How to Find Bad CC in Sims 4?

How to Find Bad CC in Sims 4? (Latest Guide) – 2024

Having a broken CC is every player’s nightmare because of all the trouble they have to go through to solve the issue. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent this from happening because it’s natural for a mod or CC to become bad or non-functional.

The maximum that we can do for you is help you identify and locate these broken mods and CCs and remove them so that you can download the functional version. 

As we move further in this article, we’ll get into more details about this. 

How to Identify and Remove Sims 4 Bad CC?

So there are two ways to locate and remove broken mods and CCs, the first is manually, and the other option is using mods to do so. 

1. Manual Method

So the manual option is only convenient if you don’t have a lot of CCs in the folder because it requires you to delete every bad custom content manually. It’s a tedious task, to say the least, but you can opt for this if you find it a more straightforward method.

2. Mod Checker

Mod Checker

This software would allow you to scan any targeted folder, such as your Mods folder, which consists of all the downloaded CCs for the ones causing issues.

Once the scan is done, you can delete the content that it considers broken. The best part is that you only have to select the folder you wish for it to scan, and it’ll do the rest automatically. This software’s updated regularly, so you’d face no problems with it.

3. Tray Importer

Tray Importer

When it comes to this software, it allows you to do various things, such as downloading and installing modules and searching for them to help you remove the CCs and install new ones.

It can also scan your Mods folder for broken CC, and when it finds one, then you can decide whether to find it on Google or delete it. You can find the new version of the broken CC on Google, and it is ideal if you want to keep that CC.


You have now found the ultimate solution on how to find bad CC in Sims 4, which would make your work so much easier. You can instantly detect the custom content that isn’t working and solve the issue as you see fit. You can thank us later. Joking!


How do you get rid of bad mods on Sims 4?

If you’re using the Tray Importer, then right click on a file, and the software will delete it, but it’s possible only if you’ve downloaded the separate .package file of those and not merged ones.

How do I find a broken CC with tray importer?

You can find a broken CC using this software by opening the CAS menu and removing everything from your avatar. Then you can open the tray importer and the CC it considers problematic, and you can apply them to your avatar and check if it’s causing some glitch or issue. Then, you can delete it.

How do you fix Sims 4 glitchy CC?

You can fix glitchy CC by locating them manually, then deleting them and installing their new version, or by using Mod Checker or Tray Importer to avoid any manual effort.

Why are some of my Sims 4 CC not working?

Due to updates in the game, some of the CCs or mods might become incompatible, which leads to broken CCs.

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