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The following article focuses on the Sims 4 teen mods. This mod includes the Sims 4 teen careers which could make them earn a handful. The report below also focuses on the jobs descriptions that the teens might pursue during the game.

It discusses the pay structure and even the hours of work. Also, it tells you about the promotions you might have in your careers. The Sims 4 career mods also generate and develop good traits, which enhances the aspirations in the job. Read the article further and know more about the jobs.

Sims 4 Teen Career Mods

The Sims 4 teen careers enable the teen players to have eight rabbit-hole jobs like Camp Counselor, Dog Walker, Movie Theatre Operator, Pet Store Associate, Lifeguard, Tutor, Parking Valet, Spa Front Desk Operator, and a bonus Retail Associate.

These jobs don’t accelerate the career growth rate as for a young adult. Every career has similar timings of work. It neither increases your skills nor makes you famous. These Sims 4 teen careers help you to earn a little earning for your pocket. The article has only specific job descriptions below. Rest you would know once you download the mods. 

Things To Remember In Sims 4 Teen Career Mods

There are some specific things; you must remember before you move ahead. They are as follows:

  • No advance expansions are required to make the careers run for you in Sims 4 teen careers.
  • Some of the jobs have promotions to serve the working teen sims, but not all of them provide it.
  • Teens can use mobile phones and computers to find a suitable job for them.
  • The work details also got mentioned at the same place as that of teen’s school information is present. You could view the details by clicking ‘J’ on your keyboard.
  • You could also quit and re-join your job from your phones and computers, whenever you feel like taking a break.
  • After a specific age, the sim would automatically quit the job, and cheat codes are required to advance the career.

The Sims 4 Part Time Teen Jobs

Camp Counselor:- : This job is perfect for the Sims who loves bossing around and enjoy adventures like hiking, swimming, group field game, and singing camp songs. Also, if you love playing with kids, then this job is right for you. This Sims 4 careers mod has different positions in the job. They are:

  • Trainee: You’re a trainee who trains and takes care of developing minds of the kids in the camp. Your job is at the Camp Crystal Lake that you’ll give a shape to their mindsets and get paid for the same. It’s seven days a week and the $12/hour. Your main objectives are Charismatic-1, Logical-1, Guitar-2, Handiness-1, Maintain fitness-1, and Parenting Skills-1.
  • Camp Counselor: You’re now a fully-authorized counsellor who’s able to learn and accomplish many aspects in life ahead. These valuable transferable skills are education, sanitation, physical fitness, and nutrition. It’s also scheduled for seven days a week with $15/hour. It energizes the mood and focuses on the objectives like Charisma-2, Handiness-2, Guitar-3, and Fitness-2+
  • Camp Director: You’re now the director of the whole camp and most importantly, ahead of everyone else. You plan the activities for the field and the meals. Kids tend to love you more than the counsellors as they tolerate you. This promotion would upgrade you at your college apps. But, it increases the workload as its also scheduled seven days a week with $21/hour. The mood is again energized and focuses on the objectives like Charisma-4, Handiness-4, and Logic-4.

Pet Store Associate: This might be the dream job for animal lovers. You should be presentable, organized, and cheerful all the time for the people who visit your store. Keep the pets and store clean to make it look presentable.

The Sims 4 Part Time Teen Jobs
  • Associate trainee: You should learn the store and the basic lingo like “Shaffer”, which means to clean. Your manager might order you to Shaffer tanks i.e. to clean the dead pet from their respective tank before the other mates of the pet eat it. It might be disgusting, but you’re learning skills. It’s scheduled five days a week (MTW-FS-) with $11/hour. Focus on the objectives like Charisma-1, Logic-1, and Handiness-1.
  • Pet Store Associate: You’re now Pet Store Associate who loves all the animals and take good care of them. Pets are delighted in your presence except for the rabbits as they bite but you tend to love them too. It’s scheduled five days a week (-TW-FSS) with $14/hour, and your main objectives are Charisma-2, Handiness-2, and Logic-2.
  • Senior Store Associate: This might be your first promotion, and you thought you couldn’t make it to it as you’ve hunted down a rare parakeet, but the manager appreciates your determination. He has promoted you and now you order others. It’s scheduled five days a week (MT-TFS) with $21/hour daily, and your main objectives are Handiness-1, Charisma-1, and Logic-1.

Retail Sales Associate: This job makes you hate everyone and gain respect every time you talk to other retailers. This job is best suited for those who love clothes and people. The job gives a significant discount on trendy outfits too.

  • Stocking Clerk: All you need to do is Un-box, fold, stock, hang, stock, and repeat. The manager is a pain and so are the hours of work. The pay is less, but you get trendy outfits and discounts which brings your inner fashionista in the front. Its schedules five days a week (-TWTFS-) with $12/hour. Focus on the objectives like Charisma-1 and Fitness-1.
  • Register Associate: You’re now promoted and been shopping and styling in your head, but you need to keep your paycheck at the store every week. It might be a pain, but you never had such an enormous closet before. It schedules five days a week again (M-WTFS-) with $16/hour. Focus on your objectives, which are Charisma-1, Fitness-2, Logic-2, and Programming-1.
  • Sales Clerk: You’re now the main reason for the good looking store. You’re known for the most stylish personality, and you have a way with the customers, which might be the reason for you to get the highest position. It schedules five days a week (-WTFSS) with $19/hour. The main objective to focus is Charisma-4.

The Sims 4 Part Time Custom Careers

The Sims 4 custom careers include the following career mods: 

  • THE SIMS 4 BARISTA CAREER: This is a great job to become a future mixologist. You could also pair this with a Master Chef later. The hours of work require you to wake up early, but you would then get a suitable schedule to head you up straight to the bed early every night. You would still leave with plenty of time to do other things as well. It is considered to be the least stressful jobs of all others and has decent pay as well. It’s a creative job, which makes it easy to have your aspiration done quickly and wait for adulthood to join the mixology branch. It includes duties like Coffee Stain Remover ($28/hour), Bean Blender ($41/hour), and Latte Artiste ($62/hour).
  • THE SIMS 4 FAST FOOD EMPLOYEE: This job is almost equivalent to the barista career. This job is the best for those who want a culinary career option. The hours are also tolerable. It generates traits like a foodie, which might kick you in the beginning if you do not tend to enjoy your cooking.
  • It makes you outgoing and increases your charisma. Also, it makes you energetic and generates a trait called Master Chef Aspiration. This aspiration makes you reach the top of your culinary career and helps you to look professional. It includes jobs like Table Cleaner ($16/hour), Fry Cook ($18/hour), and Service Cashier ($20/hour).

Sims 4 Teen Job Career Set

Mesmeric Simmer Teen Career Set1.48 MB

Ultimate Teen Career Set

Asiashamecca Careers Camp Counselor286.4 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Dog Walker 288.8 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Movie Theater Operations Person 259.1 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Pet Store Associate271.8 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Retail Sales Associate234.5 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Spa Front Desk Associate212.7 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Tutor206.6 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Valet Parking Attendant236.9 KB
Asiashamecca Careers Lifeguard 115.8 KB
Asiashamecca Teen Careers ALL2.06 MB

To have a career is only possible if the sims go to school.

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