Sims 3 Aliens

Sims 3 Aliens – Seasons & Abduction (2024)

Otherworldly creatures have always been a chat of fascination for me, and anything involving them makes me captive immediately. So when I got to know about sims 3 aliens, I decided to get abducted by them.

In sims 3, these aliens wander around the earth to tell about Homosapien culture and might also kidnap one to run some crazy experiments on them. Here we have it all for you, from the alien baby-making process to strange powers.

Finding Aliens and How to Get an Alien to Visit

  • Getting an alien visit in sims 3 is a piece of cake, as it happens naturally. Sims 3 aliens wander into the starry nights every day between 12 am and 3 am. During his time, they might visit you as well.
  • These alien visits are not the same as the abduction of sims by aliens and allow you to make friends with these aliens and socialize better. Now you can sit with these aliens over a cup of coffee or tea and discuss the cosmos.
  • Collecting space rocks in the sims 3 games will exponentially increase your chances of getting abducted from 5% to a whopping 20%.
  • You can also smash pumpkins to increase the odds.
  • Once you have an alien pal, you will have more frequent visits to your distant friend. Also, you can invite them over like your other casual friends via a phone call.
  • Alien, homies are also a thing in this new version of the mod, where they can come and live with you, and the exciting news is they start with an outstanding level 10 of logic and about level 7 of handiness, thus make your work easier.
  • Also, every time an alien drops by in your neighborhood, they will leave certain collectibles like space rocks and other valuable stuff.
sims 3 aliens

Alien Abductions

Alien abduction by sims 3 aliens is all we root for while putting this mod into effect, although it doesn’t happen very often, and precisely speaking, there’s only a 2% chance that an alien will make your wish come true.

Although there are always specific vital points you can follow and look up to to make this process happen for you with a lot of ease. 

  • GET a Telescope- Buy a telescope and look at the far-off celestial bodies, adding up to 13% to the chances of you getting abducted.
  • Collecting space rocks- Having a single stone could add 15% to your chances of alien abduction in sims 3 or more and around 37.5% if you have two such rocks, which sounds like a pretty good deal. Keeping in mind, you could find these in sims world for free.
  • Keeping your sims awake between 12am – 4am increases the proximity of their abduction. Also if you are in an open area like yard or garden you are more likely to be kidnapped.
  • Wait for the shiny lights, when Aliens make uo their mind for abduction, a mysterious shiny light will appear, which your sim will be compelled to investigate.

Besides all that, it is evident that your sim has a crazy moodlet when he/she returns after the abduction.

Note: There’s a 33% chance of your male sims getting pregnant.

Sims 3 alien cheats

When things become fuzzy, you could always opt for using sims 3 alien cheats, the instructions for which are as follows:-

Firstly, you need to activate the cheat for using the usual code, i.e., testingcheatsenabled true.

 • Now, enter the other cheat boolprop and shift-click on the telescope, and pick the option of getting abducted.

 • After this, things normally happen as they usually do, in any other abduction. Also, this cheat won’t work if freetime is installed on your system. 

Male Pregnancy and Alien Babies

If your male sim return with a bloated belly, it will mean only one thing, don’t stress yourself; they are not sick. But have gone through an unlikely experience.

Unlike earthlings in which only females could get pregnant, aliens in sims 3 could make your male sims pregnant too; now, when that happens, it could be a little overwhelming to handle, keep in mind the following points to make this endeavor easier:-

  • Once a male has been abducted and returned. They will show certain weight gain emotions and minor disturbing side effects. All this indicates that your sim is pregnant.
  • Like in female sims here as well, the child is born precisely 48 hours after the impregnation of the male sim.
  • You always have the option to keep or dispose of this baby. You can send them back to their home to live and grow between one of their kind or keep them and have an experience that you never had before.
  • Raising a sims 3 aliens baby is no more difficult or different than raising a normal one.
  • Also, if you are interested in learning about mods under this carnal umbrella of sims career, you can always rely on us. 

Alien Pregnancy & DNA Transcendence

  • Being a hybrid of two species is the coolest thing you could have as an individual, and interestingly enough, abductions aren’t the only way to have supernatural babies.
  • Your sims could very easily woohoo with these aliens and create a baby when they visit the home if any sexual situation arises when you become friends with them.
  • Until the DNA has 50% or more alien data in it, your sims will be able to have access to alien powers like telepathy and so on.
  • Mixing these creatures with fairies, vampires, and warewolves would also bring out fantastic combinations.
  • Although the occult powers of the vampires and fairies and warewolves could eradicate alien superpowers.

Alien Ship: The Galaxa Space Car

What’s there in being an alien if you do not have some of your own very cool mobiles and gadgets like your own spaceship. Aliens in sims 3 have their own UFO or spaceships, as millennials would say it. Here’s some excellent specification of that ship:-

  • It is swift and can take you from one place to another in a blink of an eye.
  • You can equip these ships with laser canons and other high-tech artillery and weaponry.
  • Upgrades of the UFO require at least level 7 handiness.
  • You can travel to the moon, The Sixon(a planet), and the asteroid belt using this ship. And when your sim is off to another world having fun, you get text messages describing the adventure.
  • You can park these UFOs in standard-size parking spaces or carry them as other objects in sims inventory.
  • You can use UFOs to originate a snowstorm or rainstorm.
  • You can use the spaceship to abduct other sims too.

Alien Brain Power

One curious thing about aliens is that they do not have an energy meter or motive; instead, they possess brainpower, similar to zen. Therefore, they can have their bodies fully charged up within 5 hrs and have a relaxed mind moodlet if they lay in bed for 5 minutes.

Aliens can get their energy immediately charged using space rocks, although this endeavor might have some side effects.

Other Alien Powers

Our general idea of aliens has always been like some otherworldly creatures with a super powerful skill set. Apparently, this is how we perceive them. Sims 3 had kept these expectations in mind when they made this mod. Check out the following powers that you can have access to if you’d use this new sims feature:-

  • Bio Boost and Bio Drain- Take away the social, hygiene, and fun motives from any sim or NPC on your own and strengthen your skills for about an hour or learn about their personality. About 33% of every one of these bars gets refilled by the use of this power. The inverse of this is also possible, i.e., you can recharge a sims’ meter using aliens’ fill.
  • Summon Meteor- The sims 3 ambitions expansion pack gives you the power to make your stupid, moronic ambitions come true. With the help of this pack, you can show down meteor rocks on earth. Meteors are a decent wellspring of Space Rocks for recuperating Brain Power and sporadically as an especially catastrophic approach to bring in cash. The best part is only aliens know about the arrival of a meteor, but all can collect the space rocks.
  • Transmute Object- As the title suggests, aliens in sims 3 can level up precious objects like gems and metals. In simple terms, you can transform items with the power of aliens. Most things can transmute, but their probability of going through a successful transmutation differs and is determined by their value in simoleons. For example, an object under 100 simoleons will have a 95% chance of success, while an item over 500 simoleons will only have a 70% chance of success.
  • Repair Objects – Aliens can repair broken household items with just the power of their minds.
  • Steal space rocks- You can break into the science lab or walk-in whatever suits you between 8 pm – 6 pm and steal space rocks to obtain some cash or use it for your personal use.
  • Betray your kind- Your alien sim can now sell alien secrets to the military and other government agencies that would pay a reasonable amount for those secrets. You must do it within 36 hours of an alien landing.
  • Become a test subject- Take this new job at town science labs and become a test subject for advancing science in the game. Here, you work between 4 pm – 7 pm and can make up to $342 a day. Your alien chap could get nauseous moodlets after work, but don’t worry, it will get better with time.

Resting views

From all the prattle I have done above, my stand on sims 3 alien abductions has become quite apparent. However, I think Sims 3 aliens a part of this game that every player must experience.

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