Sims 4 Grafting

Sims 4 Grafting | Plant Grafting & Chart | Spliced Plants (2024)

The article below suggests some of the significant spliced plants and take you through the guidelines of Sims 4 grafting. Also, the content mentions about how to go about it to want a desired spliced plant. Please go through the article to know more about them. 

Sims 4 grafting and splicing

We all love plants, and some of us wish to have gardens so we could grow some saplings there. But in recent times, we have indoor plants, which require the bare minimum and still has a natural vibe. Now, all of us don’t have gardening skills as Sims.

We make sure our Sims have every other possible ability, which we consider as necessary. Gardening is one of the most popular skills that every other gamer wants for their characters. Also, why not! So it only makes sense to learn more about gardening.

There are many things which we failed to learn in real life but why not try in a virtual world, gives you the satisfaction you need. Let us not waste more time and read the article below to go through more of the Sims 4 grafting plants.

But what is grafting? It is the horticulture technique, where you join the tissues of the plant to continue its growth and life. 

Sims 4 Grafting | Plant Grafting & Chart | Spliced Plants
Sims 4 Grafting

Sims 4 grafting guide and concepts

The guidelines given below will give you the complete information you need before you move ahead with the game. So here they are:

  • If you graft and then take cuttings, you will have rare plant species. 
  • But if you take cuttings and then graft the existing plant, then you would notice the creation of different and unique ones, only in the correct combination. 
  • Once you have achieved level 5 in gardening skill, then you can take cuttings of the plant. 
  • Then graft them onto the existing plants and the wild ones too. 
  • Remember, the base plant will tell you the type of cuttings you are going to have and the grafted result will also be based on it. 
  • You may have other harvestable things growing on the plant, but the first one that is listed should be the right type.
  • Moreover, you can take any plant and cut graft with other plants. It works in both directions. 

Sims 4 splicing and the best ones

The list below will give the information about which plant should undergo splicing to result in faster-growing grafting combos:

Typical plant grafting list & Chart

  • Grape: Splice “Bluebell” into Strawberry
  • Parsley: Splice “Stage” onto Basil.
  • Plantain: Splice “Pear” onto Lemon. 

Rare plant Spliced plants

  • Bird of paradise: Graft “Tulip” into Chrysanthemum
  • Bonsai buds: Graft “Daisy” into Strawberry
  • Bonsai buds: Splice “Roses” into Grape
  • Pomegranate: Splice “Cherry” into Apple
  • Dragon fruit: Graft “Snapdragon” onto Strawberry
  • Cowberry: Graft “Dragon fruit” onto Snapdragon
  • Orchid: Splice “Lily” onto Snapdragon
  • Death flower: Splice “Pomegranate” onto Orchid.

You must go step by step while performing the above plant splicing. 

These were some of the basic Sims 4 grafting guidelines that every gamer must follow and take help from it.

Happy Simming!

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