Sims 3 Worlds

Sims 3 Worlds | Custom Worlds, CC, Populated (Download) 2024

Various world and sub-worlds are a part of Sims 3 which are available to be inhabited by you. You can move around, and you don’t have to worry about any rabbit hole places. Sims 3 worlds present to you an exciting aspect of the game. 

Best Sims 3 worlds

The best 15 worlds in this version are as follows – 

  • Roaring Heights: This is one most beautiful city worlds in the entire game with an exciting and vibrantly colorful to be with numerous things to do. This world consists of Art Deco architecture as well as skyscrapers in the downtown area. It has the best Sims 3 map. 
  • Sunlit tides: This is an island in the Caribbean amongst the other world maps with plenty of beaches and palm trees. Even after being an island, work opportunities are prevalent and all the other amenities to live comfortably. But remember, it is expensive as compared to other Sims 3 best worlds. 39 USD and 24 USD for the gold and standard version are required respectively.
Sims 3 Worlds | Custom Worlds, CC, Populated (Download)
  • Isla Paradiso: If you prefer clear waters, boathouses and a beach vibe, this is the place for you. This is much better than the one in Sims 4. Also, you can leave this island and return to the world whenever you feel like. This world consists of various small islands and only two main islands. You’ll find scuba diving and 8 hidden islands as well available exclusively over here. If someone discovers any secret isle, then it’d be theirs. You might even spot a Kraken if you are in the middle of the ocean. 
  • Lucky Palms: The size of is quite similar to Bridgeport, Hidden Springs and Riverview with 50 inhabitants and 5 unborn babies. Based on a desert location with some amount of greenery at a few places. You’d always find something fun to do here with lots of parks and recreational activities. 
  • Dragon Valley: Those of you in love with the medieval lifestyle, now have a chance to live it. You’ll get the full effect of an old life but with a few modern specifications. Although adult dragons are not seen in this world, you never know.
  • Hidden springs: Love the mountains? It has all the benefits of a mountainous region and offers some cozy homes. You can explore the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters and the Zephyr Health Spa or the Museum of Magic and Supernatural. If you’re looking for relaxation, check out this town.
  • Starlight Shores: All those who have dreams of being a singer or any performer who need a big break can reside in this place. This is a portrayal of Hollywood. You can stroll around the Sims 3 neighbourhoods, plazas and so on. 
  • Riverview: To escape the chaos in the present world, you can move here to enjoy the serenity and peace this place offers. There are numerous outdoor activities to be a part of. The whole town is covered with rivers, pastures and farms. 
  • Aurora Skies: An Icelandic, coastal thematic town with awe-inspiring scenery. The best feature of this world is the eco-friendly society. There are vast spaces for you to enjoy your leisure time outdoors. 
  • Moonlight Falls: This place has a mysterious vibe with its deep forests, misty waterfalls and coves. They are known for its potions made from plants, minerals and gems. But its better to not stay out after dark in this town.
  • Lunar Lakes: This is a town which is ‘out of the world’ in the literal sense, being located in outer space with unusual attractions such as geometric shaped lakes, absurd marks on lands etc. But sims can live there because its living conditions resemble the SimNation. 
  • Sunset Valley: This is the largest city with 92 lots. The primary location of Sunset Valley is the park for picnics, strolling or fishing. It is a unique town with a lot of places to explore and to spend some time alone. This is considered the best town in all.
  • Appaloosa plains: If you prefer the country life, you’d love this world. You can expect a simple life here without much hustle. It is named after the Appaloosa breed of horse. Almost every household owns a pet, and many activities are pet-related. 
  • Twinbrook: This is included in the Ambitions expansion pack and comes along with two twin rivers which divide the town from the centre. It has a temperate climate, suitable for all. There are new, creative options to traverse regarding careers such as Stylist or Inventing skills. 
  • Barnacle bay: Who doesn’t want a pirate-themed world? It is a vacation spot with lively surroundings. Have fun at the beaches, parks and campgrounds and view the most beautiful sunset of your life. 

Sims 3 worlds list

Some other towns in the Sims 3 game are – 

  • Beacon Bay
  • Bridgeport
  • Champs Les sims
  • Midnight Hollow
  • Monte Vista
  • Moonlight Bay
  • Nintendo 3DS neighbourhood
  • Oasis Landing
  • Port Abrel
  • Shang Simla
  • Sims university
  • Sugar maple coast
  • Vista beach

Sims 3 towns

You also have the option to download free worlds by using Origin, but only if you’ve bought the game previously. Some of the best custom worlds for you to traverse are as follows – 

  • Alpine county – A suburban city with a golf course, mountains and forest. 
  • Devil’s port – Like its name, it has a dangerous energy prevalent with violence, crime and corruption.
  • Mayfield springs – This town is near the foot of the mountains and rivers. It has a lively atmosphere. 
  • Lilliesund – A popular tourist attraction and is crowded with water sports fans. 
  • Setra – This has an Egyptian theme surrounded by dunes. 

There are many more such custom worlds which you can look out for and weigh your options to make a decision as to where to reside.


Sims 3 worlds are diverse from each other in every way so that you have innumerable choices. Every city is unique in its way, so check out all of them and choose the one that suits you. For those with an updated version, check out Sims 4 towns

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