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Sims 4 Restaurant Mods | Dine Out Mods (Download) Updated – 2024

The creators at the sims’ studio keep brewing innovative modifications to make your gaming experience more authentic and livelier. So, they came up with one such fantastic Dine out EP to let you own a diner, work there, earn money.

Now, to make your restaurant experience better than ever we’ve come up with a list of several sims 4 restaurant mods for you to install and have fun!

Sims 4 dine-out mod

Here’s the list of the most amazing restaurant modifications for you to download and enjoy,

Sims 4 Restaurant Mods |  Dine Out Mods (Download) Updated
Sims 4 Restaurant Mods

More Realistic Restaurant Mod

Since the dine-out ep had some issues like poor food quality, low prices and unreasonable working hours, this is just the modification that fixes all such problems.

How? Well, first, this mod adds more realism in the game with defined opening hours, prices of meals depending on the food quality and a waiter can now serve seven tables!

Exciting, right? Furthermore, the package can be used separately or all together. To download this incredible module and access more information.

Waiter Career (Part-Time) Mod

This mod is the perfect extension for you if you have at any point wondered how to avail part-time jobs for waiters in the game. This remarkable and helpful modification by “Marduc_Plays” includes three career levels:

  • Coffee filler
  • Tray Carrier
  • Receptionist

You can download the file and find additional information.

More Drinks For Kids Mod

This module by K9DB is essential for everyone wondering how to make more beverage options available for kids and make them get the extra benefits. Drinks can be downloaded in a bundle or separately.

With over 50k downloads at ModTheSims, the More Drinks For Kids Mod is one of the most sought-after modifications in the community and the most popular restaurant mod you could find!

Hire One Additional Host Mod

Unfortunately, the dine-out pack only allowed one host for the dine, but with this mod, you can now hire another host for your restaurant once you have obtained enough perk points. However, you need the TS4 Dine Out for this to work. You may install the file and find further information.

Hire Who Ever You Want Mod

You don’t want to spend so much time and money, improving your employee skills? Then, this creation by PolarBearSims is perfect for you. With this modification, your Sims can have the option to hire skilled employees for your restaurant. The download link and more information are available.

Hire Teen for Restaurant Mod

This cc is definitely the perfect pick for you if you want to hire teens in your restaurant as this extension adds the option to employ teens as your staff.

NOTE: this is a tuning mod that overrides some sources of the game. Also, if you have the Hire Who Ever module installed, you can expect some glitches. So, the downer is you can’t have them both. 

Asian Restaurant Download

First of all, this is not really a modification, but it definitely is something that you should have in your inventory if you love Asian cuisine. It’s the kind of custom creation which is worth giving a shot! The Asian Restaurant installation link is available.

Arcadia Greens Restaurant

This cc (not a mod), is perfect for all those who are a fan of neon lights and modern interior styles, this dine-in presents a great atmosphere and radiates futuristic vibes. Plus, it offers a wide range of experimental dishes in the game.

Retail and Restaurant Higher Prices

All the simmers at one point expressed a need for having more realistic prices for their quality dishes. So, this modification by Kou does what needs to be done! Well, you guessed it right. This mod adds higher markups for restaurants and makes the game more realistic and increases income. For downloading the modification and get more insights.

Restaurant and Vet Level 10 Mod

The Restaurant and Vet Level 10 Mod is one of the most promising and useful modules ever, as it makes your work super easier by giving every employee of yours by the standard, the highest skill level! So, what are you waiting for? Download it and see further resources.

Up To 6 Waiters Mod

Since EA left us with an option of only three waiters, this modification comes to the rescue by giving us up to 6 Waiters!

This module is the sims 4 better restaurant mod as compared to others as it helps you build the “big business career” and it indeed is trendy and increases more income. So, download this mod – which was created by Rbarkah – and for more insights.


We are always looking for ways to enhance our gaming experience, that is why we cannot miss out on these cheery and useful sims 4 restaurant mods as they would not only add more realism to your restaurant but would also help you reach the apex position of your dine-in business! So, why wait now?

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