Sims 4 Drug Mod

Sims 4 Drug Mod – Download (2024)

The sims 4 drug mod allows you to have a plethora of narcotics like MDMA, ecstasy, coke, which you cannot experience in real life (and you shouldn’t’!) In addition to this, you’ll be able to encounter a hangover, drug addiction, grow weed, become a dealer and various drug-related escapades.

So, let’s see what the basemental drug modification has in store for you.

Sims 4 Drug Mod - Download

What is basemental drugs?

Basemental Drugs is a set of functional drugs for TS4.

The module features custom drugs and animations, altered walking styles, moods, needs, come-ups, peaks, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, comedowns and lots of more elements.

Yet Basemental or us, in no way promote, encourage or glorify the use of drugs in real life. The harsh realities and downsides of prolonged use of these is a crucial feature of the modification.

Sims 4 drug mod download

Follow these steps to install the sims 4 drug cc,

  • Click on “Basemental Drugs” and click “Download.”
  • Then, open it in the download folder.
  • Now, unzip (using 7-Zip), by clicking right on the folder, then move the contents of the folder to your mods folder: Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods>Basemental Drgs. (Create a new folder)
  • Start and enjoy the game!

NOTE: Enable your mod and script mods in the game options.

How to use this drugs mod?

This drug mod gives you an option to be in a fully operational illegal drug store where you can sell, buy, and later consume these drugs.

The mod also adds unique animations, buffs, actions, emotions, and needs for your sims. So, be ready to witness a more unhinged version of them!

Now, below mentioned are the drugs that your sims can experience through this mod:

  1. Cannabis: Initially if there are no dealers, growing cannabis (weed) is the only option in the game. There are in total 8 varieties, namely Purple AK-47, OG Kush, AK-47, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, and Sour OG. Once there’s a dealer in the hood, then you can buy it from there, and whenever your sim consumes cannabis they will be assigned the “disoriented” moodlet. Your dealer, if reaches level 3 in dealing skills, will unlock the potential to sell on the dark web. 
  1. Cocaine: Sims can buy bricks of cocaine from the dealer and then snort it in lines from that brick by breaking it on a surface. These bricks will cost a fortune and give your Sim a “confident” mood. 
  1. Amphetamine: You can receive it in buy mod and can again snort it in lines on a surface. They will give your sims an “energetic moodlet.
  1. MDMA: You will find these pills in a flask in buy mod and then eventually get a very unique and rollercoaster experience starting with a “fun” moodlet and then finishing with an “uncomfortable” moodlet. 
  1. Ayahuasca: You need to contact a shaman via your mobile phone to receive this drug. The shaman will then narrate the entire experience for you, which may render your sim confused and very trippy. You can also choose to “close your eyes and sleep,” and your sim will doze off after taking the pill and then have trippy dreams. 
  1. Xanax: You can buy it through the dark web or a seller, or even get it prescribed by your doctor if you go to him with an awful attitude. This will momentarily give them a joy moodlet but if the doses are not monitored, it can lead to OD and addiction. 
  1. Lean: Expect your sims to have a “disoriented” mood after taking lean aka the prescription cough syrup that can be found only with certain dealers. 
  1. Adderall: This one is perfect for sims that are found to have extra energetic or active traits or struggle with ADHD. The drug dealer can provide this, or the doctor can. Your sims will feel more neutral and focused. 
  1. LSD: You can browse this on the dark web or get it from a dealer. The LSD trips can be quite unexpected, but the first one will be higher in intensity than the next ones. 
  1. Shrooms: You can buy it from a nearby vendor or grow them on your own. 

How to become a drug dealer or what to do if the shaman is not offering you drgs

  • Find a non-acquainted NPC for this sims 4 drug dealer mod.
  • Click the NPC and then on “assign drug dealer” option.
  • Introduce yourself to him. Have more relationship with him by talking to him or getting to know him because higher your relationship with the dealer, better are the drgs. You receive.
  • Then, go to other requests< drug dealing, each pill has the dealing skill attached to it.
  • Talk to the dealer until you get the option of seal the deal, which usually happens after three interactions.
  • As you grow the skills, you’ll be able to get a lot of perks like buying narcotics from the dark web, and getting or receiving “woo-hoo” as an alternate form of payment and also, get an option of growing your weed!
How do you add drug dealers in sims 4?

To add drug dealers in Sims 4 you need to first get a drug mod and install it. Then assign this role to an NPC and follow the steps mentioned above.

What is the sims 4 mod for drugs and alcohol?

The sims 4 mod for drugs and alcohol is the basemental mod which can be downloaded from their website and then gives you various interesting moodlets, animations, and needs.

Can you play as a drug dealer in sims 4?

Yes, you can play as a drug dealer in sims 4 if you have the drug mod.


That’s all you need to know about the sims 4 drug mod. Download it now and have fun “tripping” with your friends in the game. But don’t forget the universal slogan – “SAY NO TO DRUGS,” in real life! 

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