Sims 4 Master Controller

Sims 4 Master Controller: Slider, progression, pregnancies (Download) 2024

From casual gamers to hardcore fans, Sims 4 is a game that has been popular for years. These glorious modders have braved the coding depths and create amazing mods that help switch up the gameplay.One of the highly popular mods used with the Sims 4 game is the MC Command Center Mod or the Master Controller Command Center Mod. Created by the avid game user named Deaderpool, this particular mod comes with a plethora of options with multiple modules. The mod helps tackle various functionalities such as:

  • Adjusting the Household Bills
  • Pregnancies
  • Creating Different Types of Story Progressions

In essence, the Master Controller Sims 4 is a mind-boggling combination of everything that you have ever wanted within your game.

So, what does the MasterController Sims 4 Mod allow you to do?

Sims 4 Master Controller: Slider, progression

Allows Time to Pass By

The MCCC serves as the prime mod for the Sims 4 game. It is perfect in terms of features and functionality. Using this mod, you can easily adjust the clock speed within the game and run the same at different speeds. You can adjust the time as per your need. If you want traveling to go faster and a date to go slower, you can do so with the help of the Sims 4 Master Controller mod.

Automated Housekeeping

The MC Command Center also houses a cleaner module that runs automatically through different processes within the game. This helps assure that any type of loose ends gets tied up properly. It further ensures that the married Sims couples have their last names synced properly.

Enhanced Appearance

Another factor that helps make the MC Command Center an amazing mod is a fact that it can help fine-tune the appearance of your Sims character. Termed as the MC CAS mod, it can help you configure different body parts such as belly, arms, eyes, hands, etc. If you happen to fancy the fitness fanatics, this mod is just what you need.

Cheaters Can Prosper

No game is complete without a bit of cheating here and there, and such is the case with the Sims 4 game as well. For a start, you can easily force the Sims character to separate from the lot, demote the Sim, force abductions, as well as set different skill levels. The cool cheat commands available with the Sims 4 MCCC help you chance things from happy to angry or highly energized.

Control Things in the World

With the use of this control module, you can get proper control of your NPC Sims. These commands can help you by taking forms of the interactions that have been collaborated between 2 different Sims characters. However, you might not get access to all the interactions. It surely is perfect for when the Sims character is making amazing conversations. You can also modify the Sims character and show them the best ways to behave in a civilized way.

Dictate Abductions by Aliens

While the real world is still pondering over the existence of alien worlds and aliens themselves, the same could be turned into reality with the help of the Sims 4 MCCC. With the Sims 4 MC Occult Module, one can take proper control over the interactions that come specifically from the occult mod. Also, you can easily adjust your chances for pregnancy after an alien abduction. You can also opt for the helpless NPCs to get targeted.

How to use Master Controller Sims 4?

Depending on the feature you want to use, there are several ways to use the MCCC. If you are planning a pregnancy for your Sims character, you can opt for the pollinate option present with your MC Command Center mod. Similarly, depending on the feature you need for your Sims character, you can use the dedicated mod present in the MCCC.

Another factor that comes to play with regards to proper use of the Sims 4 Master Controller is the fact that you have to install the same properly.

  • Once you are done downloading the game, you need to install the same within your game’s main folder. Follow the pathway: Docs<EA<Sims4<Mods).
  • After you are done installing the same, check for any duplicate files that might interrupt the gameplay.
  • Once you are done, you can start playing your favorite game.

Sims 4 Increase Slider Range

The Sims 4 Slider Range basically allows you a chance to increase or decrease the Sims’s body or face size depending on your needs. In this mod case, the range provided to you is unlimited. You can opt to change aspects such as:

  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Height
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Ears
  • Hands
  • Fingers

And basically every body part that you would want to change with your Sims character. Just as the name suggests, using this mod will give you access to a slider that can help you increase or decrease the size of the entire body. If you happen to drag the slider towards the left, you can see the size of your selected part decreasing while dragging it right makes the size bigger.

Default Option for Slider Changer Generally Follows this Pathway:

NRaas>MC>Settings>CAS>Slider Multiple: {Your Custom Slider Type}

Types of Popular Sliders for Sims 4

  • Height Slider
  • Pointed Ears Slider
  • Butt Slider
  • Shoulder Height Slider
  • Physique Slider
  • Head Size Slider
  • Glasses Slider
  • Nose Width Slider
  • Facial Asymmetry Slider
  • Breast Augmentation Slider

Sims 4 Story Progression Mod

While you can get a lot of events to occur in your Sims world like pregnancies, birth, jobs, death, etc., you need a proper mod to streamline the same. The Sims 4 Story progression mod is used for the same. It helps streamline the things that generally happen in real life. Like we start from being friends and get into a relationship and then get married or pregnant. In the absence of the Sims 4 story progression mod, you might see everything happening at once. This might include the sims getting pregnant and married at the same time.

Nraas Sims 4

Though most of the gamers tend to love the Nraas Sims 3 mod, the Sims 4 nraas master controller is much better when it comes to features and functionalities. However, if you are a Sims 4 Nraas find, things might be worrisome for you. The creator of Nraas hasn’t brought about any updates for the MCCC mod with regards to the Sims 4 game. So, you might not have anything to work within the Sims 4 game.

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