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Sims 4 Notebook | Police | Detective | Journal(Updated) 2024

With so many expansion packs coming up almost every year, The Sims 4 keeps getting more and more of a realistic game than before. Now, with the sims 4 notebook, the game characters can keep a list of what fish they catch, what garden plants they research, and what clues they find at a crime scene.

Apart from this notebook, Sims can also keep a private journal, which no one is allowed to read.

But that doesn’t stop other Sims from snooping and knowing all the journal owner’s secrets!

Read more to find out all about the journal and the detective notebook in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 journal

Whether your Sims are elders or children, they can keep daily journals of their own in The Sims 4: Parenthood. Go to the ‘Activities and Skills’ menu to buy a journal for the Sim.

If you want to increase the Sim’s creativity and writing skills, getting a private journal for him or her is a good idea.

Check out the different moodlets and interactions associated with a journal:-


  • Write in Journal:- The Sim starts writing in the journal_ something that can’t be done if he or she has a notebook.
  • Hide Journal:- Your Sim takes the journal to hide it in his/ her bed from snooping eyes.
  • Scribble Furiously:- To do this, the Sim needs to have an angry moodlet.
  • Locate Journal:- Find the journal when the Sim is in bed.
  • Put in Inventory:- Store the journal in your Inventory.
  • Rant about Stress:- The Sim must be tense enough to get this interaction.
  • Snoop in Journal:- This interaction is available only for those who don’t own the journal.
  • Relive Memories:- As the Sim reads the journal, emotional moodlets are given off randomly.
  • Put Away:- Put the journal away for some time.
  • Confess Embarrassing Moments:- A Sim needs to be embarrassed already for this interaction.
  • Express Melancholy Thoughts:- Only a sad Sim can see this interaction.
Sims 4 Notebook | Police | Detective | Journal(Updated)


  • Happy:- If a Sim writes in the private journal for 4 Sim-hours straight, he or she will get a happy moodlet called ‘Another Day: Another Entry’.
  • Angry:- An angry moodlet will be added when the Sim notices another Sim snooping in his/ her journal.
  • Embarrassed:- While the angry journal owner catches the snooping Sim red-handed, the latter gets an embarrassed moodlet.
  • Confident:- When a Sim searches for another Sim’s journal and finds it, he/ she might start snooping. This gives the first Sim confidence and reduces his/ her empathy value.

Where is the notebook in sims 4? 

While playing the game, scroll to the bottom of the screen. To the left, you’ll find 2 icons_ a small phone and a small house.

Click the phone icon to open the Sim’s phone. At the top bar on the phone screen, there are 3 little icons.

There’s an icon to the utmost left, right beside the phone silencing/ un-silencing option. This icon looks like a tablet, but that’s actually the notebook icon.

Learn in the sims 4 how to open notebook

Click your Sim’s computer to get an option for opening your notebook.

Alternatively, you can open the phone of a Sim and click the notebook icon on the top left bar. This will open the notebook for the Sim to use it as he or she chooses to.

For example, if your Sim does gardening and loves to research garden plants, the sims 4 notebook will have a ‘Gardening’ folder.

It lists all the garden plants that the Sim has researched, along with their selling price, appearance, and whether each plant can be grafted with another or not.

The sims 4 fishing notebook

If a Sim loves fishing, he/ she can use the notebook icon for this activity. Out of all the 22 fish Sims can catch in the world of The Sims 4, the notebook lists all the fish that the Sim has caught so far.

Once you click the notebook icon, you’ll see the ‘Fishing’ folder. Select that to open it up.

You’ll find not only the names of all the fish your Sim has been able to catch, but also the type of bait that the Sim used to catch each fish.

When the Sim catches a new fish, you can learn from the notebook what type of bait you must use to catch more of the same fish species. The fish that are caught are all stored in the Inventory.

Sims 4 detective notebook

In The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack, there are three active careers you can choose from_ Doctor, Scientist, and Detective. If you choose to be a Detective, your Sim will start from the position of Cadet, and then work his or her way up to the Police Station, and finally, Chief of Police.

When the Sim is at the Police Station, you can solve crimes by picking up new cases and interrogating suspects.

At a particular crime scene, you’ll get your hand on a number of clues. You can just search the ground for clues, collect samples of evidence, take photos, and dust for fingerprints.

Not all these clues will pertain to your current case, though_ oddly, some of these clues will be required for the next case, too.

Every clue that the Sim finds will be placed in the Inventory. You’ll have to analyze these clues to know which clues will help you find a suspect, so that you can nab the criminal.

In the Sim’s detective notebook, you’ll see a list of all the clues you’ve collected at the crime scene. This is because the number of clues at a time might increase to such an extent, that you find it difficult to remember all of them.

While a Sim is a detective, it’s crucial to remember all clues correctly, otherwise, the Sim’s career will be at stake.

How to use the sims 4 arrest a suspect notebook

The sims 4 detective notebook will also show you several pointers by which you can identify the suspect. These include age, gender, clothing, and character traits.

Keep talking to the suspect in a friendly manner till you find many things in the suspect’s looks and behavior that match with the list of clues on the sims 4 notebook.

When you’re sure that the suspect is the criminal, select the ‘Arrest’ interaction to bring him/ her to the Police Station.

Unlike a journal, you can’t make the Sim write anything in his or her sims 4 notebook. You can’t even add anything to it on your own. The contents of the notebook will be updated automatically.

How to find the sims 4 police notebook

You can find the police notebook in the same way in which you get the usual sims 4 notebook.

Just click your phone to open it, and select the top-left icon. Or, you can click on your Sim’s computer to get the option for opening the Sim’s detective notebook.

Final words

The sims 4 notebook can be used in different ways, depending on your Sims’ career and activities.

If the Sim goes fishing or gardening, the notebook will have a list of all the plants he/ she has researched or the fish that have been caught. This increases the Sim’s knowledge related to these activities, and helps him/ her advance in their respective fields.

Choosing a Detective career will list out, in the notebook, all the clues that a Sim collects at a crime scene. So, the notebook also helps refresh a Sim’s memories. They can even do their homework in it. 

Now you can see why keeping a notebook is a good idea!

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