Sims 3 Master Controller

Sims 3 Master Controller, Nraas Master Controller (Download) 2024

The nraas master controller Sims 3 gives you the power to manage and supervise the population of your town. It supports various mods such as Overwatch, Master controller and story progression by creating suites.       

Sims 3 master Controller

There are plenty of features accessible to you through twallan’s master controller. Some of the things you can do are – 

  • You have the option to develop up to 21 different personalities, but they would still have variations. 
  • If you wish, you can cheat your way in the skills category and attain level 10. 
  • To have more people around you, you can create a temporarily active sim who can pollinate the town and increase the population. 
  • If you wish, you have the chance to enhance the maximum sliders in ‘Edit in CAS,’ and you could add up to 100 sliders in every facial panel. 
  • You can also modify the traits of your characters.
  • Instant babies can be possible through this.
  • Household funds can be changed with this mod.
  • NPC’s can be instantly added or removed from the household.
  • The mending of broken things and objects with reset button is an option.
Sims 3 Master Controller, Nraas(Download)

Some of the frequently used features in Sims 3 mods nraas are as follows –

  • Long-term relationships
  • Send the players back home
  • Pollinate/end the pregnancy
  • Invite over other inactive players
  • Character’s status

Master controller Sims 3

The steps to install nraas Sims 3 are simple to follow. 

  • Arrange your mod framework – The first job is to have the required files for in your mods folder otherwise, anything downloaded by you wouldn’t work. Install the framework set-up which you can find at ‘Mod the Sims’ in your folder to use the master controller. Here is how to do it – 

Navigate to on your browser. 

  • You’d find a picture of a floppy disk with blue text on it. Click on it to download a file ‘’
  • Now, you can retrieve the files from the zip file by right-clicking on ‘’ and hitting ‘Open.’ A folder named ‘Mods’ would be accessible to you. 
  • After this, open a new tab in Finder or Windows Explorer. 
  • Open the documents folder in this new window and click on the file ‘Electronic Arts.’ Access the folder named ‘The Sims 3’ under it.
  • Drag and drop all the mod folders in your ‘The Sims 3’ file.

If you are using an old version of Windows, 7Zip might be necessary to retrieve the file. In this case, right-click on .zip file and select ‘extract here.’ 

  • Update your game to the recent version – Depending on the physical or digital copy of the game; the latest patch would be 1.67 or 1.69 respectively. Any other patch level version of The Sims 3 master controller wouldn’t be available so keep your game updated. 
  • Open the game launcher. In the lower left-hand, your patch level would be mentioned under the ‘Game Version.’ 
  • If your game isn’t up to date, go to the tab ‘Game Updates and click on ‘Update Now.’ The patch would be downloaded and installed by the launcher. 

How can you install the Nraas

  • Click the Download button – Press the green button ‘Download for 1.67/69.’ A file titled ‘’ would be downloaded. 
  • Extract mod file from the zip – To do so, right-click on ‘’ and press ‘Open.’ A file named ‘NRaas_MasterController.package’ would be accessible to you. 
  • Open your packages folder – Open Finder or Windows Explorer. Go to Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3. Click on the folder ‘Packages’ when you open your mods folder.
  • Shift the package file to the packages folder – Drag and drop ‘NRaas_MasterController.package’ to the Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Mods>Packages.
  • Start the game and click on a sim – If you’ve followed all the steps correctly and installed the Master Controller, you will find an option ‘Nraas’ under your ‘Sim’s pie menu.’ It would appear even when you click on most objects and rabbitholes. 

To adjust the main MC settings, pan the camera to City Hall, select ‘Nraas’ after clicking on it and choose ‘MasterController.’

How to avoid issues with installation: 

  • Remember to delete all the duplicate or outdated mods from your mods folder during installation. These outdated mods interfere with the proper initiation of The Nraas mod installation. 
  • Double-check the patch level number and make sure you meet all the requirements.
  • Get rid of all existing cache files from your mod folder. 

Nraas integration

The Nraas MC integration mod can replace your CAS interactions in the game and especially the one governed by the MC. It includes the ‘Create-A-Sim’ available under the ‘Edit Town’ option. 

But this mod is optional, and for this to function efficiently; you need to install the base module. The latest patch would be 1.67/69 and version 134 is compatible with 1.69 patch as well. 


Nraas master controller provides you with a palate of features which are beneficial to you at different stages in the game. So it would be an excellent choice to install this mod through the directions give in the article. 

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