Sims 4 Business Career

Sims 4 Business Career | Stock Market, Headhunted (2024)

Being a part of the Sims 4 business career can be tiring and might seem never-ending. The beginning is especially tricky and unrewarding, but as you progress, it’d get better and profitable.

Things to remember

  • Logic and Charisma are the two skills that are incredibly essential in this profession. To develop them, you can play chess and interact with the other player.
  •  If you take a quick shower before work, you will receive an energized moodlet.
  • The task to’ Fill out reports’ takes approximately 3 hours to complete, which isn’t beneficial as your sim might get a bored moodlet ultimately. It is crucial to perform efficiently, though as it helps you move ahead.
  • In the last two levels, the confident mood is a must and to achieve that, you can brush your teeth before work. If you accomplish it, you will receive a new interaction ‘Give Career Advice.’ Completion of this communication would give your sim +2 confidence.
  • At level 7, the career would break into two parts. Do you think you’d be a better investor or management?
Sims 4 Business Career | Stock Market, Headhunted
Sims 4 Business Career

Management branch

One of the divisions of business career Sims 4 is the management section. Logic and Charisma, both are required in it but with a focus on charisma. The rewards offered would include power, environmental and confident aura items to allow you to increase your charm skills.

This division makes the most profits, and your daily task would be to ‘Make Business Calls’ (under the household category), which consumes only one hour of your time. Depending on whether they make a sale or not, you’d gain a +2 confidence or embarrassed feeling. Also, you can’t make these calls on weekends.


  • Friend to the World
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Serial Romantic


  • Self- Assured
  • Snob
  • Cheerful
  • Outgoing

Investor branch:

Its focus is logic rather than charm. The two choices offered in it are –

Sims 4 stock market

The interaction of ‘Research Stocks’ is similar to the ‘Fill out reports’ one as it takes hours to complete it as well.

Sims 4 investments

The ‘Sims 4 invest in stocks’ interface is yet to be identified as useful or not.

In the final level, you’d make more than management per hour but not more weekly as you work only four days a week.


  • Chief of Mischief
  • Nerd Brain
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Serial Romantic


  • Genius
  • Geek
  • Snob
  • Cheerful

Business profession

LevelTitleHourly wageScheduleDaily incomeIdeal moodDaily tasksRewards
1Mailroom technician§16M, T, W, T, F  (9 to 5)§128EnergizedReport filingGossip about office romances
2Office assistant§20M, T, W, T, F (9 to 5)§160EnergizedFill reports, stage 2 charm§130, Nameplate, Office assistant CAS parts
3Manager’s assistant§23M, T, W, T, F (9 to 5)§184EnergizedFill reports, grade 2 aura and sense§156, S.A.L.E.S. award, mimick boss
4Assistant manager§35M, T, W, T, F ( 9 to 5)§280EnergizedFilling reports, rank 3 aura, grade 2 logic§187, brag about designation
5Regional manager§53M, T, W, T, F (9 to 5)§424ConfidentFill reports, grade 4 allure, rank 2 reason§281, pie chart display, business suit CAS parts, offer career advice
6Senior manager§75M, T, W, T, F (9 to 5)§600ConfidentReport filling, stage 4 allure and reason§527, tiny tranquility zen garden

Management branch

LevelTitleHourly payScheduleSalaryIdeal moodEveryday tasksGains
7Vice- president§90M, T, W, T, F (10 to 6)§720ConfidentMake business call, grade 6 appeal, stage 5 wisdom§746, Executron Executive Desk Throne, Business Calls
8President§134M, T, W, T, F (10am to 6pm)§1,072ConfidentBusiness calls, level 8 appeal, level 6 wisdom§1,074, executron bookshelf, Senior Management Suit CAS Parts
9CEO§201M, T, W, T, F (10am to 6pm)§1,608ConfidentMake calls, level 10 charm, level 8 sense§1,612 Executive Guest Chair
10Business tycoon§375M, T, W, T, F (10am to 6pm)§3,000ConfidentN/A§2,417 Executron Executive Desk

Investor division

LevelTitleIncome per hourScheduleSalaryMoodTasksGains
7Futures trader§112M, T, W, T, F (8 to 4)§896FocusedResearch stocks, stage 5 allure, stage 6 logic§746, Executron Personal Stock Ticker, Research Stocks, Invest in Stocks
8Hedge fund manager§145M, T, W, T, F (8 to 4)§1,160FocusedAnalyse stocks, rank 6 charisma rank 8 logic§1,343, Executron desk pen set, Senior management CAS parts, give fake investment tips
9Corporate raider§406M, T, W, T, F (8 to 4)§1,744FocusedAnalyse stocks, rank 8 allure, rank 10 sense§1,746, Chronos magazine
10Angel investor§406M, T, T, F (8 to 4)§3,248FocusedN/A§2,619, Executron executive desk

Business Career Cheats

To get promoted quite easily would require shortcuts and they are as follows –

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Type ‘testingcheats on’ and hit enter.
  • Input careers.promote business


The Sims 4 business career is an exciting career option among all others, and it is worth it to try it out since the reward and salary are high to begin with. Another such opportunity is by installing restaurant mods, which allows you to own them.

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