Sims 4 New Social Pie Menu

Sims 4 New Social Pie Menu – (Download) – 2024

We’ve finally got a new social pie menu for the base game, which was revealed in a live stream by The Sims. So let’s understand what this feature would consist of for the players. 

What’s New in the Social Pie Menu?

The primary change that this menu brings forth is that the interactions were in the intentional categories earlier, but now you’ll find them under their own sub-categories. The two categories are Conversation Topics and Sim Characteristics. 

This feature is beautifully compatible with the new Sims 4 growing together pack.

Sims 4 New Social Pie Menu

Upgraded Menu

So as we mentioned the two categories above, the Conversation Topics category includes the Likes and Dislikes aspect. In contrast, divorce, breakup, and other such interactions aren’t categorized to make it easier for you. 

For instance, Become Best Friends interaction isn’t under any like or dislike category, so it’s not in the dislike category for any player. Also, it helps you locate this interaction easily.

Sims 4 New Social Pie Menu

All the categories are organized, especially the friends’ category. In addition, players would also get conversation topic preferences to get an idea of whether the other character likes the topic or not. There are a lot more indicators as well to help you tell your character’s story in a better way. 

The highlight is that these interactions would be compatible with previous packs as well, which is good news for every simmer.

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