Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards List

Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards List | Lifetime Rewards Cheat (2024)

The list provided below along with the Sims 3 lifetime rewards cheat, is updated in regards to the new expansions such as World Adventures, Ambitions, Showtime Expansion Packs, Island Paradise and The Sims 3 into the Future.

Sims 3 lifetime rewards cheat

The shortcut way to raise your happiness points through lifetime happiness cheats are as follows –

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console.
  • Type ‘testingcheatsenabled true.’
  • Start a new game or begin a saved one. All the testing cheats and tricks to increase points would be accessible to you.

For the Prize Trick,

  • Navigate to the Lifetime Rewards tab.
  • A treasure icon would be visible over there.
  • Hold Ctrl and click in the blank space on the right-hand side of the treasure chest.
  • Continue clicking while moving the mouse around to find the desired spot.
  • Once you find it, click vigorously to raise your sim’s or pet’s scores.
Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards List | Lifetime Rewards Cheat
Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards

Sims 3 best lifetime rewards

The list of the lifetime rewards Sims 3 is mentioned below.

  • Above reproach:

Delight points – 35,000

Your sim can act salaciously in public, and it won’t affect their romantic life most likely. To see your reputation report, proceed to the Simology tab, choose Scrapbook and move to the statistics page. You won’t be considered a cheater if you aren’t one already.

  • Acclaimed author:

Happiness scores – 30,000

The royalty checks can increase for every book your sim writes through it. Professional authors and Journalists can benefit a lot from it. If your sim has written a sensational piece, the boost would be massive.

  • Age freeze:

Delight scores – 65,000

Anyone who drinks this would stop ageing. It isn’t a chemistry experiment, but it would allow you to stay the same while others get older.

  • All-weather champion:

Joy points – 10,000

It would make you better at activities related to Seasons such as snowball fights, water balloon fights, ice skating etc. Your chances of winning increase considerably. You can use them to get more festival tickets and embarrass their grandkids.

  • Alpha dog:

Joy count – 20,000

Werewolves who are a young adult at least can enjoy this prize. Their bite would turn a sim as they’d acquire an irresistible bite interaction. Other traits like growling/howling would also improve. Another addition would be ‘terrible howl’ that would terrify others.

  • Always on the list:

Joy count – 17,500

You can enter bars without a Celebrity level. People who have Late Night might find it helpful, but most of you shouldn’t need this. It’s easy to reach celebrity level 3, and buy your ticket into any establishment.

  • Animal expert:

Delight scores – 25,000

In this, dogs, cats, and horses can live longer. Pets in a terrarium and birds have low chances of dying. There is a 50% effect on an animal’s life-span. But you already have control over life-spans in the game options menu, so it isn’t worth it.

Although you’d get a longer time frame to afford happiness points, and access the Pet Young Again Lifetime Reward, which can keep them alive forever and keep ageing enabled as well.

  • Artisan crafter:

Joy points: 20,000

It enhances the final value of sculptures and inventions and helps you reach high profits with either of those skills.

  • Attractive:

Satisfaction count – 15,000

You can start socializing more with others through this. By playing the guitar on the corner in town, you can gather enough acquaintances to fulfil the celebrity charisma challenge. The challenge reward and the lifetime reward combined could help you start at friends with anyone. Also, the bar will rise faster when you become friends with people.

  • Better mixologist:

Satisfaction score: 15,000

It improves the quality of the drink and doesn’t affect the moodlets you get from their drinks.

  • Body sculptor:

Delight score: 30,000

It can make you fat, skinny, muscular or frail. You don’t need to exercise and eat as much as you want.

  • Bookshop bargainer:

Delight points: 10,000

It is beneficial in maximizing all the skills of your character, but it is not worth the hassle.

  • Born to cook:

Joy count – 20,000

It improves the quality of your cooked food without practising it repeatedly. The long hours of toil won’t be needed anymore. It’s an addition from Showtime.

  • Carefree:

Happiness points – 20,000

It lessens the time taken to have fun by 25%. It makes your fun bar go up faster. It helps to focus on satisfying the fun need, and it can also help when they are doing a less fun activity like painting.

  • Change lifetime wish:

Satisfaction gains – 10,000

You have a chance to change your lifetime wish if you are having second thoughts regarding it. But if you complete your original wish, this option won’t be available to you.

  • Change of taste:

Joy count: 5,000

If you want to listen to your favourite music but are tired of a particular radio station, this feature will bring refreshing changes.

  • Clean slate:

Delight gains – 25,000

If you are ready to settle down, finding a partner would be much easier as it resets your romantic life.

  • Climatron control unit:

Happiness total – 40,000

You can change the current weather through this but not the season. To change seasons, go to the game options or use testingcheatsenabled true.

  • Clone voucher:

Joy total – 45,000

If you were turned in at the Science Facility, you’d get a clone child with this. This clone would be the child of the maker. It’d be similar to your grown-up child.

  • The cloud innator 9000:

Joy sum – 30,000

It’d allow you to pull pranks on others like throwing a rain or snow cloud over their head, which would chase them around.It’d allow you to pull pranks on others like throwing a rain or snow cloud over their head, which would chase them around. To control the town’s weather, look for 40k LTHP in the Climatron Control Unit.

  • Collection helper:

Delight sum – 40,000

Your inventory would contain a butterfly in it. You can choose a type of item to track when the butterfly is activated like rocks and gems, insects, seeds, or fish. Once selected, the map view will show icons with locations.

In the normal town view, objects would glow brightly so can be spotted even from a high altitude. It helps in finding mysterious fishing spots, or extreme cash by finding gems from collecting. Sims 3 families should go for the collection helper lifetime reward. It can also trace minor animals with The Sims 3 Pets installed.

  • Competitive eater:

Satisfaction gains – 5,000

It’d make you better at eating contests in Seasons and let you acquire more festival prize tickets.

• Complimentary Entertainment:

Joy count – 5,000

Going to the theatre would be free with this feature. It doesn’t do anything else.

• Dirt Defiant:
Delight score – 15,000

You wouldn’t have to shower regularly, and would take shorter showers when they do. The squeaky clean moodlet is awarded for 48 hours as well.

• Discount Diner:
Joy points – 5,000

You have the option to dine for free with this detail.

• Dusty Old Lamp:
Happiness Points – 30,000

In your inventory is a genie which would emerge when cleaning the lamp. The genie would grant you wishes but needs 12 hours of rest in between requests. You can befriend him or her and use your third wish to free the genie and make him a member of your household.

• Efficient Inventor:
Joy count – 10,000

The scrap costs of all your inventions would be reduced. Many inventions are entirely free with Master Inventor.

• Engaging:
Delight score – 10,000

It brings an increase in the reviews of your stage performance. Steady Gigs and the That Was Deliberate LTR could be accessed more easily.

• Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Satisfaction points – 10,000

To increase the rate of professional experience, use this feature.

• Excellent Groupie:
Happiness Points – 10,000

Sims expects having a good time when you invite them out. This LTR will enhance their point of view of the outing.

• Extra Creative:
Delight gains – 30,000

The quality and value of your sim’s paintings increase many folds. This specific career and hobbyists benefit from it the most.

• ExtraordinAIRe-Inator:
Joy count – 20,000

It provides an item placed in your family inventory, and you can hang it on a wall inside the home, where you can meditate in from of it. If you do this for 45 minutes, a +10 moodlet that lasts 3 hours is offered to you.

How to get more lifetime points on Sims 3

Your LTR would keep increasing as long as your sim remains in a good mood. Rewards include gadgets like teleporter and superhuman abilities like steel bladder. Other ways to get more gains are as follows –

  • Fulfilling wishes – By completing your sim’s wishes, lots of scores could be gained by you. It is better to choose an easy request and fulfil it quickly, like the Tinkerer.
  • Managing their desires – Four wishes can be active simultaneously, so pay attention as to what your sim desires. This way, you can see all the completed requests and add new ones. They will get difficult as you progress.
  • Importance of mood – You will receive points if you keep your sim positive. If the line on their bar is higher than the first mark, the gains would be more.
  • Interest and traits – If you do a particular activity for long, you’d develop an interest and receive wishes accordingly. Their traits can also influence their preference. Bookworms will spend more time in the library etc.
  • Choose your wishes wisely – Choose the yearning that helps your sim’s life objectives. Make wishes that are about to happen as it is more beneficial.


Sims 3 lifetime rewards cheat is your go-to guide to gain as many happiness points as possible and eventually enjoy the LTRs through them. Those with the Sims 4 version can also use satisfaction points cheat.

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