.


  • These Sims love talking and telling stories to a parent.
  • Your Sim will likely rant or send an angry text to someone
  • They also often share insecurities and deliver self-deprecating jokes.

Simstagram Baddie

  • These Sims love responding to mail.
  • Your Sim also loves taking photos and sharing images on social media.
  • Sims with this trait enjoy starting funny memes.

Agoraphobia Sims 4 Traits Download

The beauty of The Sims is that it allows players to live out their wildest fantasies. For some gamers, this includes the ability to never leave their home.

  • These Sims will be terrified every time they leave their home
  • Your Sim will definitely not be the life of the party
  • Give your Sim some roommates and watch the awkwardness ensue

Movie Freak Sims 4 cc traits

With this Sims 4 traits download, you will want to do nothing but watch TV – and that means absolutely nothing. Your Sim will totally freak out if they see anyone else hogging the remote.

  • More mischievous Sim players can create a home without a TV and watch their Sim go through withdrawal
  • This Sim will watch anything – as long as it’s on TV
  • Watch your Sim’s life fall apart as they realize they need to get a job – not just Netflix and chill


We all know a “Jeremy.” He does things no one can make sense of, has an affinity for animals and Sim Juice, and has the best stories.

  • Jeremy is only ever making a friend, petting a dog, or at the bar
  • Jeremy’s logic is severely downgraded but he’s great at rock climbing!
  • Who’s the master of the bro hug? None other than Jeremy, obviously

College Student, But Better

Sure, there’s already a Sims 4 college DLC, but this mod is free. And your Sim will replicate a more authentic college experience by playing video games all the time.

  • While your Sim may choose to study, they’ll be just as likely to play a game
  • Video gaming skills and work ethic are both increased, so it’s almost a win/win
  • Your Sim will have energy out the wazoo while needing to take fewer showers
  • This mod ups the chances of your Sim occasionally becoming overwhelmed, out of nowhere

Neurotic to the Bone

Those who miss the good old neurotic trait from Sims 3 will no longer have to mourn thanks to this mod that brings it all back.

  • At any moment your neurotic Sim may decide they absolutely need to buy incense
  • Neurotic Sims are now energized by the witching hour
  • With neurotic Sims, every attraction is a “strange attraction”
  • These Sims become tense, dazed, and confused out of nowhere

God & Goddess

Tired of tending to your Sim’s mortal woes such as eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom? Try making them into a god or goddess instead – they’ll no longer need to.

  • Fit, well, and charismatic, these Sims have it all
  • Give your Sims buffs by dressing them well and letting them roam around outdoors
  • Or let their enemies feel their wrath as they declare enemies

Incubus & Succubus

On the flip side of the gods and goddesses mod is the incubus and succubus mod. These Sims aren’t mortal either, but they sure can lure them in.

  • These Sims are highly adept at romance
  • Watch entire neighborhoods fall under the spell of these Sims
  • While they’re not mortal, they do need to socialize – and flirt

Become the Auntie

Just like we all know a Jeremy, we all have an Auntie. She says whatever she wants whenever she wants to. She dances, she cooks, and she critiques. And you love her for it.

  • This Auntie can chat anyone up
  • She’ll always be making a cheesecake or casserole, or she’ll be talking about it
  • Aunties have the best stories, and your Sims are going to listen to them

Zodiac Signs

This one is for the astrology fans. This Sims 4 traits mod gives your Sims traits that traditionally correlate with the Zodiac signs you assign them.

  • Leos will forever chase romance and relationships; it’s in the stars
  • He’s hilarious, he’s charming, and all he wants is money – he’s a Libra
  • Moody, rude, and noncommittal, your Sim may want to avoid Cancers
  • You’ll probably catch your Gemini talking to herself in the mirror


The trait for all millennials. Your Sim will sleep, and nap, which is great because that’s exactly what you’re putting off when playing the Sims.

  • Give your Sim the sleep you’ll never have
  • These Sims will nap and sleep a night – truly a fantasy
  • Your Sim needs little else to watch its mood increase than a comfortable bed and some time to spend in it

Night Owl

  • These Sims enjoy staying up late and waking up late.
  • Your Sim also loves going to places like Clubs, Bars, and the Library.
  • They feel uncomfortable around 6am-11pm.

Early Bird

  • The complete opposite of Nightowls, these sims sleep early, and wake up early.
  • These Sims enjoy going to the Park, Library, and the Arts Quarter.
  • They feel uncomfortable staying up between 10pm-5am.


  • Your Sim can inspire other Sims.
  • They love buying and playing musical instruments.
  • These Sims gain writing, music, and painting skills much faster than any other Sim.


  • These sims love stargazing.
  • They like doing outdoor stuff such as camping and watching the night sky.
  • These sims like to be around a campfire or a fireplace.

Game Junkie

  • These Sims enjoy playing video games.
  • They love hacking.
  • Your Sim also loves giving tips about programming and anything related to it.


  • Your Sims will feel good about themselves.
  • These Sims are also the proudest.
  • Although they are conceited, your Sim also feels gorgeous

Virgin Islander

  • These Sims are extremely polite.
  • They love complimenting the Sims around them.
  • Your Sim is also resilient.


  • Your Sim is an excellent cook.
  • They love getting drinks at the Bar Venue and at the club.
  • These Sims also love to dance and often get hyped easily.
  • They often complain when they are served flavorless food.


The Blerd is for the woke and geeky Sims.

  • Loves buying video game consoles
  • These Sims participate in a lot of Protests.
  • They also love promoting a certain cause to other Sims.


Those who are natural class clowns and people with funny bones will surely love this trait.

  • This Sim loves telling all kinds of jokes.
  • Your Sim also enjoys starting and sharing funny memes.
  • Sims with this trait are more likely to suggest fun activities.


These sims are great chefs. They are also family oriented and hopeless romantics.

  • This Sim is very interactive with babies, toddlers, and even pets.
  • Your Sim also enjoys cleaning almost everything inside the house.
  • Is more skillful in Gardening than most regular Sims.


  • This Sim loves engaging in debates about politics.
  • Participates in a lot of protests.
  • Enjoys playing and winning at chess.


This Sims 4 trait pack has two traits included: Insomniac and Sleepyhead.


  • These Sims barely sleep.
  • They love playing video games.
  • Your Sim can also be found writing in the early hours of the morning.


  • These Sim rarely respond to texts; not because they’re ignoring you, but they’re actually asleep.
  • If they’re sick, they just sleep it off.
  • They love buying beds.


  • This Sim loves cleaning almost anything.
  • Can hide from everyone.
  • These Sims always asks for reassurance from others and often have emotional breakdowns.


  • Your Sim loves taking selfies and sharing photos.
  • Often goes to work feeling playful.
  • Has the best photography skill in the game.


  • These Sims take pride in dressing neatly.
  • Enjoys going to work feeling energized.
  • These Sims are generally kind and helpful, but are feisty and do not allow others to walk over them.


This trait is named after the father of Chris in the hit series “Everybody Hates Chris.”

  • Loves to admire possessions.
  • Incredibly frugal. Will tell you the worth of wasting energy by forgetting to close an open fridge.
  • This Sim is also very efficient at consuming food as every bit and drop counts.


  • Friendship levels increase slowly compared to regular sims. They also lose friendship twice as fast.
  • This Sim loves going back to a lover that doesn’t care about it.
  • Loves doing romantic things.


  • Will write bad reviews about a good movie just because they feel so.
  • Loves asking for bribes.
  • This Sim enjoys insulting other Sims.
  • Your Sim will also be troll in web forums.


  • These Sims easily get scared.
  • They also have emotional breakdowns more often.
  • Constantly asks for reassurance from others.


  • Excellent Cook, loves giving cooking advice to other Sims.
  • Enjoys grilling burgers and hotdogs.
  • Specializes in Jambalaya, Gumbo, and other seafood dishes.
  • Loves Jazz music.


  • Loves being salty and funny at the same time.
  • Enjoys sharing jokes.
  • Also enjoys debating about politics.


  • This Sim enjoys looking at the moon.
  • Enjoys doing activities outdoors, such as stargazing.
  • Loves reading about astronomy, specifically about the moon.


  • Your Sim enjoys reading.
  • Loves going to the museum and appreciating the artwork there.
  • This Sim doesn’t easily get bored.

KS Traits Bundle

This Sims 4 traits mod bundle contains over 42 traits that focus on building up relationships. Here are some of those traits:

  • Ugly                                           
  • Funny
  • Tone deaf
  • Unpopular
  • Thin
  • Handy
  • Popular
  • Piggy
  • Light eater
  • Musician
  • Talkative
  • Green thumb
  • Heavy Drinker
  • Lovable
  • Unforgettable
  • Introvert
  • Charming
  • Fun-loving


  • This Sim gets a happy buff whenever they’re reading.
  • Loves buying and reading books.
  • Enjoys traveling to the Library.

Spring Child

  • These Sims enjoy gardening and gets buffs from doing it.
  • Can interact with wildlife and pets more easily than most regular sims.
  • Sims with this trait can are also compatible with other seasonal traits.

Autumn Child

  • These Sims get a happy buff when they’re outside playing with fallen leaves.
  • Loves being outdoors.
  • Doesn’t get scared easily.


  • Gets a happy buff when doing outdoor activities such as swimming in the pool.
  • More likely to suggest fun activities.
  • Enjoys traveling out of the city.


  • These Sims love going outside when it’s cold.
  • Gets a happy buff when doing winter time activities.
  • Doesn’t get sick easily because of the cold.

Self Critical

  • Easily gets scared of doing risky interactions.
  • Always asks for assurance from other Sims.
  • These Sims love practicing speeches to feel confident.


  • This Sim loves talking to other Sims.
  • Loves practicing speeches in front of mirrors.
  • Enjoys giving tips.

Green Thumb

  • Has the best gardening skills more than any regular Sim.
  • Can revive dead plants.
  • Plants grow faster when a Sim has this trait.
  • Works well with the Seasons expansion pack.


  • Enjoys giving speeches.
  • Loves being friendly to other Sims.
  • Gets a happy buff when doing nice interactions.


  • This Sim enjoys insulting others.
  • Gets a buff when doing something mischievous.
  • Enjoys telling jokes.
  • Often misbehaves.

Coffee Lover

  • Gets a happy buff when drinking or brewing coffee.
  • Additionally, this Sims 4 trait pack can get a happy moodlet when drinking or brewing coffee.
  • Can stay up late.


  • This Sims 4 cc traits type will get a tense moodlet when they’re not able to visit a club or get a drink for a while.
  • Does not get drunk easily.
  • Enjoys going to bars and nightclubs.

There’s a Mod for That

Whether you’re looking for a Sims 4 traits mod to take your Sim’s emotions to the next level or a Sims 4 trait pack that gives your Sim a whole new wardrobe, the mod of your dreams is out there. You can even have lot traits to enhance your household.

List of Sims 4 Traits CC Updated 2024


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