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Eco Friendly World in the Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor (Guide) 2024

Those who have the Eco Lifestyle pack are well aware of Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor, a new world that came along with this expansion. However, don’t mistake this world for the ones that you are accustomed to, offering you fresh air, beautiful locations, etc.

This new place brings you back to reality where the ecosystem’s dying, and there’s pollution, world issues, and so on. The ultimate goal of a character living in this place is to make it a green community that is eco friendly. If you’re someone who is concerned about the deteriorating world and the environmental issues, then you must download this pack and work towards bringing this world to life again. 

But wait for a second; how are you going to go about this whole thing? Well, this article will talk about how players can contribute to improving the state of this world. 

Why Choose Eco Footprint Over Development?

So, Evergreen Harbor is divided into two states, one with the eco footprint and the other with development. The eco footprint is what decides the level of cleanliness in the area, so if your character lives in a neighborhood, which has development but not an eco footprint, then they must promote eco living in the game. They are the ones who’d have to live in a deteriorating environment with pollution, no greenery, dirty streets, etc. 

There are three levels of eco footprint: green, neutral, and industrial, and their appearance is also based on the same. For instance, an industrial neighborhood would be depicted as one with smog, dust, and in pretty bad shape, while the green neighborhood would be more beautiful and display lots of greenery.

This world also includes three community spaces, one in each neighborhood, and here’s what their specialty is. 

1. Community Garden

Community Garden

This is a space where everyone can grow and cultivate plants and work on their gardening skills. 

2. Maker Space

Maker Space

Now, this space’s purpose is to support the recycling of items, to do art and craft, or other eco friendly activities. There are options, such as candle making, painting, juice fizzing, and so on, that can become unique hobbies for your avatar. 

3. Marketplace


As is evident from the name of this place, this is where your character can sell handmade things or buy them from others. 

Players can also change the assignment of their community space by using the Community Voting Board, and only those characters who are a part of that neighborhood can vote on the same from Friday 8:00 a.m. to Monday 6:00 p.m. This voting board is located in all the development states. 

Is It Possible to Change the Eco Footprint? 

Yes, changing the eco footprint is possible, but it’s a community effort. All the Sims 4 worlds in the game, except Strangerville, hidden worlds, and destination worlds, all have an eco footprint and it’s the actions of the characters living there that influence it. So only one sim’s effort won’t do much unless it’s a community effort. 

Players can look at the eco footprint of a neighborhood by navigating to the Live Mode Panel, which is located in the bottom right corner. You also have the option to worsen the eco footprint, if you’re feeling mischievous. You can visually tell which neighborhood is at what level of eco footprint; for instance, industrial areas would have a brown effect on them, the green ones would sparkle and have sunlight, while the neutral ones won’t have any of the impact. For more information on the same, you can click on the eco footprint icon available at the top of the screen.  

How do you increase Evergreen Harbor in Sims 4?

There are two major ways to change a neighborhood’s eco living conditions. 

  • Firstly, there’s a feature known as Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP) that can help your character increase the eco footprint of a place and focus on development as well. Development refers to the physical appearance of the neighborhood, such as its buildings, roads, etc. NAP is what would balance both aspects because with it, your character can ensure development along with eco living. 
  • The other method is to vote for Green Initiatives, which adds more greenery to the neighborhood. 
  • On a personal level, players can grow their own plants and recycle things. 
  • Buy things consciously because they have an impact on the environment. So if they buy a generator or a concrete object, it’d negatively affect the eco footprint, whereas purchasing solar panels or turbines would positively impact the environment. 
  • Characters can also use objects that consume less power and water. 
  • Players can add a large garden and plant lots of trees and foliage in it.
  • Collect rainwater using the dew collector and use it for several purposes.
  • Use power generators that run on bio fuel, which is harvested from insect farms. 
  • Turn a community space into a community garden by voting.
  • Don’t use objects that use gas instead of bio fuel as it’ll leave industrial footprints. 

In case, even after doing all these things, the eco footprint doesn’t switch to green; then it might be because of the actions of other sims in the neighborhood. However, your avatar can go to a neighbor’s house and make these changes and ensure that they live a green lifestyle. 

Eco living has its own benefits, such as there’d be the sunlight in the neighborhood, and your character would receive happy moodlets frequently. Those living in an industrial environment would gain uncomfortable moodlets and coughing spasms, and the sky would also not be clear. 

How to Influence Development in Evergreen Lots?

There are three development states in Evergreen Harbor Sims 4, and using the proper NAPs would help you see the difference in these places. So let’s know more about it. 

The development states in this world include – 

1. Grim’s Quarry

Grim's Quarry

Earlier a rock quarry, this location changed a lot since then as houses started being built here, and it turned into a little suburb with people. It includes apartments, hot springs, a natural well, community lots, and a community space. It is, by default, the cleanest neighborhood in this world, but it does have its share of pollution. 

Rockridge Springs

This 30×20 residential lot is unoccupied and consists of two floors. It’d cost $17,433 and is available for purchase. 

Miner Mansion

This is Harris’ household, a resident of Evergreen Harbor with two floors and a beautiful backyard. It’s priced at $72,966 and is one of the most expensive houses in the neighborhood. 

Stonestreet Apartment #3

Now, this eco apartment features a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen with $750 as rent and $750 as a deposit. The lot trait it possesses is that of Reduce and Recycling. 

Stonestreet Apartment #4

The same apartment includes this house as well, with $750 weekly rent and $750 as a deposit, and has Reduce and Recycle as its lot trait. 

The Quarry Building

This is a community space in a 40×30 space that is open to everyone and has two floors. It has Natural Well as its lot trait. 

2. Port Promise

Port Promise

This is a location that houses several homes and businesses. It retains its industrial quality and offers shipping views, waterfront community lots, a bar, and a community space. It’s the complete opposite of Grim’s Quarry. Your character would have to bring out their A game when bringing a change to this place. 

The Shipping Views

This is a residential lot, which was built by merging two shipping containers and is a two floor home. It costs $17,332, and its size is 30×20. The two traits this house possesses are Off the Grid and Reduce & Recycle. 

The Portsmouth Promenade

This is Greenburg’s household, sized at 30×20, and costs $42,444. It consists of two different units: a crane and Knox Greenburg’s residence, while the other unit is a massive shipping container and Merry and Blossok Greenburg’s home. 

The Old Mill

This is Sterling Rico’s 3 storey home of 30×20 size and is priced at $76,211. It’s quite isolated from the rest of the neighborhood and is only connected through a bridge. 

The Waterfront

Here’s a two floor community space, which you can change into any type of community lot through the process of voting. It takes up a 40×30 space and includes two lot traits: Landfill Lot and Reduce and Recycle.

The Caboose

You even need a bar in the neighborhood, and this is the perfect one with two floors where characters can socialize, hang out, and can drink and dance. 

3. Conifer Station

Conifer Station

The name of this place is such because it used to be a train station earlier, but it’s now a space where people live, with a canal corner and a community space, Sprucewood Square. This is a neutral eco footprint, so it’s neither green nor industrial. 

Canal Corner

This is a small, two floor house across the train station, which is ready to move in. Players can customize and personalize this 30×20 house as per their wishes, and it includes a small backyard as well. It’d cost players $18,358 and consists of 2 lot traits: Reduce and Recycle and Geothermal.

Pigulock Manor

As the name suggests, this is an expensive lot occupying 30×20 space and costs $105,545. However, the Thinker family already lives in this two floor house. 

Pinecrest Apartments #402

Here’s the first apartment in the lot with two bedrooms and one bathroom, and its rent is $600, which the players have to pay every week. The deposit is $1000, though. 

Pinecrest Apartments #404

Unlike the previous apartment, this one’s much more expensive, and its rent is $1,200, while the deposit is $4,800.It also includes two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Sprucewood Square

This is another community space, which is a concrete space surrounded by greenery and several trash cans. It occupies 40×30 space but requires the residents to go ahead with some green initiatives. 

Effects of NAPs

When it comes to the changes that a player can see in the neighborhood regarding green initiatives and development, there are a lot. There’d be more greenery and cleaner air, and even though it’d cost a little to the players than before, it’d still be worth it. 

When it comes to the modern development aspect, you’d see a lot of infrastructural changes, where the roads, buildings, and a lot more would get a new look. It’ll again make things slightly costlier, but it’s still affordable. 

However, don’t expect to see these changes in an instant because it’d take a few days of continuous effort from everyone’s end to make this happen. From time to time, you can see a thing or two change, and after one in-game week, the whole neighborhood will be developed.


Where is Evergreen Harbor Sims 4? 

Evergreen Harbor is a world introduced in the Eco Lifestyle pack and is inspired by the Pacific Northwest U.S. industrial harbor town. All three neighborhoods in this world have a different eco footprint.


This is an entirely new storyline and a pretty exciting one because it offers so many new features and experiences that it’d make the gameplay unique. The inclusion of Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor strives to make players more inclined towards being eco friendly and caring about the environment, which is the need of the hour. So download this mod and immerse yourself in this new world.

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