Sims 4 Faster Skills

Sims 4 Faster Skills | Kill mod Version – Download (2024)

This article will focus on the Sims 4 faster skills mod and how the Sims gain skill points from this. These mods would lead the players to boost more and more skill points and increase their efficiencies.

The flavors that add in these mods would accelerate the learning and make the Sims move forward in the game and, of course, better than the other Sims. These new skills mod enables the players that ages from children to elders fasten up their speeds.

This article would also mention how many of the skills are available according to the age groups and also how one could learn the skills online.

Again, know about Sims 3 faster learning in standard, non-traditional, and unique skills. To know more about these mods and skills, stick till the end.

Know More About Faster Skills & Download

Sims 4 faster skills mods design for all the teens, YA (young adults), adults, and elders to fasten up their skills in the game. These mods are available in two varieties or flavors, which are 2x speed and 4x speed.

The 4x momentum is faster than the 2x speed. You could use any of the two characteristics for speeding up. You could shuffle between the two kinds as they don’t bug or create any issues in the Sims four learn skills faster mod.

The first level of skill doesn’t support any of the two, as it is quick that it doesn’t require any speeding. A modder, Shimrod101, created the original mod of the Sims 4 faster skills.

Sims 4 Faster Skills | Kill mod

Savant Trait Faster Skills Mod

The Sims 4 skill mod is again a faster skills mod, which speeds up the skills in your game to make it more efficient. Shimrod101 updates it. After bringing in the Sims 4 faster skill mod into play, it increases the sim’s skill by five times in a vanilla game.

A vanilla game is a necessary installation of the game without any modifications and unique features, and so, this faster skill mod is not noticeable in the required adaptation.

But it could be seen or noticed in a modified game with all the custom contents in it as this mod fastens up the skills of your sim by five times and 12 times. Again, you could shuffle between the two kinds without any bug interruptions or side effects. 

Now, as mentioned earlier, that this faster skills mod quickens up your sim’s skills. If, by using this mod, the player reaches a higher level so, that would be the real and actual level of your sim in the game.

The player would never drop down to the opening skill level even if the player uninstalls this Sims 4 faster skills learning mod. This mod would give the fastening ability to the sim and would accelerate the skill multiplier than the vanilla game has. 

Some new flavors of Sims 4 learn skill faster mods have updated to the game with the Game version:, which are, 

These flavors have Hq compatibility and are super amazing. Some other characters also added, which are the Slower Skills 4 x v1 and the Slower Skills Very Slow v1 with the game version: You could use the file of your own choice with the last mentioned game version. Shimrod101 has initially made the Sims 4 skill mod game versions. 

Sims 4 Learning Skills Faster Mod

Sims would learn 41 skills through an online portal called Online Learning System (OLS) in Sims 4 learning skills faster mod. Sims set to gain 1.5 minutes per skill, which depend upon the traits, lot characteristics, and other consequences like buffs. The efficiency of skill gaining depends upon the players, faster or slower.

Following are the skills available:

• 4 out of 41 are accessible only for children.
• Four registered for children to elders like Bowling, Skating, Wall climbing, and Dog Training.
• Only one is available for Vampires, i.e., Vampire Lore.
• One skill accessible for Teens as well, which is Parenting, if you have a parenting skill mod.
• The rest of the skills are available for Teens to Elder.
• Sims learn a higher level gradually than they gain the lower level.
• Level 1 is to show up the mind level.

Sims 3 Faster Skills Mod

 Sims 3 faster skills mod enables the players to speed up their learning with standard, non-traditional, and special skills on the original bookshelves and the career trajectory bookshelves with the Golden book present at the top corner.

This mod helps fasten the learning as the Sims would take about one or two hours to gain points for the first four skills. With every increasing skill point, the Sims would go slower, but it would soon collect 10 points for Cooking, Cleaning, and Mechanical.

Again, they would do the same with non-traditional skills like Body, Logic, Creativity, and Charisma. As the skill learning in Sims 3 faster skills mod is accelerated so, the sims would take one or two hours for particular skill learning like Parenting, Lifelong happiness, and so on.

The Sims learns at a natural rate for standard and no-traditional skills and speed up for specific skills. These skills are only available if your pack has the golden book. If these impressive Sims 4 faster skills learning mods fascinates you, then download them today and get yourself indulged in the game. It’s very essential to keep your mod up-to date, so know about all the new updates.

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