Sims 3 Expansion Packs

Sims 3 Expansion Packs | Complete Collection,dlc (2024) Download

The Sims 3 expansion packs incorporate a unique touch of their own and add more features and game-play mechanics in the whole game.

How many Sims 3 expansion Packs are There

There are 11 EPs (expansion packs) to mix and match with the SPs (stuff packs) to create new combinations. Install them in the release sequence whenever you re-download the game, especially when you buy a new EP to avoid encountering issues later. The list below mentions all the Sims 3 dlc to help you choose the packs you want.

Sims 3 Expansion Packs | Complete Collection,dlc Download
Sims 3 Expansion Packs

Sims 3 all expansions

Listed below are the features incorporated in the Sims 3 games list.

World adventures

As the name suggests, it favors traveling and adventurous sports around the world. The sims can choose any three of the vacation spots provided, Egypt, France, and China, to visit and explore the area. They can go on quests, discover treasures, or acquire new martial arts, and photography skills. You can even talk to mummies.

But if you aren’t interested in traveling, you might not want to make it a priority.


This addition emphasizes on learning new skills and career opportunities. It comes up with five latest career paths, firefighter, investigator, stylist, ghost hunter, and architectural designer. Unlike the base game professions, this offers you control over your sim’s pursuits, making it more fun altogether.

Three new skills also added are sculpting, tattooing, and inventing. Sims 3 add-ons include Twinbrook town and an update to the Real Estate system in this pack. It is worth installing.

Late night

It showcases the metropolis ‘Bridgeport,’ which is an expensive area and is one of the most realistic towns. All the activities and ventures are related to the urban vibe, ranging from music, films, and a lively nightlife. The film is one of the new additions whereas music and sports professions are updated.

Along with this, four new skills include piano, bass, mixology, and drums. The first three come under the music category, but mixology allows you to work as a bartender and combine various drinks. Other exciting perks give you a chance to become a celebrity or a vampire and unlock benefits concerning them. If your sim is a bachelor, this should be on your priority list.


The 4th sims 3 expansion pack revolves around young sims and offers many new activities such as field trips, school projects, prom, etc. Daycare and Chemistry are the only two professions and skills provided by this attribute.

An exciting addition is the brand new memory system wherein you can store particular events in a virtual scrapbook.


This expansion deals with the furry friends of your sims. They can own dogs, cats, and horse breeds and also enjoy the activities associated with them, such as a new riding skill. Apart from these, you can even own ‘small pets’ like lizards, birds, rodents, snakes, and turtles introduced with this pack.


In the sixth sims 3 expansion pack, the celebrity theme is depicted, introduced in Late Night. Starlight Shores, a new neighborhood, and three new career paths, magician, acrobat, and singer, were also launched in this. DJ skill is also one of the latest traits.

The main focus of this is to spotlight the sims and turn them into famous entertainers. If you’re interested in these careers, try it out.


A variety of new supernatural creatures apart from mummies and vampires that already exist would be introduced through this attribute. These include fairies, werewolves, witches, and zombies. It also proposes a town ‘Moonlight Falls’ and Fortune teller, and Alchemist professions along with a skill ‘Alchemy.’

The creatures have their unique characteristics and provide perks that aren’t available with normal sims. You’d enjoy this if you have a knack for spooky things.


In this eighth sims 3 expansion pack, a plethora of new seasons are offered instead of the same spring and summer season. They change every seven in-game days by default but with every change, various activities are present regarding the particular season, including holidays, and festivals. Two skills launched in this game are Snowboarding and Soccer.

Aliens are also a part of this trait. It gives a more realistic touch to the game, so do check it out.

University life

As the name suggests, it is a college-themed pack that allows your sims to enroll in universities and live in new sub-neighborhood. The six majors initiated are – Business, Communications, Science and Medicine, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Technology.

They can either live in dormitories, rented apartments, or join a sorority/fraternity while pursuing them. They need to join one of the three social groups, Nerds, Jocks, or Rebels, to unlock benefits.

New skills like Street Art, Science, and Social Networking are a part of this. It also changes their phones to smartphones with added features.

Island paradise

The focus of this vacation-themed attribute is Island Paradise. It introduces new vicinity ‘Isla Paradiso’ along with recreations based on the tropical lair. Boats are available for transportation and scuba diving to search for treasures and collectibles. Sims can even be the owner of a resort or become a lifeguard.

It is a replica of World Adventures but with limited perks. But if you love beach vibes, it might be worth it.

Into the future

You’d witness many time travel frolics as its key feature is to travel into the future. The sims can meet their descendants in the new sub-vicinity of Oasis Landing.

There is no lack of futuristic tech, and you can learn new skills like Advanced Technology, Bot Building, which deals with Plumbots (a new type of sim). A new instrument provided here is Laser Rhythm a-con.

Sims 3 stuff packs

These are the mini versions of expansion packs that add various items to the game but with no significant features. There are 9 stuff packs available which are –

  • High-end loft – It adds sleek and innovative furnishings, tech, and clothes to your household.
  • Fast lane – The addition of cars and accessories related to it would be provided along with garage furnishings.
  • Outdoor living – Hot tubs, lawn equipment, and grills are a part of it.
  • Town life – It includes public spaces like gyms, playgrounds, and libraries.
  • Master suite – It adds lush, flamboyant furniture and clothes to this pack.
  • Katy Perry’s sweet treats – All the decor related to Katy Perry and candies are included.
  • Diesel – It adds diesel clothes and furnishings.
  • 70s, 80s and 90s – Items based on the 70s, 80s, and 90s era are offered in this.
  • Movie – It incorporatesmovie-themed items such as props, clothes, etc.


These are all the EPs and SPs you need to know about in Sims 3 expansion packs to make a wise decision. All of them bring in a charm of their own, making the game more delightful. These expansion packs are also available in Sims 4.

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