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Sims 4 Bulge Slider (Download) – 2024

A lot of times, some things don’t sit right with us, as all of us are unique individuals, we have a set of preferred features that we want to highlight, but a lot of times simmers experience that their bulge is looking out of place and therefore want to fix it according to how they want.

So if you want to be in control of creating who you are and highlighting or shaping some parts of yourself, then this guide is made just for you because you will get to know a lot of ways in which you can resize, remodel and redesign your features the way you like them to be. So let’s get started with these sims 4 bulge mods.

The Best Sims 4 Bulge Slider

Below we have stated some of the best packages that will help you alter your Sims appearance in the way you want them to be, so let’s check them out.

Watcha Packin Unisex Bulge Slider, By Hi-Land

A surprisingly simple mod that provides a great budge in your Sim with a boxer as an additional undergarment. These look fantastic on your sims as it highlights the whole torso region in a much striking way.

This pack is straightforward in its deliverance of purpose because it offers the simplest functions of allowing your Sim to get changed in bulge size or shape as per your wishes.

So there is no complication about it, as it is the perfect pack for a simple alteration in your Sims appearance. Another important thing about this pack is that it comes in two versions of males and females named V1 and V2. In this, V1 stands for males, and V2 stands for females.

The approach is quite simple: focusing the male bulge slider in zoom, upward or downward form, on the crouch area. The upwards motion increases the size while the downward one decreases it.

It’s compatible with undergarments and most pants regardless of the custom content or default set. The size of the shirts can also get altered by shortening them to highlight the crotch area. One has to be careful while choosing the size, as many sliders don’t always give the most desirable results.

Hands, Neck, Bulge and Height Sliders Plus Gradual Height Change And Randomized Height By Simmythesim

This wholesome pack is another great addition to the sims community. It has a wide range of sliders, consisting of four unique packages and two complementary ones.

Though this bulge slider mod didn’t give simmers any problems in any form, it is still in its testing form and hasn’t got officially released yet. But the gamers community is quite active because it provides a lot of tips on how to proceed with the whole pack.

They offer around 40+ guides on how one should approach executing this mod. And due to its popularity, it enjoys a lot of reputation among the sims community members.

Watcha Packin Unisex Bulge Slider, By Hi-Land

It’s not quite different from the other bulge cc mods but certainly is unique in how varied its functions are as they come in many forms. Though the features are quite similar to the other ones, its only difference comes from its permanency in wearing certain clothes from a specified category. They are –

  • ymBottom_EF01SwimTrunks
  • ymBottom_EF01SwimShortsBoard
  • ymBottom_SP02SwimMidTrunk
  • ymBottom_UnderwearSexy
  • ymBottom_GP02SwimShort
  • ymBottom_GP02SwimMid
  • ymBottom_EF02ShortsBoxerValentine
  • ymBottom_EF01SwimBriefs

The best part about the bulge mod is the range of features.

Height: The most amazing of it is the height slider which allows you to increase or decrease your child’s size at however length you want. Be it tall, be it medium, you have it all. This also helps tackle the problem of leg log, which is quite prevalent among various sims whose legs appear too rigid and bendy.

Hands: Another great one is the hand slider which is surprisingly a shocking fetish among various female players in hand. The hand slider allows your hands to change in size and shape according to your wish.

Neck: The same goes with the neck one, which helps elongate or shorten your neck. Having a suitable neck length also helps beautify your sims look. The whole form depends solely on how your sims look with all appropriate features, especially considering the weight factor.

Gradual Height Change mod: If you hate the idea of artificially altering your sims appearance and would love to see them growing through a gradual growth phase, then this mod is made for you. It helps your Sim go through a gradual growth spurt like going through the pubescent years and then reaching adulthood. During the adolescent period, you Sim experiences a growth spurt where Sim grows by an inch every midnight.


It’s fun experimenting with shapes and sizes, and this guide must have offered you a great insight into how you can execute such fun. We hope you found some of the best sims 4 bulge mods here and have helped you further form decisions that suit your sims.

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