How To Get Rid Of Money In Sims 4

How To Get Rid Of Money In Sims 4 (Remove Money) 2024

Money is the driving force behind all success, this isn’t just true for the real world, but it also applies to many gaming communities, especially among the simmers. Money can make you buy even an entire estate or a huge country for some million bucks from the sims world, but sometimes having a lot of money can also prove to be a lot of hassle as it reduces the exciting experience of the game.

So to have a clear record of the money you save and spend, you have to get rid of the access bucks that occupy your bank all the time. Though one can use a ton of cheats to gain and get rid of a lot of money, it’s always possible to look for easily available alternatives in the game.

So to help you with that, below we have listed the best way you can execute the sims 4 remove money method to get rid of excess money. Let’s check it out.

How to Take Away Money on Sims 4?

Though below, we have laid a lot of thorough instructions on how to get rid of the money in Sims 4 games, it’s always better to have an introductory view towards how you approach a guide.

So in the Sims 4-game, in a very summarised manner, the way you can get rid of excess money is by spending a lot on utilities or buying expensive items.

Or even using cheats to reduce the cash by the amount you decide to enter in the console command.

So if you want to know more deeply on sims 4 how to remove money, then you must take a look below at both the console and voluntary actions that you can take to balance your entire amount. So let’s begin.

How to Take Away Money on Sims 4?

The Sims 4 – Cheat Your Money Away: Disposing Via Console Cheats

If you want to dive straight to the solution, this cheats remove money will probably be the best option. This method is the easiest because it breaks the in-game codes of the game and enables you to perform actions with the help of cheats to get rid of the extra money you possess.

The instruction to enable cheat in the console box got stated below –

  • Simultaneously press the button CTRL + SHIFT + C to bring up the console box
  • In the console, panel add the command of “testingcheats true” to enable the cheats
  • Then add the money X, which stands for the amount you wish to remove from your total.
  • All this will get rid of all your money files in the dump section of the game
  • You can add any value for x to clear the money and can be set money to 0 by adding a nil value
The Sims 4 - Cheat Your Money Away: Disposing Via Console Cheats

The Sims 4 – Spend Your Money: Buying Expensive Items And Paying Bills

If you want to have a sensational experience while getting rid of the money at the same time, then nothing’s better than buying a ton of expensive products to burn up your cash.

All this is also quite theoretical as spending makes your amount go less by a lot of degrees, and therefore this can be your go-to option if you want to experience the thrill of shopping along with spending away a lot of money.

If you are afraid of taking a lot of expensive objects that you cannot even place at your home, the best way is to get rid of them by burning them up, and you can do this after you shop for every expensive thing.

If you want to keep things safe and not waste them away by burning them, then you can even buy a big real estate or a big house to store all those items. The nice thing about this facet is that it makes all your other things a utility which you can use to pay expensive bills and a lot of maintenance fees.

Some Useful Cheats

  • Rosebud/kaching – Awards you with one thousand simoleons
  • Motherload – Awards you with five thousand simoleons


Does the console option work on all gaming platforms?

Yes, the testing cheats option is available for all PC, Xbox and PS4 or PS5 versions. All you have to do is unclose the console box and add the commands as stated above.

How to get rid of money in sims 4?

To get rid of the money in the sims 4-game, all you have to do is choose either if you want to select the console option of enabling cheats or if you want to spend away from your cash on utilities. You can use either of these options to get rid of the money you have in the Sims 4-game. If you want to know how to approach this process in a more particular way, then take a look above as we have mentioned the instructions there.

How To Subtract Money In The Sims 4?

Subtracting money can happen either through cheats or by spending the cash away. All you have to do is pass into the amount you want to subtract from the total for the cheat section. Whereas for the spending out options, you have to buy expensive items that you can burn afterward or buy a big house or an estate to pay their utility and the regular bill that comes along with it.


Though the sim 4 games make it a lot complex to get rid of a lot of money, it’s much easier in real life as one can always buy stocks or invest in a lot of funds or even donate a lot of money to communities to remove excess cash.

But the gaming world is different; the one reason for it is that sometimes it requires cheating, and sometimes it requires you to spend all that lavish money on other utilities to have a balanced record of cash.

So to help you along with that, we hope this guide on sims 4 remove money was able to assist you in formulating your plan on how to maintain a balance of your money.

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