Sims 4 Personality Please Mod

Sims 4 Personality Please Mod (Download) – 2024

Have you also noticed that all the characters in the game are somewhat alike? They might have different traits, aspirations, and so on, but at the core, they have the same personality.

Unfortunately, there’s no depth to their character and nothing unique about it, which is why this Sims 4 personality please mod is a must have. It’d add the required distinctiveness to each and every character in the game, making it look like everyone’s different in their own way.

It adds more interactions, autonomy, and traits that would make your avatar stand out from the crowd. So let’s see what this mod is all about. 

Features of Have Some Personality Please Mod

There are so many add ons and features that this module offers the players, which significantly transforms the vanilla gameplay. For instance, this mod would eliminate the idle chatter that your characters did with others when they met them.

Instead, they would ask them how their day was, have deep conversations with them, tell them a joke, and so on. It’d be a meaningful conversation. It’d add a layer of realism and also develop a genuine bond between the sims. 

These interactions depend on your character’s personality, though. So if they are mean, the interactions they indulge in would reflect that, or if the avatar has a romantic personality, they’d be flirty, angry avatars would shout at others, and so on.

If your avatar has an enemy, then they could come at any time and beat them up. That’s how exciting it’d make things for you and your characters. You can always expect something intriguing to happen when you download this modification. 

Add Ons

1. Restricted Romance

This add on is an excellent addition to the game because it creates a deep and meaningful bond between your character and their partner, which reduces the chances of them cheating on each other.

There are more romantic interactions, such as giving a gift, complimenting them, and so on. The relationship would move on to the next stage only when they get to know each other better. 

2. Sims Learn Info

Now, when it comes to this addition, it makes deep conversations with each other more natural. For instance, your character won’t have to ask someone about their career or traits because it’ll happen with the flow of the conversation.

However, this feature applies to every playable and non-playable character in the game. So you’d receive several pop ups informing you about random townies’ details, which can be annoying but also beneficial if you use it correctly. 

3. Cats and Dogs

This is one of my favorite features because it makes the pets in the game more autonomous, and you won’t have to always instruct them to do something because they’ll do things based on their traits and personality.

They would no longer wander around till something is asked of them, which is an incredible way to make things fun and amusing. 

4. Woohoo: Try for Baby Restricted

You’d absolutely love this add on because it allows your character to woohoo as much as they want and even try for a baby, but it won’t be that easy.

Earlier, woohooing would lead to the other sim getting pregnant, which made you think about the whole woohooing aspect; however, that’s not the case anymore. Conceiving a baby would be slightly tricky now with this option. 

5. Toddlers

In the vanilla game, the toddlers behave the same way, and there’s not much that they do except cry, eat, and sleep. But with this addition, your toddler would be more interactive, and their behaviors would have codes, which would make them act more realistically.

If you don’t want your toddlers to become handful, then you can avoid going ahead with this feature. 

6. Mean Interactions

If you want your avatar to be extremely mean to other people in the way they behave, talk, and so on, then this is the add on you should opt for. It’d affect their relationships, mood, and life in general.

How to Install This Mod?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download the Have Some Personality Please modification.

  • Navigate to “Game Options” and then click on “Other.” Now, tick the “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed” options. 
  • Extract the downloaded file to My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. The file should be in .ts4script or package format, and you can shift them directly to the folder or even a subfolder. 
  • You must keep all the package and script files linked so that they work together efficiently; however, place these files only one folder deep. 

Issues and Conflicts

Here are a few mods that might not be compatible with this module, so it’s better not to download both these mods together to avoid conflict.

1. PTME Emotional Overcharge

PTME Emotional Overcharge by FlorainPTME

This is an autonomous mod, that gives your avatars free will to act the way they want, but it has yet to be updated since 2016 and has also been deleted.

2. MC Tuner

MC Tuner

Your character would choose more mischievous actions on their own due to this modification. So if you want to keep this and the Personality Please module, then you’d have to make a few changes that are mentioned on the Personality Please mod’s page.

3. MC Woohoo “No Strings” Option

MC Woohoo "No Strings" Option

This module conflicts with the Woohoo and Try for Baby add ons.


The Sims 4 Personality Please Mod is a work in progress so you can expect more additions and new features in it. Downloading it would be worthwhile because of how distinct it makes your character and also gives you room to tinker with the storyline and the gameplay.

It makes the game more realistic and relatable, which is the highlight of this module.

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