Sims 4 Map Replacements

Best Sims 4 Map Replacements & Mods (Download) 2024

The world maps in the game are an essential aspect; however, they can turn dull and boring in an instant. After all, you can only be expected to view the same map of your world for a while. Therefore, 20th Century Plumbobs took it upon themselves to refresh the maps and give them a new look while still staying true to the game’s signature style.

These maps would be more realistic and an improved version of the originals. So this article will cover all the Sims 4 map replacements that these CC creators have overhauled till now. This is still a work in progress, so all the maps haven’t been revamped. 

Map Replacements Sims 4

Here are the maps whose textures and colors have seen an improvement, along with other aspects. 

1. Willow Creek

Willow Creek

The detailing in this updated version of the Willow Creek map is beyond impressive. The colors are brighter, and everything looks realistic and close enough to touch. This map did a complete 360, from its lifeless appearance to a lively one.

2. Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs

If you download this improved version of the map, then you’ll be greeted with a sunny and bright view, which represents Oasis Springs in the best way possible.

3. Granite Falls

Granite Falls

You can see the forest up close because of how clear and realistic everything looks. It’s bright and yet captures the darkness of the forest beautifully.

4. Magnolia Promenade

Magnolia Promenade

Even though a lot of simmers aren’t fond of this world, that’s going to change once you take a look at its map replacement.

5. Newcrest


This updated map does justice to the beauty of this world by emphasizing its details. Get ready to view this world with a whole new perspective.

6. San Myshuno

San Myshuno

You’d fall in love with this enchanting world with skyscrapers, high rise buildings, and a whole new level of detail. The brightness and liveliness of this place increase manifolds.

7. Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow

The mysterious vibe of this world is captured perfectly by this new map as it features a dark and eerie world with a gloomy atmosphere. You’ll get the chills just looking at this place.

8. Forgotten Hollow (Day)

Forgotten Hollow (Day)

Yes, there are two map replacements for this world, one which perfectly captures its essence and this one, which is a more bright version for those who don’t want such spookiness.

9. Selvadorada


There’s no other world as breathtaking as Selvadorado, and this map does complete justice by enhancing its beauty and vibrancy to depict the jungles in an excellent light.

10. Tartosa


With its dreamy view inspired by Italy and Greece, this coastal town has become even more gorgeous in this updated version. You’d be thankful to 20th Century Plumbobs for taking this task into their hands.

11. Moonwood Mill (Night)

Moonwood Mill (Night)

Here’s another eerie world that features the industrial area but is residence to the werewolves as well. The map replacement brings out its darkness in the best possible way, making it ideal for occult or supernatural gameplay.

12. Moonwood Mill (Day)

Moonwood Mill (Day)

If you’re not a fan of the darkness engulfing this world, then you can opt for this day version of the same world, which encompasses all the elements of the night time, except the spooky part.

13. Copperdale


You’d be in awe of the clear blue ocean surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, which was all there, but this improvement in it has made it the highlight of the place.


These were all the world maps for now that have been updated and improved to offer you the best views. You can now appreciate the beauty of the place you live in by looking at these incredible Sims 4 map replacements.

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