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Real life Simlish Dictionary Sims 4 – (Guide) 2024

Every Sims 4 player is well aware of the unique language, Simlish, that the game relies on as means of the avatar’s communication with others.

Video games using made up language is somewhat common, and in most cases, it becomes pretty popular amongst the players themselves, and the Sim’s language is one such example.

Will Wright, the creator of the game, came up with this language on his own. His motive for constructing a whole new language was to keep the game fascinating; otherwise, playing a game in the English language might become boring and repetitive after some time. 

The best part about Simlish is that you are free to interpret its own meaning, given the circumstances. The same word can mean different things to two people because, as Wright stated, Simlish is a gibberish language which has no defined meaning.

The words are a mix of several languages, and players have guessed that it has hints of Filipino, Romanian, Navajo, Irish, and Ukrainian. 

Even though this language is made up of nonsense words, there are still some words and phrases that the sims community has deciphered the meaning of and created a Simlish Dictionary of sorts to help out the players. So let’s take a look. 

Simlish Translator

Simlish Translator

Now, here are a few Simlish words that are frequently used in the game, and you might have heard of them but didn’t know what they meant. 

  • Sul Sul 
  • Oh Feebee Lay!
  • Nooboo
  • Lalo
  • Checkmar
  • Za Woka Genava
  • Ooh Be Gah
  • Woven
  • Dag Dag
  • Xor
  • Choo wagga choo choo!
  • Whippna Choba Dog!
  • Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff?
  • Sherb
  • Gerb Woof Em
  • Sass Awrful
  • Badeesh / Vadish
  • Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!
  • Zor
  • Dooby Zession
  • Minicule
  • Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala
  • Arriba chandler
  • Araganda
  • Awasa poa
  • Atohteh
  • Bum Bum
  • Bloo Bagoo
  • Baba
  • Boobasnot
  • Cuh Teekaloo
  • Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah
  • Dis Wompf Es Fredesche
  •  Elicanto
  • Geelfrob
  • Huree
  • Hooba Noobie
  • Nicloske Ga Gloope
  • Shoo flee
  • Veena Fredishay
  • Wee-bow
  • Mychuno
  • Uhh shamoo ralla poo
  • Renato! Renato!
  • Koomeba
  • burbin nerbs
  • Firbs
  • Rushe
  • toochse
  • Juum
  • Neeshga! Neeshga!
  • Ahhhh Molombia
  • Abbi anar
  • Balinda macoy
  • Cayoo
  • Chum-cha
  • Dustin aey ball
  • Fleny Fleny
  • Frabbit
  • Flart or Flort or Flarn
  • Fro
  • Green iguanas fluing in the sky
  • Garnar frash
  • Grouw
  •  Harva sol labaga along with hava so lawnumg
  •  Hey you ball of sacks
  •  Jowlenin
  •  Jamoo
  •  Kooj
  •  Le la la cula
  •  Nash-Na-Poof
  •  Nurfver
  •  Oh moratic!
  •  oo krem letich
  •  Ooh shaboo
  •  Ooo shanga day
  •  ole-like (m)joel
  •  O vwa vwaf sna
  •  Paba
  •  Ravasheen!
  •  Sisaroom
  •  Uh-Uh
  •  Uh, licht nar
  •  Wetash
  •  Yucky, yucky
  •  Ya gotta wob’ere! Ya gotta wob’ere!
  •  Deesh, deesh, deesh
  •  Sperk
  •  Zo Hungwah
  •  Fretishe
  •  Fretishe Miza
  •  Mik Up
  •  Litzergam or Vadish
  •  Dobbinips
  •  Mik
  •  Mak
  •  Maka
  •  Gerbit
  •  Wabadebadoo
  •  Turkey nurbler?
  •  Firby nurbs
  •  Delco webney
  •  Arbo gwinchey
  •  Kabuna
  •  Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb
  •  Ah, gwanda blitz
  •  Ribby wibbs
  •  Ah, docka morpher
  •  Fwabaloo
  •  Wicka
  •  Moki Doki
  •  Como en snana
  •  Toe bro mad roo youn dock
  •  Mee liff it ha newn sys stra
  •  Jay soul ray per no lindad
  •  Leesti newburn ocrame
  •  A cou show cou dream iad
  •  Jailee cou por rya leesti nooyou
  •  Cou lee glashta shayner
  •  Fee dopo subri da
  •  Bay sahblay dar bayo rhan
  •  Da soma cou roonskee hash
  •  Ma seen ussa born to deeb
  •  To bor ta la cor ad vice
  •  Leber awave in hope
  •  Oh sak cou bounde qua
  •  Cou hote you soun der bra
  •  Coum brashon so olad leesti nooverd
  •  Bayo rhan
  •  Dwamb
  •  Borgle Twan ni kaap
  •  Fink plamimbo
  •  Argh…chulalaaa
  •  Acibdilla Cob
  •  Yibsim
  •  Ram sheepna vunch!
  •  Ran Kan Tinni Moon
  •  Ugh!–discroble!
  •  Chumcha
  •  Plum
  •  Ongie
  •  Sperk
  •  Vous
  •  Om za gleb
  •  Laka
  •  Vens unch?
  •  Clops
  •  Kik
  •  Shooflee
  •  Chika
  •  Mak
  •  Maka
  •  Zep tor maboo
  •  Fruby
  •  Nart or Nu
  •  Lass
  •  Wub mezino
  •  Nubba
  •  Gronk
  •  Shurb
  •  Minnai
  •  Ilana
  •  Jigga
  •  Ne or Blow
  •  It
  •  Woofum
  •  Om
  •  Gr
  •  Caba
  •  Wui
  •  Bay
  •  Neeba zow
  •  Jadosi
  •  Neep
  •  Aws
  •  Garsha
  •  Zow Cay
  •  Zagadoo
  •  Oropea
  •  Caribea
  •  Posha
  •  Gur or Gurn
  •  Binkt
  •  Marf
  •  Nerk
  •  Bweb
  •  Apper
  •  Stamby
  •  Zerpa
  •  Powey
  •  Heb
  •  Brich
  •  Docturg
  •  Bicoler
  •  Luv
  •  Roli nowster
  •  Fuens
  •  Roo
  •  Foo
  •  Sugnorg
  •  Hap
  •  Cou
  •  Ip
  •  Aw
  •  Nip
  •  Taw
  •  Deboo! (Old Simlish)
  •  Arogaba
  •  Neib
  •  Wut sa dib
  •  A lav vous

Here’s the English meaning of some of these words.

Simlish Sounds 

So when it comes to this language, it’s called Simlish because when you break down this word Sim-lish, it means Sim sounding like words. Now, even though the words and phrases used in the game don’t make sense to us, there are a few English words that have been used here and there in the game. 

The Sims

Some of the words, such as ouch, yummy, I know, yuck, uh oh, hey man, and no way have been used in the first installment of the game. 

The Sims 2

Even the second installment included some words, like stupid bear, I went to the bath, I gotta poo, and so on.

The Sims 3

Words such as oh hello, awesome, look at him go, happy birthday, look at him go, etc. are also some English words that are used. 

Even the billboards in the game feature the English language and sometimes even display the English translations of Simlish words and phrases. 

Simlish Artists and Voice Actors 

The highlight of this language is that it offers an immersive experience to the players because of the efforts that artists and voice actors put in to make the language and the characters feel authentic and real. 

For instance, in Sims 3, Katy Perry sang several songs in Simlish for the game during the time when she released her song “Sweet Treats.”

There’s also a music video for the third installment with Lily Allen’s song, Smile, which became quite famous when it was released. 

Apart from singers, there are voice actors as well who give voice to the avatars in the game, and Krizia Bajos is a famous one amongst them who is famous for her TikToks as well.

She also posts videos regarding the strange simlish words and phrases, and she also did a meditation segment where she’s speaking in Simlish, and it’s perfect when you’re trying to focus because your mind doesn’t divert to the gibberish words.

Krizia Bajos also talks about what goes on behind being a voice actor for the Sims and so on. 


Is there a simlish dictionary?

Yes, there is a simlish dictionary, but it’s only accessible to the voice actors working for the Sims.

What does YIBS mean in Simlish?

YIBS means Yes in simlish.

What does dag dag mean in Simlish?

Dag Dag or Deg Deg refers to Hello, Goodbye, or Okay.

What does Boobasnot mean?

Boobasnot means I don’t like you.

Can you become fluent in Simlish?

Unfortunately, you can’t learn the Sims language because it’s only a bunch of gibberish words with no actual meaning behind them, so becoming fluent in it is an impossible task.

Can Alexa translate Simlish?

You might be surprised, but Alexa can translate some of the common simlish words, such as Sul Sul.

Is Simlish translatable?

Technically speaking, no. Simlish is not a translatable language because it’s made up of gibberish and nonsense words, and the game’s creator left it to the player’s imagination to figure out its meaning.


Unfortunately, only the artists and voice actors have the complete simlish dictionary with all the words and their meanings in it. It’s a top secret, which has not been revealed till now.

However, you do know some of the meaning of this gibberish now, so it’ll help you understand your character even more and connect with them on a deeper level.

Will Wright’s motive for creating this language was to enhance the user experience and allow them to be imaginative when it comes to this language, and the artists and voice actors add nuance and complexity to this new and unique language, which makes the gaming experience even more enriched and immersive.

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