Reset Your Bathing Outfit In Sims 4?

Reset Your Bathing Outfit In Sims 4? (Guide) 2024

Everyone needs change. Your Sims do too. Imagine being stuck in the same outfit all the time. Not being able to get out of it. Even while showering your sim is stuck in the outfit they don’t want. Have you ever noticed this? Your Sim showering in the same outfit they were wearing before? You don’t need to be too concerned.

This is not a problem only you are facing. It happens to many players in The Sims 4 Community. This issue is more common in those who use custom content. However, this problem can be fixed and the solution is not too complicated. All you need is the reset bathing outfit Sims 4 mod. It is easy to learn and easy to apply.

The mod helps your Sim to reset the bathing outfit. Whenever your Sims go into the shower, the outfit gets removed. It is then regenerated once action is complete. It also fixes the problems of Sims getting in the shower with make-up still on them.Now we know what the mod does. But, what is the exact problem?

Whenever your Sims goes to take a shower, it gets covered in pixels. However, you can still very clearly see that at times, the Sim is still wearing clothes. This problem is more persistent when you use CCs on your Sims 4. This problem is extremely annoying to the majority of the players as it makes the gameplay unrealistic to some extent.


How to edit bathing outfits  in Sims 4?

There are two possible ways to edit your bathing outfit. One uses the cheat console, the other doesn’t.Let’s have a look at both the methods. You can then make a choice as to which one suits you the best.

The first method requires you to have the MC Command Center installed. It is one of the best tools for The Sims 4. Millions of players use it and get the most out of the MCCC. Here’s a guide to edit bathing outfit using the MCCC:

  • The first most obvious step is to open the MCCC in your game.
  • Find your way to the MC Dresser option. Then click on the Blacklist Items option.
  • Blacklisting an item will remove all the items from appearing on your sim while showering.

Hence, whenever you sim goes to shower, if you have blacklisted the top, it will not appear anymore. The Sim will appear nude. However, there will always be a pixelated box around them no matter what. Players can repeat the above process for any item.

One thing players should note is that this method works only if you have the Sims 4 bathing outfit equipped.  You can only blacklist a current outfit. For the others, as stated before, you will have to follow the method repeatedly for each item.

Another method used by a few simmers is by using the cheat console. This method does not change any custom content you previously used. All this method does is reset the bathing outfit in such a manner that the game is then forced to regenerate it and your Sim gets their outfit back. So, how do we use the cheat console?

Open the cheat console on your game and type in the following code: 

reset_bathing_outfit [SimFirstName SimLastName | current | all]

Players will have to specify their Sim’s first and last names for the current sim. Or else, they also have an option to apply this to all the Sims they play with in the game.

Here are are few example to help reset bathing outfit Sims 4:

  • Put in the following code in the cheat console to help reset your Sim’s current outfit.
  • reset_bathing_outfit [SimFirstName SimLastName | current | all]
  • If you wish to reset all bathing outfits, utilize the following code:
  • reset_bathing_outfit all


The above two methods are how you can edit bathing outfits in Sims 4. No one likes bathing in clothes or seeing your own character bathe in the CC you applied. Now you don’t need to get annoyed.Just simply use the above methods.

Reset bathing outfit Sims 4 cheats are also useful at times. Hence, use whatever method you think suits you best. Until then, make the best use of the above methods and make your Sims experience enjoyable.

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