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Sims 4 Foster Family Mod | Care Mod(Download) 2024

If you’ve ever wondered, can you foster in sims 4? Then, we have your question answered, as the fantastic cc creator “LittleMs.sam’s” has come up with a Sims 4 foster family mod that lets you adopt kids of all ages and pets by becoming a part of the LMS Foster Family Network, which is a part of this mod that gives you access to kids and pets which can be adopted by you. 

What is the LMS foster family network and where to find it?

To register yourself up for being a foster fam and get regular notifications, you’ll find the “LMS Foster Family Network” option in the household menu.

There you will have various options like:

  • Register at FFN for Kids
  • Unregister from FFN for adoptee Kids
  • Check for Needy Kids (useable once per Day) It can be used only from 8 am to 7 pm.
  • Register at foster Family Network for adoptee Pets Though, it is only available if a Pet Bowl is on the Lot.
  • Unregister from FFN for Pets
  • Check for adoptee Pets (useable once per Day)
  • Potential applicants of an adoption (useable once per Day)
  • Check if a Family is in search of an adopted Kid/Pet to adopt (Only available if a adoptee Kid/Pet is living in the adoption Family)

You might also find three extra Options via phone:

  • Call Foster Family Home (Household) If a Kid/Pet vanishes from the Lot, you can “call them back Home” or use the Foster Family Lot Trait which will make them come home on their own!
  • Cancel adoption Agreement (Household) You can cancel an Agreement for an adoptee Kid/Pet if it doesn’t work out for you.
  • Call former Foster Family (Social) If a Kid has been adopted, you can call them to check in on them or if you want to keep a connection with them.
Sims 4 Foster Family Mod | Adoption Mod, Care Mod
Sims 4 Foster Family Mod

How does Sims 4 foster care mod works?

  • After you’ve registered on the LMS foster care network and a Kid/Pet is available, you’ll get a Notification from the Network. Wherein, you’ll be provided all the information about the Age and possibly the Species (in cases of pets).
  • You can then decide for yourself. So, if you choose “Yes, I am coming over” your Sim will go into a Rabbit hole for an hour for you to pick up.
  • The foster home mod will create a new Kid/Pet at the End of every visit.
  • Then, you’ll get a notification when your Sim is back to “Welcome them into their new Foster Family”. This feature is found when you click on your kid/pet and is necessary to add all hidden Traits/Relationships and enables the adoption Family environment which the Kids/Pets need to in order to “live” with you.
  • They would behave just like your own, and if you have Parenthood (which is highly recommended), you’ll be able to use all Parenting Influence/Discipline Interactions on them. But in case, you don’t have it then; you can still access the options of (Bladder/Hygiene/Energy) via the Foster Family Pie Menu.
  • After the kids are domesticated, they can be sent to school, but you need to make sure to call them Home after School or use the “Foster Family lot Trait” which will let them come home on their own.

Other Interactions for Adoptee Kids/Pets

The sims 4 foster family mod has a plethora of exciting interactions to make this modification more entertaining and real.

Some of them are:

  • Plan Outfit; this option will load the child or pet into Sim CAS Modus where you can add and Change Outfits, Hairstyle, etc., to make them look stylish. This feature only works for adopted Pets.
  • Pet Beds, Bowls, Recipe Food and Toys.
  • Pet Obstacle Course
  • Pet Bathtubs to bath Dogs
  • Treat Animal (available when they are sick), where they will be treated, and this will cost 200$.
  • Spay/Neuter Animal, this will cost around 100$.
  • Emergency Button or the LMS Foster Family Activation: This is only visible in the FF Pie Menu for the Kid/Pet if it does not get into the adoption Situation themselves for whatever reason. (Only visible if needed)

And, to give you a non-burdened financial experience, an additional aid- foster Service Support is provided Once a week (Mondays) and for each adoptee  Kid you take care of which is, 500 $ for Kids/Teens -750 $ for Toddlers.

Sims 4 adoption mod and it’s know-how

NOTE: Have enough space in your household to adopt a kid/pet; otherwise, you won’t be able to.

  • The Foster Family Pie Menu will give you the option to adopt the Kid/Pet yourself if you want.
  • If a family is in search for adoption, your Sim will get a Notification (you can manually check via Phone Menu too). Then, you’ll see a picture of the Sim that is looking for it and wants to come over, which can be possible only if you allow them. If you do, the Sim will spawn on your Lot, and you can talk to them. They’ll also have the Foster Family Pie Menu where you’ll find three Interactions:
  1. Ask about the living situation” will show a Menu with the Sims the Sim lives with.
  2. Complete Adoption for…” will open a “Simpicker Menu” where you can choose the Pet/Kid the NPC will adopt. The Kids/Pets will be added to the Adoptive Families Household.
  3. Introduce Foster Kids/Pets” lets you introduce the child or pet to a potential adoptive family. They will then pet the adopted pet or hug the Kid.

There’s one more Interaction sims 4 put up in adoption mod, which is given in the Foster Family Pie Menu on adopted Kids/Pets which is called the “Check the Foster Family Network for potential applicants of an adoption”. This permits you to manually choose a Sim from potential adoptive families who will then spawn on your Lot.

Nanny, Butler & Babysitter (Called a Babysitter Mod)

  • If you are engaged in some other commitments and can’t leave your kid/pet alone then, you can “Introduce Foster Kids” to the Nanny, Butler or Babysitter.
  • Click on the nanny, butler, etc., to make this interaction available. This will give them the essential “has met” relationship, so those NPCs will recognize the adoptee kids and take care of them too.

Link for downloading the sims 4 foster care mod

My Kids/Pets “vanished” from the Lot

     There can be two reasons for vanishing Pets/Kids.

  •  The most common is the Game that simulates time jumps. When your Sim leaves the Lot without the Kid/Pet, the Game simulates the time you have been away. This can let Kids/Pets vanish from the Lot. Use the “Call FF Home” Option, to get them back home or use the Foster Family Lot Trait.
  • If they leave like regular visitors would go, “Thanks for taking the time” then, this is an indicator that they are not in the right “Situation” or something “kicks” them out of the Situation. There adoption Situation is set to a duration of 99999999 Days until the Sim/Pet leaves. To see if they are in the right Situation you can check if they have the FF Pie Menu on them with the “Adopt…” option. If they have left the Lot, you can Call them back too, as previously mentioned.


The sims 4 foster family mod adds that innocent charm and much needed realism into your gaming experience by adding more kids and pets through the simple adoption process, which is hassle-free and comes with exciting interactions! However, the characters who are pregnant can use the twins cheat to have twins.

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