Sims 4 Story Starter Kit

Sims 4 Story Starter Kit (Updated) – Download (2024)

For those who don’t know, this is the fifteenth story officially by Sims, which features a pair of newlyweds who are about to become parents, but the father isn’t sure if he’s ready for a baby. Here’s the backstory behind it that would generate a lot of intrigue in you. 

Isaac was one of the 12 children in his family, and because of his experience from a young age, where his parents didn’t pay much attention to him, and all his siblings were getting competitive for their affection made him not want to have a child of his own. He thinks that children suck away all the energy and happiness of their parents. 

However, Issac also noticed the love their parents shared and wanted that for himself too. That’s why he wanted to marry someone he loved who didn’t have a problem with having any children, and that’s when he met Danika in a coffee shop. It was love at first sight.  

Danika belonged to a different background than Issac, as she was an only child, and her parents had also gotten divorced. She always wanted a big family with a lot of siblings.

So both Danika and Issac wanted different things in life, and they made it clear to each other. But their love for each other made them keep aside these differences and were hoping for the other person to change their mind in the future. 

A few years later, both of them bought a house of their own and shifted there. Danika wanted to turn the second bedroom into a nursery, whereas Issac wanted to turn it into an office space for himself. However, when Danika took a pregnancy test, it came out positive.

That’s when things start to unravel. Issac wasn’t happy after hearing the news and came up with excuses for the same, such as their house was small, they were both starting their careers and weren’t stable financially, etc. The real reason was that he didn’t want a baby and become a father, though. 

Issac decides to adapt to the situation and sees the silver lining that it’s just one baby and that too with Danika, whom he loves.

But as the days pass by, his dread for the day when the baby’s born becomes more intense. While Danika is excited and picking out furniture for the nursery and decorating it, Issac is fishing to relax. 

Now, the question is whether Issac would become normal with the idea of becoming a father and having a baby, or would it affect their marriage, making the child go through what they did? 

Features of Story Starter Kit

Sims 4 Story Starter Kit

Let’s talk about the characters first. 

Danika Singh

  • Age: Young Adult
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Romantic Interests: Default
  • WooHoo Interests: Default
  • Romantic Exploration: Yes
  • Traits: Family Oriented, Loyal, Creative, Domestic (Bonus)
  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family
  • Likes: Green, Yellow, Retro Music, Painting
  • Dislikes: Alternative Music, Fishing
  • Skills: Painting (4), Photography (3), Cooking (2)
  • Career: Painter (2)
  • Relationships: Isaac Singh – Husband
  • Packs Used: Holiday Celebration (Free DLC and Base Game Compatible)

Isaac Singh

  • Age: Young Adult
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Romantic Interests: Default
  • WooHoo Interests: Default
  • Romantic Exploration: Yes
  • Traits: Hates Children, Ambitious, Loves Outdoors, Collector (Bonus)
  • Aspiration: Angling Ace
  • Likes: Red, Alternative Music, Fishing
  • Dislikes: Yellow, Pop Music, Painting
  • Skills: Fishing (4), Charisma (3), Logic (2)
  • Career: Business (3)
  • Relationships: Danika Singh – Wife
  • Packs Used: Holiday Celebration (Free DLC and Base Game Compatible)

Here are a few notes about the household, which is set in Willow Creek’s suburb, which is peaceful and warm. It includes a yard and two bedrooms, perfect and affordable for a family like theirs. 

  • The starting funds that you get would be sufficient to buy their lot. Import the family into Create A Sim and then shift them to their new home. Moving them in directly from the Gallery would not let them gain any funds. 
  • Once they move in, Danika would give birth to the baby after 3 sim days. 

The lot info on this starter kit is as follows – 

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Price: §34,546
  • Size: 30×20
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 1
  • Lot Traits: Homey, Natural Light
  • Lot Challenges: None
  • Packs Used: None! This lot is base game compatible!

You can get the household and lot by clicking on the following links – 

You can enjoy this Sims 4 story starter kit, and let’s see what the end of this story turns out to be.

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