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How do I use the mailbox cheat in Sims 4 (Updated) – 2024

Cheats are quite a natural path that most of the players take at some or other point in the game because they make things easier, especially if you’re stuck somewhere. In the game, you’d usually find these cheats tied to common, everyday objects, and the mailbox is one of them. Players can find these mailboxes almost everywhere in the world, and they can help you cheat your way through a lot of features in the game. 

So let’s know what these Sims 4 mailbox cheats can do and how they can help you on your virtual journey. 

How Do You Use Mailbox Cheat?

How Do You Use Mailbox Cheat?

There are several ts4 mailbox cheats that you can use in just a few steps. Before we know the cheat codes, let’s understand how to enable them.

  • Click Ctrl + Shift + C 
  • Type “testingcheats true” and hit enter.
  • Now, you can type the following cheats in the dialog box.

1. Base Game

Hold shift + click on the mailbox, and a menu will pop up with the following options – 

Reset Object (Debug)

Whenever you shift click on a mailbox, this option always appears, and it’s quite a useful one. It’d reset any object or sim if it’s stuck, malfunctions or you wish to restore it to the default state. 

Alter Needs

As the name suggests, this option would help you to enable, disable, or fulfill the needs of your entire household or the whole world. Instead of one, you can do so for multiple characters at once.

  1. Fill Needs (world) – All your character’s needs, such as hunger, energy, fun, hygiene, and so on, would become fulfilled for the world as a whole when they are in town and around town.
  2. Fill Needs (household) – With this option, you can cater to the needs of the household, such as hunger, energy, fun, hygiene, etc., when they are at their house.
  3. Enable Household Needs Decay – Your avatar’s needs would increase and decrease naturally, using this feature when they are at their house.
  4. Enable World Needs Decay – Choosing this option would help players to increase and decrease needs naturally for the entire world.
  5. Disable Household Needs Decay – With this feature, your avatar’s needs won’t decrease more than their current level, and it works for the entire household.
  6. Disable World Needs Decay – This option would work for the entire world, and it’d reduce the speed of decline of the characters’ needs. 


Now, this feature is one that allows players to increase or decrease water production or consumption in small, medium, or large amounts. So if you’re having trouble paying the ever growing bills, then this is for you. 

Set As Head

This is quite a strange but fun feature, where the mailbox or any item that you’ve clicked would become your avatar’s head literally. There’s no significance to it; it’s just a fun addition. 

2. Eco Lifestyle 

Those who have this expansion pack can enjoy additional perks by interacting with the mailbox, and they are as follows – 

Give Sims Influence +15

With this perk, your character would gain 15+ influence points, which would help them sway the Neighborhood Action Plans vote in their favor. 

Instant Enact Neighborhood Action Plan (Cheat)

When it comes to this mailbox cheat, you don’t need any vote or influence of any kind to pass NAPs. Powerful, right?

Instant Repeal Neighborhood Action Plan (Cheat)

This feature is the complete opposite of the previous one and lets you remove or repeal any NAP that you consider illogical, such as Sharing is Caring, etc. 

3. Modded Mailbox Cheats

There are modders who have also added their own options in the mailbox based on the mods they’ve developed, and here are a few examples of the same.

Request Service

If the player wants any service, such as Repair service, nanny, butler, etc., then this option would spawn several NPCs to do that job. 

Create Friends (Cheat)

You now have an automated version of this cheat, which means you don’t have to enter it manually every time.

4. Bonus Mailboxes

These mailboxes aren’t available in households like they usually are because these are only accessible if you have specific mods. For instance, players with the Nifty Knitting pack can enable the Debug cheat, and this would help them acquire a Cozy Knitted Mailbox. It’s a hidden object and costs nothing. So you can add a charming mailbox to your house with this cheat code.   

Those with the Island Living expansion pack can use the Live Edit cheat (enable cheats and enter bb.showliveeditobjects), and several beautiful mailboxes will appear when you navigate to Decorations→Misc. You can now personalize your homes even more. 


How do you fill household needs in Sims 4 mailbox?

To fill the household needs, enable cheats by shift clicking the mailbox and then choosing the “Disable Needs Decay” option, and your character’s needs will remain full always. 

How do you fix the mailbox head in Sims 4? 

To fix the mailbox as your avatar’s head, enable the cheats by entering “testingcheats true” and then shift click on the mailbox to “set as head.”


This was all about the Sims 4 mailbox cheats and the features it offers to the players. This is such an easy way to use cheats because you can find mailboxes everywhere in the entire world, so it’s not a task to find them. So now go and use the cheats that you wish to add to the game and enhance your gaming experience.

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