Sims 4 Browse Intelligence

Sims 4 Browse Intelligence | How To Browse Intelligence (2024)

There are diverse career options to choose from the wide varieties provided to you. It can become a difficult decision to do so at times. But if your sim has chosen to be a Spy, then you must know Sims 4 browse intelligence. 

Browse intelligence Sims 4

A Secret Agent career has different ranks. The first level is the Agency Clerk wherein you are given a task to peruse data for two hours every day.

If you wish to get promoted, completing this task is one of the criteria. Whenever your character has free time, they can work on these tasks as they are time-taking.

Sims 4 Browse Intelligence | How To Browse Intelligence

How to browse intelligence Sims 4

There is only one way to do these tasks. 

  • Use a computer and find the option under the category ‘Web.’
  • A watch which is your career icon would be highlighting your task.

A computer is a must because tablets have certain limitations with them. But if you do not own a computer, you could get it from the buy menu under the ‘Electronics’ category. 

As you progress further in your profession, other fun interactions such as the potential to gather information about various players which gives you the chance to know all their traits as well make the game more exciting. Mischievous features are also available to use on others in a healthy or unhealthy way. 


Browse intelligence Sims 4 is an integral part of your profession as a Spy, and you need to take it seriously. It’d become much more interesting as you move up ranks and achieve benefits. Being an Agency Clerk doesn’t get you a lot of bonus but as you rise higher, the advantages also increase. These how-to’s are quite helpful, right. Then here’s another one, how to age up.

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