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Sims 4 Private School Mods & CC – (Download) – 2024

Ah, the good old days when Sims 2 offered the players a chance to enroll their characters into a private school by requesting the headmaster of SimCity Academy.

However, this option isn’t available in the fourth installation of the game, and your avatars would have to study in a public school by default. But that’s not the case anymore because you can now download the Sims 4 Private School Mod to add this feature to the game.

There are perks of making your virtual kids study in a private school because they gain more bonuses and also have more benefits in terms of skills and careers. 

Features of Private School Mod Sims 4

One of the essential aspects for this school mod to work efficiently is that you must download the XML injector; otherwise, some of its features might not function as they should.

Here’s how to go about getting your character enrolled in this private school. 

Invite the Headmaster

So the first thing that you have to do is invite the headmaster of the school to your place. Go to the Private School Mod category under the cell phone menus and plan to invite the headmaster.

You’d have to pay 500 simoleans for this, and you’d receive a notification when the headmaster plans on visiting. It’d work in your favor to make sure your house is spotless and squeaky clean when he comes over. 

Arrival of the Headmaster

As per the date and time informed to you through the notification, the headmaster, Miles A. Head, will arrive at that time, and you have to be ready because his knock will be the only thing informing you of his arrival. You won’t get any other notification to remind you. 

Now, once you invite him in, you can interact with him all you want, but once you select the “Greet Him” option under the social menu, that’s when the real deal begins.

All the unique interactions would have a chess piece symbol beside them, and after greeting him, a challenge menu would pop up with various tasks for you to accomplish if you want to impress the headmaster. 

Impressing the Headmaster

Now, let me warn you beforehand that the tasks in the challenge menu won’t be easy to complete, and you might have to go through this whole process more than once to get your character accepted into the school.

It’d be beneficial if you save the game before Mile’s arrival so that if you do fail the first time, you can start the saved game again without wasting time.

Here are a few interactions that you might be expected to do – 

1. Thank for Coming

So one of the tasks would be to thank the headmaster for taking out time and coming over to your house. However, this option isn’t available in the Headmaster venue because it’s a vanilla feature. 

2. Talk up Kid(s)

Since you want your character to be accepted in the school, it’d work in their favor if you mentioned their qualities and other attributes. You’ll find this interaction as follows: Friendly→Other Sims→Talk Up Another Sim.

3. Eat with Headmaster

Players have the option to let a sim serve a meal and then choose the “Call to Meal” option; however, it’s only available after 4 p.m.

4. Discuss Food with Headmaster

Now, another thing that you can do is go for the “Talk About Food” interaction, and if you have Dine Out installed, then you can even talk about food flavors. 

5. Share Photos with Headmaster

This interaction is available under the Friendly social menus and is a common one that allows you to share photos.

6. Discuss Private School Education

This option is specifically for the headmaster and is under the special headmaster menu, which allows you to know about the school and the staff. 

7. Make a Toast

Another thing that you can try is to click on the headmaster when you have a drink in your hand and make a toast. It’s available under the Friendly menu. 

Bribing the headmaster is also an option, but it’s not as successful as the others, and if you want your character to get accepted immediately, then your character can even sleep with him. 

Getting Accepted

Now, if you’re lucky to get your teen character’s admission to the TS4 private school after completing all the tasks and achieving a gold event status, then here’s what you have to do after that. 

You must enroll your kid on the computer by navigating to the menu displaying … and then choose “Enroll in Simston Private School (§1000)”. Your character’s all ready to attend the school in their formal uniform, and the timings for the same would be from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. You’d not be reminded of sending your character to school; however, they’d head there themselves when it’s time. 

Troubleshooting Issues

Here are a few issues you might face after installing this mod, and they are as follows –

  • If you haven’t downloaded the XML Injector, then there might be a few interactions that won’t be available. 
  • When the headmaster visits, don’t add him to a group; otherwise, that would remove him as a participant, and the event would remain incomplete. 
  • Sometimes, you might face issues finding a specific interaction. In that case, check the headmaster menu denoted by a chess piece. There’s one more thing that you can do, which is to hover over the challenges that have a tooltip icon, as it’d inform you of where to find that interaction.
  • When it comes to socialization, only the adult social interactions will count towards the goal, which was a problem. Also, if you stack conversation interactions one after another, it’ll not be registered by the mod.
  • You might encounter Miles attempting to leave the lot at times, maybe, but it’s essential to keep him engaged in some or the other interaction.
  • At times, if you fail an attempt, the option to greet the headmaster disappears the next time. Therefore, we recommend saving the game before his arrival to use it later on if you fail. 
  • If you’re planning on sleeping with Miles, then the Relationship cheats might not work if he isn’t looking for a romantic relationship or inclined toward your character.
  • Those with High School Years EP might face compatibility issues with this mod because you can’t have your avatar enrolled in the Simston without facing conflicts. 

At the end of it all, the loophole that you can use to ensure your avatar’s admission by fulfilling all the challenges is to make one character socialize with Miles while the other completes other tasks, such as cooking a meal, pouring drinks, and so on. Also, cancel the challenge entry whenever it’s triggered and focus on the next one. 

How to Install This Mod?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download this mod successfully. 

  • Download the Private School Mod. There are three different files that you’d have to add to the Mods folder instead of a single zip file. 
  • So the three files include a package file, XML Injector, and .ts4 script file. However, for the .ts4script file, you must download the child teen version. 
  • After this, start the game and navigate to Option>Other and enable Custom Content and Mods. 
  • Now, copy the downloaded files and paste them into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. 
  • You must keep all the files in one folder and don’t paste the .ts4script file deeper than one folder. 

Private School CC Pack

Thanks to Sixam CC, when you enroll your children in Private School after downloading the mod above, you can add this cc pack along with it because it’d complement it beautifully. It includes 50 items related to classrooms, school offices, hallways and decorations, and private school bedrooms. 

These include

  • Built: 2 arches (wide and narrow) and 1 window
  • Comfort: A single bed, 1 bunk bed, separated mattresses, 1 bed stool, and 2 desk chairs
  • Decorative: Backpack, Bulletin Board, Calculator, Binders, 2 Wall Clocks, Colored Pencils, Globe, Grades, Map Frame, Fire Alarm, 2 Mirrors, 6 Posters (Pets, Pride, School, Zodiac Sign, S-Pop, Music, etc.), Pull-Down Dry Erase, 2 Black Boards, and a Bookshelf Ladder
  • Lighting: Table Lamp and Wall Lamp
  • Plumbing: Drinking Fountain
  • Storage: 2 Bookshelves, 2 Dressers, and a Locker
  • Surface: 2 School Desks, 2 Teacher Desks, 1 Night Table, and 4 Modular End Tables
  • High School Years EP Required: Black Boards, School Desks, and Teacher Desks

Alternative School Mods Sims 4

Apart from the Private School Mod, there are several more school modifications that you can add to the game. Let’s take a look.

1. Elementary School

Elementary School

When it comes to this module, it focuses on your child avatar’s basic skills, such as interacting with other children of their age, learning art and craft, napping, etc.

At this stage, they aren’t meant to gain knowledge but only have fun and increase their communication with others. Therefore, this school is also as important as any other.

2. After School Activities

After School Activities

If you want your character to be an all rounder, then it’s essential for them to indulge in after school activities as well, which would focus on building their character and personality in more ways than one.

It’d also be a way for them to have fun and unwind after studying at school. They can be part of the drama club, sports club, and so on.

All these extracurricular activities begin after 4 p.m., and your avatar can join a maximum of 30 of these. One thing you must be careful of is that a few of these activities might not be compatible with the private school modification, so avoid using both these modules together.

3. Early Exit from School

Early Exit from School

Now, this is a modification that every child would love to have in real life, which is to leave school early if they want to. In the Sims world, this is possible, but only if you meet the criteria.

The school timings are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., so students who have grades between B to D can leave at 3 p.m., characters with an A grade can leave at 1 p.m., and those who have an F would have to stay in school till 4 p.m. So this feature depends on your avatar’s grades.

4. Dropout of High School and Get a Job

Dropout of High School and Get a Job

So here’s another option that your characters in the game can opt for, which is dropping out of high school and getting a job instead.

There’s no harm in doing so in the virtual world if your avatar doesn’t want to study and complete their homework anymore. They can be young adults who work and earn money. It can create an immersive storyline if you go about it the right way.

5. Go to School Mod Pack

Go to School Mod Pack

One of the aspects in the game that a lot of players had an issue with was that going to school was a rabbit hole event, where your character went to school and then returned after a few hours. However, with this module, you can watch your avatar going to school and sitting in class as well.

Also, this option adds five different subjects for your sim to learn, and they can study one every day. You can also interact with NPCs and also complete special activities from the principal to redeem points. It’s a pretty realistic and excellent mod.

6. Education System Bundle

Education System Bundle

This is the ultimate modification for you to download because you’d not need to opt for any other schooling module separately after this. It includes four mods in one, which are Preschool mod, Better schools mods, Smarter homework mod, and Online schooling mod.

It allows your character to gain skills by doing their homework, offers a school for toddlers, lets them opt for online classes, and also gives them a chance to interact with their classmates by attending school.

7. No Grade or High School from the Start

No Grade or High School from the Start

If you want a completely good for nothing avatar in the game who doesn’t attend school, college, or work for a living, then this is the mod for you.

You can go with the flow and see where the storyline lands you because that’s also an exciting way to go about things. It would have a surprise element and would also be relatively different from other storylines.


Players no longer have to miss the 2nd installment of the game in terms of a private school because this Sims 4 Private School Mod has solved that problem for all.

Now, it’s up to you whether you like this addition or not, but you can only know that once you download it. So see for yourself if the hype was worth it or not.


Can Sims go to private school in Sims 4?

Yes, if you download the Private School Mod, then your character has the chance of getting admission to a private school. However, they’d have to go through the admission process, which involves impressing the headmaster of Simston.

What is the Sims 4 high school mod?

There’s no specific high school mod for you to download; however, there are other school modifications that you can opt for, such as Willow Creek High School, Dropout of High School, etc., which will allow your character to attend high school.

Is there a Sims 4 no school mod?

Instead of the no school mod, there are “drop out of high school” and “no grade or high school from the start” modules, which work in the same way.

Does the private school Sims 4 mod has uniforms?

No, there aren’t any uniforms for the private school feature, but you can go ahead and download a uniform cc if you want to add that aspect to the gameplay.

How to get the better schools mod in Sims 4?

For a better school mod, you must download the Education system bundle by Kawaiistacie, which includes several features that make up for better schooling for your avatar.

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