Sims 2 Digital Download

Sims 2 Digital Download | (2024)

Since October 2018, Sims 2 copies are no longer available for free on Origin. You would have to purchase the Sims 2 digital download to enjoy the perks of this collection.

What is included in the digital series

  • The Basic Game+

8 Expansion packs

  • University
  • Nightlife
  • Open for Business
  • Pets
  • Seasons
  • Bon Voyage
  • FreeTime
  • Apartment Life

10 Stuff packs

  • Holiday Party Pack
  • Family Fun Articles
  • Glamour Life Stuff
  • Happy Holiday Things
  • Celebration! Items
  • H&M Fashion Items
  • Teen Style Things
  • Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Articles
  • IKEA Home Stuff
  • Mansion & Garden Items
Sims 2 Digital Download

How to get The Sims 2

The used copy could be found on Amazon or eBay. Compare the prices of both and choose the more beneficial one. You should search for bundled editions like Double Deluxe, and if you want some other expansions apart from the ones included, buy them separately.

  • Amazon – When you search through Amazon, you will come across expensive deals as they are showcased at the top. Therefore, go to the “More Buying Choices” section and look through other cheaper offers. Everything ranging from the base game to EPs and SPs is available.
  • Ebay – Here, the offers are much better than Amazon. People also sell numerous EPs or SPs for one price, so it is great for finding lots. However, you might come across people selling fake digital copies as well. If it’s written that the game is a download, it’s either counterfeit or illegal. Downloading the game is no longer an option as you’d have to buy a disc version.

Sims 2 Complete Collection

eBay lists ‘The Ultimate Collection” at a low price, but when you look closely, they are real Origin accounts. After payment, you’d be given a username and password for an account which are often stolen. It would be revoked as soon as Origin establishes that the account is stolen. Your money would be wasted, and you won’t be able to access the game.  

The seller could also trick you by changing the password after you purchase it. He could re-sell the same game to someone else. They could also accuse you of hacking the account and claim it back. Don’t buy such a series. Buy only from authentic sellers who include a CD key and showcase a picture of the item.


Sims 2 digital download is an excellent alternative and retains most of the features of the actual game. Keep in mind the warnings and tips provided in the article. And compare prices to be thrifty. For further knowledge to secure your game’s data, learn how to save files. Have fun!

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