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Sims 4 Gardening | Grafting | Plants list | Fertilizer (Updated) 2024

One amazing skill that can be mastered in the game by your character is the Sims 4 gardening skill. Now, this particular skill is actually used for producing several plants that can later be spliced together for the creation of rather exotic plant variants.

Say, for example, you have access to the Snapdragon as well as Strawberry plant. These plants can be spliced together for the creation of rather exotic plants such as the tasty Dragon Fruit.

On the other hand, if you happen to take that very same Dragon Fruit and graft the same with strawberry, you get your hands on the elusive variant of the Cowplant Berry. This cowplant can be used to get rid of the pesky and annoying visitors that simply do not leave your premise.

Sims 4 Plants: How to Get Started?

In order to get started with your gardening skills for Sims 4, you will get access to two different choices. You can either go all around the area & gather various plants through harvesting of the already mature vegetables, fruits, as well as flowers.

You can also purchase a planter pot/box that can be added directly to the ground. You can buy the seeds via your computer. Whenever you purchase your seed packets, these will automatically reflect on your inventory with a simple click of the packet.

Sims 4 Plant List: A Quick Look

Here are some of the plant types that are available with your seed packs:

  • Starter Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Blue Bells, & Daisy
  • Starter Herbs: Parsley and Basil
  • Starter Fruits: Grapes, Apple, & Plantain
  • Starter Vegetables: Mushroom, Carrot, & Spinach
Sims 4 Gardening | Grafting | Plants list | Fertilizer (Updated)

Gardening Sims 4: Quick Tips

In the Sims 4 game, plants can easily be grown within the gardening pots or planter boxes. Gardening pots are designed to be used with outdoor as well as indoor plants.

However, they can only hold one plant in a single go. On the other hand, the Planter Boxes are designed to be used with outdoor plants & can easily hold as many as 4 plants or 1 tree.

Whenever you are all set to start your plantation, open the inventory & click-n-drag these plants to your box/pot/ground. After you click over the plant & opt to plant the same. After this, you will have to water the plants while considering the plants that need attention.

Sims 4 How to Plant Seeds?

The very first seed packets that you need to purchase are the Starter fruits, flowers, vegetables, as well as herbs.

Once you are acquainted with these variations, you can easily be allowed to purchase the farmer variants of the seed packets. Hovering the mouse over your plant shall show you its evolutionary progress along with its flower, petals, as well as health.

In case the flower in your plan is green, it denotes that your plant can be termed healthy and happy. However, if you happen to see that the plan is yellow, red, or orange, you might have to start acting quickly, given the fact that your plant requires a lot of tender care and loving.

Whenever you hover your mouse on the flowers and plants within the box, it has all of the petals which denote that it’s time for evolving the plants to a whole new level.

This need for evolving is also indicated when there is a sparkle all around your plant. This particular lighting shall also show up when the plan’s flowers or fruits are all set to mature & ready for harvest. Whenever you are ready for harvest or evolving the plant, simply click over the plan & choose an option from your pie menu, which opens up.

How to garden in Sims 4: Available Interactions

Here are some of the well-known interactions available with the Sims 4 evolve plants when you are leveling up within the game:

  • Level-1: In this particular level, the Sims can easily water, plant, weed, as well as harvest the plants. Exploring the town for harvesting & planting more collectibles can be ideal if you plan on increasing the gardening skill for your Sim.
  • Level-2: At this level, the Sims can evolve their plants after a few days on a regular basis. This helps enhance the quality level of the Sims 4 flower without the need for Sims 4 fertilizer. The higher you evolve in the ladder, the better your harvest quality is.
  • Level-3: Sims can easily talk to their plants at this level in order to fulfill the social requirements & to enhance gardening skills.
  • Level-4: In this gardening guide level-4, you can easily fertilize the plants to ensure that they evolve faster. At this level, you can also use the fruits, herbs, flowers, veggies, as well as fishes as fertilizers.
  • Level-5: As you reach this level, other Sims might complement the garden that adds in pleasantry conversations in order to buff the Sims.
  • Level-6: Sims can easily take the graft, cuttings, & tend the plants. They might also purchase the Farmer Seed Packs over their computer.
  • Level-7: In this particular level, the Sims can easily reshape the overgrown variant of Bonsai Trees by paying §50 simoleons. You can also revive the plants by paying §100 Simoleons. Keep in mind that this might not work with the cowplants.
  • Level-8: Sims at this level are very efficient when it comes to taking perfect care of the plants. The Sims can water the plants & weed faster.
  • Level-9: Sims evolve plants at level 9 can get plants that aren’t available normally. Make sure you take advantage when this particular level is available. Get farmer seeds for your garden and amp up your skills.

Sims 4 Gardening Collection: Microscopic Sample

If you plan on making money from gardening, you can do so by investing some money in the microscope. This will cost you around $1630. In order to do this, you need to click over the plan & select the option of taking the microscopic sample.

Now, doing this will provide you with a plant slide that gets you the ability to decode the microscopic sample. After this, you can easily print the sample and sell it for 100s of Simoleans.

Doing this, you can help pay up for your microscope. As a bonus, it can also help increase the logic skill levels of the Sims.

Sims 4 Gardening Cheats

In order to test your gardening skills, you can also try out the gardening cheats. Here is a quick cheat you can try out in the game.

Press the combination “CTRL+SHIFT+C.”

Next, type the command “testingcheats” & press the enter button

Apart from this, you can also set the skill levels at a higher level by using this command:

Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_Gardening X (Fill any level as stated above)

Sims 4 Grafting: Here is How You Do It!

With the help of the Sims 4 Grafting combos, you can get the ability to minimize your work in the game with regards to the maintenance of the garden. You can also be allowed to eliminate the plants that you do not like.

If you are aiming for the maximum amount of profit, it is better that you have the high-priced plants in the garden. Grafting can also help condense your plan size, which simultaneously cuts your fertilizing needs.

If you are planning to opt for proper grafting for your garden, you can take a look at our grafting guide.    

  • Grafting helps get the plants that aren’t in season
  • You can also make use of the all-weather plants such as sage
  • Grafting should be done with an uncommon and common plant to get the year-round harvest
  • Keep in mind that 1 of each 600 harvests you have from your garden shall be the rare one
  • Your plant needs to grow a tad bit before you get access to the graft option once again

Sims 4 Plant Cheats

If you plan to enhance the growth of your perfect plants in a faster manner, you can try out several cheats available for the game. The best way to see the sparkles over the game is to speed up the game and level up in a faster manner.

Whenever you happen to find any rare plant within the wild, make sure you take the sample of the same and graft it with the high-quality plans in the garden.

Your results for plant quality will be particularly high, and the overall income from gardening will surely be high.

Sims 4 Orchid: How to make one?

In order to make the Sims 4 Orchid plant, you need to graft the lily plant with the Snapdragon plant. This will result in the creation of the Orchid.

Sims 4 Dragon Fruit: How to Grow One?

If you plan on growing the dragon fruit in your garden, the fall season would be the best time to do so. The rarity context of this plant is fairly rare. This means, grafting it with your regular plants will bring you a lot of money with rare and high-quality plants in the garden.

It is valued at $80 with a growth time of 96 hours. You can get these fruit seeds in the rare Sims 4 seed packets. Also, grafting the snapdragon with strawberry will give you access to the dragon fruit.

Sims 4 Snapdragon

The Snapdragon is a common plant found in abundance within the game for your gardening needs. It is best planted during the fall and spring seasons. Priced at $13, this plant has a growth time of 36 hours. In order to create a Snapdragon plant, you can use the Garden Essence Home and Willow Creek grafting methodology.

Bird of Paradise

If you are looking for ways to evolve plants in your game, here is how you can work with the Bird of Paradise. It is a fairly rare variant of the plant kingdom in the Sims 4 game.

They are best grown in the months of summer and spring. Priced at $10, this plant has an overall growth period of 36 hours and can be found within the rare packets with seeds.

When going for the grafting methodology, graft the tulip plant with the Chrysanthemum to get access to this plant.

Sims 4 Spliced Plants

With the help of the Sims 4 splicing feature in the gardening aspect of the game, you can easily grow different types of fruits and flowers within one single plant.

This process is usually created with the help of the grafting process. In a normal grafting scenario, one plant is fused into another to make a different species. However, with splicing, you can add multiple plant species into one that grows different flowers and fruits into one.

Doing this enhances your harvest value while requiring as little land area as possible within your garden.

Sims 4 Strawberries

This small and sweet fruit packed with the red skin covered with seeds is amazing to taste in real life. So, what about the Sims 4 game? How can this plant be obtained within the game? This rare plant breed is best grown during the spring season.

Priced at $24, it has a 24 hours growth period as well. Apart from this, if you plan on growing pomegranate in the Sims 4 game, they come with a growth period of 72 hours and price at $83. They are also termed under the rare breeds in the gardening aspect of The Sims 4 game.

Plant NameDescriptionRarity Base ValuePerfect ValueGrowth RateSeason/Notes
AppleMarked by the distinctive variant of the snap-hiss. If a sim takes the bite of an apple, he/she is likely to experience a feeling of refreshment and fullnessCommon3836 HoursFall
BasilOnce popular for the capability to reduce pain from any scorpion sting, basil is a leafy herb that is now used as decorative for elaborate mealsCommon2624 HoursFall and Summer
BluebellThis is a cluster comprised of small-sized blue blossomsCommon2536 HoursSummer and Spring
CarrotA sweet-tasting orange-colored tuberCommon3824 HoursFall and Spring
ChrysanthemumA ravishing flower that finds its place inside the gardenCommon102836 HoursSummer & Fall
DaisyA commonly occurring yellow & white brightly colored flowerCommon2724 HoursSpring
GrapeThe Sims love to pop these fruits into their mouth similar to that of juicy chocolatesCommon82348 HoursFall
LemonA sour variant of citrus fruitCommon61760 HoursAll seasons
MushroomAn edible, earthy fungusCommon1324 HoursFall and Spring
ParsleyA minty and delicate herb leafCommon2424 HoursSummer and Spring
PlantainIt is a starchy variant of banana and should be cooked prior to eatingCommon3872 HoursSummer
ChamomileIt is a flower similar to that of daisy which is used commonly for the creation of herbal remediesCommon82124 HoursSummer
Toxic ChamomileThis is a toxic cousin of the normal chamomile that leads to induction of tension when consumedCommon41224 HoursSummer
ElderberryThis particular purple berry tends to be sweet in taste after being cookedCommon2518 HoursFall and Summer
HollyA hint of berries and holly leaves can introduce a Winterfest touch anywhereCommon3824 HoursWinter and Fall
Noxious ElderberryThis pale-colored purple berry tends to be poisonous when left uncooked. However, the poisonous content decreases after being cooked. Common3618 HoursFall and Summer
SageIt is a musky herb with purple leafCommon3824 HoursAll seasons
SnapDragonA vivid blossoms collection that is also small and present in the clusterCommon164336 HoursFall and Spring
SpinachA dark-green leafy vegetable that is rich in vitaminCommon1324 HoursWinter
Grow fruitBacked by a distinctive glow, this fruit can be your tasty treat. Plus, it can be an amazing fertilizer & an amazing ingredientCommon308372 HoursAll Seasons
It can be obtained during the Jasmine Holiday
Taro RootMake sure this root isn’t eaten raw. It should always be fried, boiled, mashed, or baked. Common13Summer and Spring
Bell PepperIt is perfectly sharp and ripe that can easily be eaten all by itself or as a spiceCommon3824 HoursSummer
Green PeasThese green veggies can be eaten by sims when youngCommon3824 HoursSpring
CherrySmall reddish fruits that come with pits insideUncommon82360 HoursSummer
Forbidden Fruit PlantSimYou can eat this fruit and grow the tree on your own. It is forbidden due to the fact that its nothing better than any façadeUncommon90250All Seasons
It can be located within the Magical Bean Tree that develops a portal. It turns the Sims to the PlantSims when being eaten
LilyA vibrantly large blossomUncommon3610036 HoursSummer
OnionA tangy and fragrant root veggieUncommon61648 HoursWinter and Fall
PearA fleshy and crisp fruit that flaunts a distinctive bell-like shapeUncommon102760 HoursWinter and Fall
PotatoA delicious, starchy underground tuber that is often misinterpreted for being a root. Uncommon3924 HoursWinter
RoseA beautifully colored blossoming flower that possesses a lovely aromaUncommon298048 HoursFall and Spring
Strawberry Sweet and small in size, this red fruit comes with skin that is covered in seedsUncommon92424 HoursSpring
TomatoA red, juicy fruit that is often thought to be a vegetableUncommon51324 HoursSummer
SnowdropSnowdrops tend to look a bit like snow that is air suspendedUncommon513 24 HoursWinter
Green BeanAn ideal vegetable that can be eaten anytime cold or hotUncommon71824 HoursFall and Summer
TulipA plumpy bloom is known to grow even after the picking season is over. The petals are delicate and come with a stigma clusterUncommon144036 HoursSpring
BlackberryPopular for its tangy flavor followed by a smooth aftertaste, this aggregate fruit is perfect for piesUncommon3996 HoursSummer
Trash FruitA blossom that smells foul and is inexplicably comprised of refuseUncommon1224 HoursAll seasons.
You have to leave a trash pile in an exposed terrain for the trash plant to grow on it in a day
FireleafThe plant gets this name from its dark and red-colored tint in the leavesUncommon2618 HoursSummer and Spring
Poison FireleafThis particular plant induces itchiness depending on the time for which you are exposed to the sameUncommon2618 HoursSummer and Spring
HuckleberryThis particular berry is very tiny and used commonly to create pancakes and fruit cobblerUncommon2718 HoursFall and Summer
MuckleberryIf you plan to keep your head clear, Muckleberry isn’t something you would want to chooseUncommon3818 HoursFall and Summer
GarlicIt is an annually occurring bulbous plant. The bulbs are harvested to cook as well as decorateUncommon41024 HoursAll seasons.
It can be assembled in the braid form to deter vampires
AvocadoAvocados tend to be a delicious vegetable variant or fruit. Uncommon154246 HoursAll seasons
Black BeanBlack beans tend to be super nutritious & great for the Sims. Not just that, they can be very versatile & used in a range of everyday dishesUncommon2612 HoursFall and Summer
BegoniaThe begonia flowers are used as caution & tend to stand apart from others in the gardenUncommon236324 HoursFall and Summer
CrocusThese flowers tend to share cheer and glee throughout their bloom-timeUncommon92524 HoursWinter and Spring
DahliaThe dahlias come with a special look, and the blossoms look particularly uniqueUncommon174724 HoursFall
Kava RootCan be found by the Sulani Islands, the fresh roots of the Kava can be used for the improvement of drinks that are served during social eventsUncommon39Summer and spring
CoconutIf you can go all the way to crack this hard husk, the interior fruit is very rewarding, creamy, as well as juicyUncommon37-Summer and Spring
PineappleApples do not grow on the pine trees, but this particular fruit with misleading name doesn’t fail you in terms of tasteUncommon411Summer and Spring
Christmas RoseWhile this flower isn’t exactly rose, it is a flower-shaped like a star and equally gorgeousUncommon143924 HoursWinter
Plasma FruitThe fruit juice from this plant has properties that are similar to plasmaUncommon61772 HoursAll seasons.
It is consumed by the vampires in order to quench their thirst as opposed to drinking the Sims
WolfsbaneWhen in the raw form, this flower isn’t anything special. However, when used in the drinks and food, it might affect the ones that are nocturnally orientedUncommon61836 HoursAll seasons
Sixam Mosquito TrapIt is a non-edible plant that tends to be particularly hard to locate. It is also rumored that the seeds might be carried by mosquitoes that escape this plant’s trapUncommon2363180 hOURSAll seasons
Fang FlowerThis particular alien flower comes with a defense mechanism. It might seem like it wishes to bite you.Uncommon1850120 HoursSpring.
It can only be found by the secret of in Sixam
Bird of ParadiseAlso known as the flame-tipped flower, it is known to look like a bird. They might be absent during the winter monthsRare5114236 HoursSummer and Spring
Money FruitThis fruit isn’t meant for eating but brings splendors for sims that plant itRare1600444512 HoursAll seasons
It can be purchased with the use of satisfaction points that can be availed at the local reward store
Bizarre FruitThe bizarre fruit tends to have a particularly ominous glow. It might house living spore. So, make sure you avoid eating the sameRare25All seasons
Once the opening of the first gate has been done within a secret laboratory, the Strangerville plant grows into its mature stage which is this fruit
FlutterberryMake sure you keep caution around these particular berries. They can make your heart flutter with an immediate sense of flirtinessRare513 24 HoursAll seasons
Grown from the Emotions tree
CerebrerryWith a couple of these delicious berries, you can make your sim focus in a way similar to a laser beam. Rare51324 HoursAll seasons
Grown from Emotions tree
MuseberryHaving writer’s block? This fruit will bring you all the needed inspirationRare51324 HoursAll seasons
Grown from the Emotions tree
RazzleberryJuicy and squishy in taste, these berries will remind you of childhood while introducing playful tendenciesRare51324 HoursAll seasons
Grown from the Emotions tree
VimberryThese berries help the Sim move in an amazing fashion while being packed with Vim & vigorRare513 24 HoursAll seasons.
Grows from the Emotion tree
Merry BerryHappy berries help make the sims happier. These berries, when popped into the mouth, can make you smileRare513 24 HoursAll seasons.
It is grown from the Emotions tree
GutsberryThese berries tend to bring confidence within the sim. Each a couple of these and you can get the courage to go for dangerous maneuvers in the societyRare51324 HoursAll seasons
Grown from Emotions tree
Bonsai BudsA small berries cluster that comes with fragrance as well. It can be grown as a bonsai shrubRare359724 HoursAll seasons
In case you have a completely grown bonsai, you can pot the same into a carvable structure
MandrakeThis particular root is actually shaped like the Sum with strange properties mixed in along with some more ingredientsRare38Fall and Spring
Valerian RootIts fragrant scent might bring in flies, so it is better to keep it away from your kitchen when cookingRare37Fall and Spring
Cow BerryA strangely plantable bovine fruitRare18050024 HoursIt can be grown in all seasons.
It is commonly fished in your Hermit’s House Secret Lot which is located in the Forgotten Grotto Secret Lot or the Granite Falls
DragonfruitA vibrant, exotic colored fruitRare25069596 HoursFall
OrchidAn exotic, colorful blossomRare22562536 HoursWinter and Spring.
It can be rewarded to your sim after the completion of the space-rock collection present in the skill for Rocket-Science
PomegranateA rarely occurring red-colored fruit that is tarty in taste with edible seedsRare308372 HoursWinter
U.F.O (Unidentified Fruit Object)A strange variant of space fruitRare120333112 HoursFall
It can be obtained by space exploration when inside a rocket
Death FlowerAn elegant yet spooky flower. Given the fact that roses cannot be given to the Sims Grim Reaper, this flower can be provided instead. It has the potential to calm the reaper’s qualms & get you out of any deadly situationsRare24066748 HoursWinter
Morel MushroomThis is an edible fungus that flaunts an appearance like that of the honeycombRare3610024 HoursSummer and Spring
False Morel MushroomThis green-tinted mushroom might have a negative effect on the bladder of your sim when consumedRare61724 HoursSummer and Spring
Glow OrbYou cannot indefinitely stare at this orb, but yes it is absolutely mesmerizingRare236396 HoursWinter
It can only be found at the secret Sixam lot
Quill FruitThe Quill Fruit tends to be hard to eat all by yourself. Not just that, you might not be able to comfortably carry the same within the pocketRare4813372 HoursSummer
It can be found in the secret lot of the Sixam
CatnipCatnip can boost the energy level of your cat while making them particular hyperUncategorized382 HoursAll seasons
MadnipMadnip can make the cats angry and enragedUncategorized382 HoursAll seasons
NapripThis particular plant can help calm the cat & sleep betterUncategorized38 2 HoursAll seasons
NuzzleripNuzzlerip makes your cat way friskier than they actually areUncategorized382 HoursAll seasons

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