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Sims 4 Household Mod | Bigger & limit Mod – Download (2024)

The limitations of only 8 players in your household can be a real bummer, but with the sims 4 household limit mods you can exceed the number of sims in your home from 8 to 24 in no time! Read till the end to learn the installation process and what does these modules offer to you.

Can you really have an expanded household?

Since the beginning of the Sims, there has been a restriction on the number of people you can have in your household—only 8. While some people are cool with this restriction, others who are more into big families and the happiness they can derive from going to places together as a big unit, achieving things, and sharing the joys of life together yearn for a bigger household.

Now, with the bigger household mod, you can too make that dream into reality and have a bigger and expanded household. Let’s look at several ways to do it below.

Ways to have a bigger Sims 4 household:

These are the following ways,

1. Sims 4 larger household mod (2024): More than 8 sims

This bigger household mod by TwistedMexican lets you increase your house slots to 24. So, now you don’t have to worry about increasing family members and can enjoy a bigger fam!

The reason for creating this modification is to help limit performance issues on lower-end machines and have a full house of more than eight members.

How to have TS4  “increase household size” option?

Now, this is a script modification. It would be best if you had script mods turned on in your gameplay options > “Other” tab.

The module file must be left zipped, and you must be on the latest patch for them to function since new patches may disable the script mod in the gameplay.

Sims Household Mod | Bigger & limit Mod  - Download
Sims Household Mod Bigger & limit Mod

2. The sims 4 bigger household cheats

Add extra sim to your family in more sims module – Code: tm.fullhouse <Firstname><Lastname>

Delete a sim by name – Code: tm.deletesim <Firstname><Lastname>

3. Use the MC Command centre

  • Go to the computer, click on it and choose the MC Command Center.
  • Then choose MCCC Settings – Gameplay Settings –> Maximum Household Size and enter any number you want.
  • Read the warning sign that it gives.


You cannot edit a full house mod sims 4 family in CAS, as it will cut the family size back down to 8. Below are some alternatives for managing Fullhouse families:

  • Create a Family: Click on a lot and select the Create HH (Household) option.
  • Place Existing HH: Click on a lot and select Create HH. Then from CAS, load the HH from the gallery/library.
  • Delete a Sim: Only eight players can show up in CAS. To delete extra players, use the included tm. deletesim command.
  • Edit a Sim: You cannot edit a sim while they are a part of an extended family. Doing this will remove all but eight simmers.

Warnings for bigger households:

Having a bigger household means bigger responsibilities and a little more chaos, just like in real life. So, below are some pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Chances of game crashes.
  2. Chances of the disappearance of Sims
  3. Taking care of your sims’ needs.


That’s all you need to know about the sims 4 household limit mod, folks! Now that you have a house, you’d definitely need the butler mod to add servants as well. We hope you have fun with your big family of simmers.  

Can you get 100 sims in one household?

Yes, through the mc command centre you can.

How to have more than 8 sims in a household sims 4?

To have more than 8 sims in a household S4, the “Increase your Household Size” module by Twistedmexi is your best bet.

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